Reasons Why People Have Extra Marital Affairs


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Extra Marital Affairs

Extramarital affairs has become a crucial reason in the destruction of the family relations. With the constant change and difficulties in life, we tend to grow apart from our respective spouse, which leads to a lot of communication barrier. Sometimes because of this increasing barrier, we try to find comfort in friends by sharing our problems and discomfort. Some friends or colleagues tend to get close and may be sometimes so close that this path leads to an affair.

Many people have different views on this issue. Some agree with it and some don’t. The most common reason for an extramarital affair is seen because of the negligence from his/her partner, not spending enough time with each other, no mutual respect or less/no physical attraction. Reasons differ from person to person for the differences, but considering other persons feeling is important. When children’s are involved in this type of relationship we have to consider their feelings too. Their psychological impact and effects.

Consulting and discussing with your parents, partner or sometimes friends can help. Here are some reasons on why people will have extra marital affairs.

Reasons For Extra Marital Affair

1Early Marriage

Early Marriage

Sometimes marrying in early age, like in early 20s or before 20s, seems to be the reason for a disaster in marital life. Some people achieve social as well as inner stability in life in their 30s or even mid 30. Considering this sudden change in life is not acceptable for some persons, as they feel missing on something. In this stage when someone comes for help, they feel that the missing part is complete and that mutual friendship sometimes leads to an affair.

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2Married For The Wrong Reasons

Married For The Wrong Reasons

Many people marry for various of reasons. Like marrying without knowing you would be partnering can sometimes create problems in the later stage of couples life. This can lead into thinking that they have selected a wrong partner. Later, when they meet someone like them they, get attracted towards the person. Which sometimes ends in an affair.

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3Inability To Deal With Changes

Inability To Deal With Changes

Life changes constantly, almost every day. Most of us are unable to deal with these changes. Like any serious sickness in family, loosing employment, death or even financial instability. Some people turn to other person for assistance rather than respective spouses. Sometimes this friendly assistance leads to an affair and create difficult situations.

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4Becoming Parents

Becoming Parents

Having a baby is the most joyous thing in life. But it changes almost everything in a husband-wife relationship. Like priorities change with time, you have to spend more time with the baby rather than with each other. Most of the time women try to give their best time in being a mother, and don’t realize that this is for a lifetime, they forget to give importance to the men in their life. Which creates a lot of distance and gap in the relationship.

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5Emotional Disconnect

Emotional Disconnect

Emotional connection is also a very important part in a relationship. Some of us try to overlook it, but it is also one of the reasons for disconnection between the couple. Lack of communication leads to spending less of time together. To be connected emotionally with your spouse, you need to talk, express, listen and care. If you avoid this, then there are chances of connecting with someone else. And emotional bond with other person, eventually leads to extramarital affair.

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6Differing Life Priorities

Differing Life Priorities

Priorities in life changes with time. Normally we do not speak about it or do not think about it much, sometimes do not give too much importance too. But with time, priorities start getting clear and divergent. Discussing about it with your spouse can solve many complications and problems. Not discussing them, can become difficult for living together. As a result leads to an extramarital affair.

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7No Common Interests

No Common Interests

Less common interest leads to pursue diverse path. Without common interest, you will start spending less time with each other, which will lead to a gap in between. With less time, you will get less opportunities to communicate. This will get into bonding with people who share interests with you. And many a times lead to extramarital affair.

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8Personal Finances

Personal Finances

If you have financial problems like excess debts and liabilities, or less participation in personal financial management, sometimes can trigger a wall in between you and your spouse. At this time, anyone who hears your woes or supports you financially becomes the most friendliest person in the world. Which later turns to an extramarital affair.

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