5 Weight Loss Tips by Shilpa Shetty


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Who doesn’t want Shilpa Shetty’s amazingly gorgeous slim toned figure? Everyone Right! And even those who say they don’t want it, secretly they wanted. Shilpa Shetty’s book “The Great Indian Diet” is all about who you can stay fit. Now she doesn’t say anything revolutionary, a groundbreaking or earth shattering or anything new. She says the same thing that your mother and my grandmother have been telling me for years. Of course, you never listen to them. But when Shilpa Shetty says the same thing you want to follow it. Let’s talk about 5 things the actress follows in her daily routine and 5 quick changes you can make in your diet and start shedding those pounds and getting into her shape. Here are weight loss tips by Shilpa Shetty you can follow.

Amazing Diet Tips



The biggest enemy in your food habits is refined sugar. Those beautiful little sugar crystals add sweetness to your life are actually causing more harm than benefit.

The Sugar is washed, it is boiled, it goes into a centrifugal process, and it’s filtered if that wasn’t enough, in the end, it is bleached with carbon dioxide and lime and then you get sugar crystals. Now these sugar crystals are adding no nutritional benefit to your body. They are just adding that sweetness, they are adding calories, they are adding fat and it is complete junk food. And the worst part about sugar is that you get addicted to it. The more you eat sugar the more your body asks for it. It’s a vicious cycle and it is very hard to put an end to it. So, beware of refined sugar. Have it in minimal quantity and cut it out if possible. But while you are cutting this out don’t run towards artificial sweetness because artificial sweetness is no better. They have been made to cause a number of diseases in our body as well.

However, Shilpa Shetty says that the worst kind of sugar is high fructose corn syrup. This is because high fructose corn syrup cannot be digested by our body. Our body just doesn’t know what to do with high fructose corn syrup. Then it gets deposited as fat. It travels all over our body through our veins and arteries as fat and eventually clogs them and causes heart attacks. So this is definitely something you need to stay away from. Then what should you have instead when you are craving for something sweet? Have what your grandmother would have.

  • Black jaggery
  • Organic jaggery
  • Organic honey
  • Stevia
  • Laddus made of dry fruits, jiggery and atta

Having these kinds of amazing desserts instead of having cakes and pastries will reduce your sweet tooth and craving.

Aerobic Exercises For Your Body Fat



The second change you can make in your diet is to watch your salt intake. If you are consuming the pure white table salt that is very easily and commonly available in the market watch out! Because, this kind of salt contains only sodium chloride. The high amount of sodium chloride in our body can lead to blood pressure issues. It can lead to heart issues. What should you have instead? Switch to sea salt or rock salt. They have lots of minerals in them. There is magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphorous and sodium in it. These are extremely beneficial to your body. They are really good for the skin, who doesn’t want a good skin? Extremely beneficial for the skin, it can also reduce stress levels, can keep anxiety at bay, it has a lot of antioxidants and it is very good for your overall health and wellness.



You should eat Ghee. Shocked! Yes, you have read it right. For some reason everyone thinks that ghee is what causing fat, whereas it is another way round. Ghee made from cow’s milk is known to have the highest amount of CLA in it. Now, what is CLA?

CLA is something that helps to burn the fat deposited in your body. If you had everything in this world to lose fat, but are not able to then maybe it’s time to start having ghee. Of course, doesn’t go absolutely crazy and have a liter of ghee every day. No, everything is good in limited quantity and so in the case with ghee. Just add a tiny little spoon full of ghee in your food every day and you are definitely bound to see the benefits of the ghee.

4Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice

Just add a lot of lemon juice on all of your food. Lemon juice is known to balance the PH levels in our body. It keeps our environment alkaline. Diseases are known to thrive in an acidic environment and they are unable to thrive in an alkaline environment. Also, you are easily able to shed fat and burn fat in an alkaline environment where as it’s the reverse in the acidic environment. So, a lot of reasons to try and keep an alkaline kind of PH within your body and lemon juice help with that. So, add lemon juice to everything possible.

5Spice and Herbs

Spice and Herbs

Now, Indian food is known for its spices, the Masala. You can smell the spices from every Indian kitchen. Now is that bad? No, not necessarily. Spices are the most antioxidant-rich foods on planet earth and they are the most powerful kind of food that you can ever have. Now if you have our regular commonly easily available Indian spices in your diet every day you will be able to cure a lot of illnesses and keep a lot of illness at bay.

  • Let’s take for example, turmeric (Haldi). Now turmeric is very easily available. It is added in all of our foods and it has tremendous benefits. It has something called curcumin, which even helps to cure cancer.
  • Then there is fennel. Fennel is very good for digestion. It keeps acidity at bay and that is the reason why fennel is offered at the end of most Indian meals.
  • There is cinnamon if you have half a teaspoon of cinnamon everyday cancer will not come near you.
  • Then there is garlic. Garlic keeps the heart strong. It keeps heart diseases at bay. Have garlic raw, have garlic crushed, have garlic in vegetables or just make pickle out of the garlic and have it the way Shilpa Shetty has it. But, just be careful not to have garlic just before you are going out for your big night.

So, all in all, Shilpa Shetty says go back to your roots. Eat the way our ancestors use to eat. Go back to the traditional way of cooking Indian food and the last thing you would love an out Shilpa Shetty’s book is that in the book she shows pictures of her meals. She doesn’t just talk about these things, but shows you the picture. When you see the picture you will see that although she eats almost everything, she eats lots of things but the portion sizes are small. There are small Katori of Rsajma, the little bit of brown rice, the little bit of a pickle and the little bit of everything but not too much. And that is the thing which is going to bring you in the best shape of your life.