Beauty Tips For Hair Using Gingelly Oil


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Beauty Tips For Hair

Another beauty tips for hair is by using gingelly oil is considered as just another name for the sesame oil. It is also known as til. It is more commonly used for cooking, just like the vegetable oil or olive oil. Medical practitioners of both Western medicine as well as an Indian system of Ayurveda can recognize the significant health benefits of gingelly oil. There are many types of health benefits surrounding gingelly oil like;

  • It can help lowering the blood pressure.
  • Can help with weight loss.
  • According to some studies it contains sesamin and sesamolin, types of “lignans” or fibers that can help to lower the cholesterol.
  • Mateljan, a substance in sesamin, can help increase the vitamin E supplies in the body raising the antioxidant levels in the body.
  • It can also help to promote healthy skin.
  • It can help reduce the inflammation in the body.

So here, are some beauty tips for hair using gingelly oil, and some reasons on why you must try out the oil.

Beauty Tips For Hair

1Treats premature graying

Treats premature graying

Massaging the hair as well as the scalp with gingelly oil can help in preventing premature graying, retaining color of the hair. In fact, gingelly oil has many hair darkening properties, that by regular use of the oil can help to darken the hair while keeping it healthy. An amazing beauty tips for hair, that can prevent graying.

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2Promotes hair growth

Promotes hair growth

Sesame oil can help to improve the blood circulation into the scalp, and thereby promoting the hair growth. It is also considered highly penetrative which can help to heal the chemical damage, and supply nourishment to the hair shafts and hair follicles.

3Protects from UV rays

Protects from UV rays

Another benefit of gingelly oil is that it has a natural sun-blocking agent. By applying gingelly oil to the scalp and the hair can prevent the potential hair damage, which can occur due to the extended sun exposure. Gingelly oil forms a very protective coat around your hair shaft, and keep it safe from the harmful rays of the sun. It can also save the hair from the damaging effects of the pollution.

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4Treats lice

Treats lice

Another less known benefit of gingelly oil, is that it can also be used by mixing with other essential oils to treat the head lice. By regular application of the oil to the hair before shampooing has proved to have an extreme benefits on the lice treatment. Gingelly oil is also considered antibacterial and using it on your scalp, can help to keep both the fungal as well as bacterial infections at bay.

5Soothing Properties

Soothing Properties

Gingelly oil is soothing as well as tranquilizing properties. Sometimes harsh heat can damage the hair follicles, gingelly oil can act as a coolant, working from within and nourishing scalp from inside and outside. Gingelly oil helps to lock in the moisture within, preventing further damage.

6Gingelly Oil For Dryness

Gingelly Oil For Dryness

Mixing gingelly oil, and juice oflemon in equal parts, creates a perfect potion to tackle dryness. Apply this on the scalp with the fingertips, then massage the potion in a circular motion, covering all the other parts of the scalp. Then leave the oil over the night and wash off the very next morning. For better results, try to soak a towel in the hot water, squeeze the excessive water and wrap it around the head. Keep it for 30 minutes and shampoo the hair. The heat can allow the oil mixture to penetrate as well as condition the scalp deeply.

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7Revitalizes Damaged Hair

Revitalizes Damaged Hair

This oil also has high penetrating properties that work wonders on revitalizing the damaged hair by nourishing scalp from deep within.