10 Bollywood Beauties and Their Real Life Sisters


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Bollywood is the place that shows generations of talent to the fans. Having more than one artist in a family makes it a powerhouse of talent. This is not just for male bollywood stars. If you are surprised to know the sisters in real life, then you would love this article.

If we think it is only about competition in the same, be it family or friends then its a wrong thought. The popular Bollywood beauties and their sisters support each other and raise together.

You can have a look at sisters in real life from bollywood. They set the example for pure sisterly bond and passion for their work as well.

Bollywood Actress Sisters In Real Life

We all are known for sisters ruling the bollywood industry for more than a decade. A few are evolving into the field with their passion and spirit of their own. Here is the list to know more about them!

1. Tabu and Farah naaz


The current generation is familiar with actress Tabu and her work in bollywood. She is still taking up the women oriented roles in Hindi movies. Audience admires her sizzling smile and elegance that unfades. Tabu is one of the best actresses that India has. She always proved to be a best actress.

You must also know her elder sister Farah Naaz, a prominent actress in the 1980s and 1990s. It is a less known fact that Tabu has an elder sister, who was also an actress then. She is the yesteryear actress who worked with all the top most actors of her times.

The Hyderabad based sisters have made their mark in Bollywood contributing to cinema. They both got clicked in a few special appearances. Definitely, they both share a warm sibling bond.

2. Karishma kapoor and Kareena Kapoor


The famous Kapoor sisters set the fashion trends and mesmerize with their work in movies. Karishma made the whole India dance to her crazy “le gayi”. She is the favorite actress for many. Coming to her younger sister Kareena, the song “yeh ishq hai” from Jab we met is every teen girl’s favorite. Both the sisters rock the floor with their dance.

Their sibling bond is visible when they meet up. Both the sisters are the biggest critics of each other and support system. The Kapoor sisters are much like friends rather than being just sisters. They party together with their girl gang. How lucky it is to have a sister!

3. Mohan sisters- Neeti, Shakti and Mukti


Mohan sisters are four- Neeti Mohan, Shakti Mohan, Mukti Mohan and Kriti Mohan. Three of the sisters have made their career in bollywood. The youngest of all is Kriti Mohan and she is the artist manager.

Neeti Mohan is a playback singer in the hindi film industry. She became a known face in the music industry after the hit song Ish wala love from Student of the year.

Shakti and Mukti are the dancing dolls and they are trained, well versed in many dance forms. All four sisters have made remarkable labels with their superior talents. The dancing sisters practice and perform dance together. The four sisters are always found happiest together. They make the most out of their time together. They keep sharing their lovely pictures on their instagram accounts very often.

4. Kriti Sanon and Nupur Sanon


Delhi brought up sisters who came into Bollywood with fresh faces. Kriti Sanon, the elder one already made an entry into acting. She is the leading lady beside the huge male stars of the industry.

Kriti’s sister Nupur is getting ready to make her way to bollywood. She is going to be launched with a big debut very soon. Nupur is an aspiring singer and actress. Both the sisters are ruling the new gen glamour industry.

Coming to their sisterly bond, both the sisters shower love on each other. They also share their adorable selfie pictures on social media.

5. Neha sharma and Aisha Sharma


Neha Sharma is one of the most followed actresses in Bollywood. Her first Hindi movie was Crook and she acted in few other movies. The actress is trained in Indian classical dance form Kathak. She also learned other dance forms.

Her younger sister Aisha Sharma is a model cum actress. She bagged a leading lady role beside John Abhrahm. She also had been the prominent face of brands like Lakme.

Both the sisters are gym partners and they lift up each other so well. Sisters are amazing at pulling their sister’s leg and Neha-Aisha does that all.

6. Shruti Hassan and Akshara Hassan


Shruti Hassan and Akshara Hassan are daughters of actor Kamal Hassan. Shruti is a leading lady in many South Indian movies. She worked with huge South superstars, in both Telugu and Tamil. Shruti Hassan is not just a brilliant actress but also a singer.

Akshara Hassan is the younger sister Shruti Hassan. She is an actress and assistant director as well. She appeared in a couple of Hindi and Tamil movies. Her elder sister Shruti adores her and it is seen a few times when they both met. It seems like they love to spend the time together. Sister love is the best!

7. Shilpa Shetty and Shamita Shetty


Shilpa Shetty needs no instruction from Bollywood lovers. She is an actress,online fitness trainer, businesswoman and a former model. She is recognized for her prettiness, acting and mostly for her dance. Most importantly she is a celebrity mother who is balancing life and work wisely.

Shamita Shetty is the younger sister of Shilpa Shetty. She made her appearance in very few Hindi movies. She made her debut in Bollywood with the hit movie “Mohabbatein” for which she won a debut award. She is also a well doing interior designer.

Shilpa Shetty once spoke about her bond with sister Shamita. She said the sibling relationship is bitter-sweet from sharing clothes to insecurities. And the bond it only matures with time. Seems like both the sisters are happy to have each other and their bond got stronger as the elder sister said.

8. Sonam Kapoor and Rhea Kapoor


Sonam Kapoor and Rhea Kapoor are the daughters of Anil Kapoor who made over hundred films in Hindi. The elder daughter, Sonam Kapoor is an actress in Bollywood and also one of the top fashion icons.

Rhea Kapoor is a film producer and owns a fashion line as she is also a stylist. She is the one behind some of Sonam’s beautiful appearances.

Both the sisters share a warm bond and they give major sister goals. They are the happy sisters and so the happiest girls. They keep sharing the pretty pictures clicked together occasionally having their loving brother along with them.

9. Bhumika and Bhagyashree

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Bhagyashree and Bhumika are the celebrity sisters in B-Town. Both have been worked in Hindi films. She played a girl next door role in “Maine pyar kiya”. Thereafter the charming lady was seen in a handful of hindi movies and television shows too.

Bhumika was launched first through Salman Khan’s movie “Tere Naam” in Bollywood for which she won a filmfare award for best actress. She acted in a number of films in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. The actress bagged awards in South Indian film industry for her outstanding performances in the movies.

Bhagyashree is an actor also turned into a nutritionist. She also passionately shares her vlogs on her instagram account. The two sisters who are still excelling with their passion for acting. Bhoomika is presently showing interest in Telugu films for supporting roles.

10. Kajol and Tanisha Mukherjee


Siblings are the crucial part from childhood to the last breath. The sisterly bond is unbreakable and the best example of it is, the celebrity sisters-Kajol and Tanisha Mukherjee.

Tanisha Mukherjee is the younger sister of the most admired heroine Kajol. Tanish Mukherjee came into limelight with her Big Boss entry. Before that she was not that familiar to the audiences. Andabout Kajol, do we really need to give any brief?

Kajol is still the Queen of elegance and she epitomizes femininity with her unique grace. Coming to her bond with Tanish Mukherjee, she is very close to her little sister. They both celebrate birthdays together and share secrets. Absolute sister goals!

Sometimes, we admire a celebrity but may not know their personal bonds and relationships. Peeping into their social media accounts and the paparazzi photos, we would know a bit more. That’s how we collected the interesting facts about the Bollywood actress sisters.

Hope it was interesting to know about the talented and inspirational sisters of Bollywood.

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