Benefiting Aerobic Exercises For Your Body Fat

Aerobic Exercises To Loose Belly Fat

We all try so many things to reduce belly fat, like exercising, gym, yoga, dieting, etc. But many a times some of these things seem useless or doesn’t provide satisfactory results. When we start exercising the only thing that comes to our mind is losing weight, burning calories, flat stomach, and loosing belly fat. Some studies have shown that aerobics, is one of the best exercise one can opt for if she wants to lose weight or lose belly fat. Aerobic exercises are great to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases while improving blood circulation. So, here are some aerobic exercises to loose belly fat or to lose weight, for a healthier tomorrow.

Tips And Exercises Of Aerobics

1How you can lose belly fat with aerobics?

How you can lose belly fat with aerobics

Belly fat is basically an abdominal obesity. When your body collects fat, an amount of fat is deposited in your abdomen area, which leads to a swelling waist size. It also consequently also leads to, no longer wearing of your favourite figure-hugging dresses and there are also many connected links between the growth of belly fat and cardiovascular disease. So, belly fat is also a dangerous sign for your heart.

Now, according to the asked question above, a health study has shown that aerobic exercise can help in burning belly fat. People who were involved more with aerobics have shown much improvement in loosing weight or belly fat faster than other exercises.

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2Some Best Aerobic Workouts at Home to reduce belly fat

Some Best Aerobic Workouts

Sometimes going to the gym can be really tough. Getting up in the morning, preparing for gym and after coming back to do other household chores, can be a little hectic. So, most of the time we end up terminating our gym membership, all we need is something which is more effective and can be done at home.

Aerobics, on the other hand, can be done at the comfort of your home and the results are very effective for a flat stomach. But, yes you have to work on it quite religiously to get a perfect result.

3Circuit Training

Circuit Training

This aerobic exercise is mostly combined with resistance training and it can give results with a lot of high intensity workouts. These exercises are needed to be performed in a circuit that is, one after another and the in-between rest must be minimal. Circuit training generally involves aerobic as well as non-aerobic exercises. You have the liability of creating your own routine.

4Stair Exercises

Stair Exercises

This exercise helps in boosting your cardiovascular stamina. It can help in toning down your lower body. For this exercise, try walking up and down from a flight of stairs for about fifteen to twenty minutes. You can try increasing this for more to thirty minutes. This is one of the best warm up exercises. Just remember to maintain a steady pace.



This aerobic workout is also one of the high-intensity exercises. Skipping mostly targets your bottom, thighs, shoulders and calves. Try doing high energy skipping to burn more calories. It says that skipping can, burn up to 450 calories in at least 45minutes.



This simple aerobic exercise can help in burning up to 863 calories in one hour. It has been proven as a great cardio workout. It also helps in burning fat from thighs and waist.

7Core Power Yoga

Core Power Yoga

Core power yoga, can help in strengthening your abdomen and your back as well as helping in loosing weight. It can also help in toning muscles and strengthening the hip and pelvis. Core power yoga can help in improving stamina, strength, concentration as well as reducing stress.

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If you are very adamant about losing belly fat, then try to add squats to your daily routine. Squats help in full body workout.

9Squat Jumps

Squat Jumps

Squat jumps can help in burning belly fat and also increasing heart rate. This is one of the high intensity workouts. Do not work on it you are experiencing pain.

10Hula Hoop

Hula Hoop

You can try various variations using a hula hoop. This childhood game can be your most benefiting exercises for reducing belly fat. It mainly works on your bumps and waist.



Burpees is a full body exercise. It can help in toning your muscles from the arm of legs. It can also strengthen your muscles and help in losing belly fat by working on it.

12Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are one of the simplest aerobics exercises, to try anywhere at home. It is a great warm up exercises and also great for cardiovascular exercises or training. You will sweat a lot while performing this exercise, and in turn will also lose weight and belly fat.



Boxing is basically the full body aerobic workout. It is great for losing weight and improving heart rate. You can try boxing instead of treadmills. This form can help you in activating your whole body and loosing weight.



It can be anything from zumba to belly dancing, bangra to Bollywood dancing, any type of dance, is a great fitness exercise to tone your body. It can help in making your body flexible and losing weight with a flat belly.

15Tap Backs

Tap Backs

To work on this exercise first puts your both the arms forward or even you can keep them on your waist. Step your right leg back. Repeat this with your left leg in a rhythmic motion, which must be continuous. Your hips, face and shoulders must face forward. Try keeping your knees soft. This exercise will help in toning your thighs, strengthening your abdomen muscles and also helping in losing belly fat.

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