Beginner’s Guide On Using A Concealer


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Beginners Guide In Using Concealer

Well, we all love doing makeup and even we love seeing ourself in that perfect makeup every time we go for some party or functions. But, some times when we do makeup we look good for sometime, then we feel like the makeup is fading away. We try everything to keep it intact, by applying in every two to three hours. But still feel that something is missing and it’s not molding properly in the face.

Do you use concealer before applying makeup? If, no then start applying, as it is one of the most important basic parts in a makeup. It is an essential beauty item. It covers the blemishes, scars and dark spots If, yes then do you apply properly? Does it mold properly on your skin? Here are a few tips and tricks on beginners guide in using concealer.

Tips On Using Concealer

1Types of concealer

Types of concealer

If you are starting for the first time or using it for the first time, remember that there are various types of concealers available in the market. You can find concealers in cream, stick, powder and even liquid. Liquid stick concealers are best for first timers. It can provide more coverage and allows to add layers, if needed. Some might feel like the powder and cream concealers might not easily cover the dry skin or healing blemishes, they can feel like it is sitting on fine lines instead of setting in.

2Choose a colour

Choose a colour

For the first timers, colours do matter. There is a myth in choosing a concealer colour, that you must select it two shades lighter than your natural skin tone. Which is completely wrong, you must always choose a concealer that purely matches your skin tone. Choosing a concealer two shades lighter can make the spots or anything that you are trying to hide stand out even more. So, it is best to find something that matches your tone. There are also intimidating colour correcting concealers, which are best for covering up any blemishes.

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3Prepare your face

Prepare your face

Think your face as a canvas. Just like an artist has prepares a canvas before painting anything, prepare your face before applying a concealer. Try to wash your face with a mild face cleaner and properly apply a moisturizer. Get a makeup remover and a q-tip and use it to get rid of any darkness under your eyes, which can be the result of old mascara. Concealer is basically the first step before applying your makeup, and it will go smooth over your blank face like a canvas.

4Under eye circles

Under eye circles

Use a concealer brush, stick concealer or your fingertips and dab it under your eyes. Try to start from the inside corner of the eye in the bridge of your nose and go to the opposite corner of your eye outer lash line. Try to blend it around the edges, so that there is no noticeable change of tone between your concealer and your skin.

Try to avoid rubbing concealer around your eyes and just dab it with your fingertip or with your brush, for blending which can give you a lot more of coverage than rubbing. Try to work the concealer up inside of your nose, if your eyes are deep-set. Most of the time people don’t neglect this application which leaves them looking sleepy.

Be sure to apply concealer all the way to the base of your lash line, directly under the waterline.

5Apply concealer on spots

Apply concealer on spots

If you have any dark spots, scars, acne or birthmarks, that you want to cover then this is the time. Dab your concealer on top of each mark, then blend them softly outward to your skin. Try to use a thin layer of concealer to avoid having a caked look. Apply more if it is necessary.

If you have a pimple or acne then try avoiding your finger for blending concealer. Try using clean makeup brush, it will protect from spreading bacteria or worsen the breakout.

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6Set your concealer

Set your concealer

When you are sure that all your dark spots and dark circles are covered and blended, then you can add a layer of foundation on top of your concealer. You can use, compact or loose foundation or liquid and cream foundation, but add additional setting powder on top of liquid foundation.

Try to spread your foundation over your entire face. Try to use translucent setting powder with large brush over the top of your foundation. It will set solid for at least 12 hours.

Reach inside the corners of your eyes and under the lash line with your brush. Be sure to cover the entire part of your face. Try to dab some extra powder over the areas where you might have used concealer so that they don’t run off over the course of the day.

7Apply makeup

Apply makeup

Now is the time to apply makeup all over your face. Like use blush to shine, or your favourite colour lipstick, or eyelineror anything that you line and look beautiful and gorgeous forever.

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