Top 20 Green Chili Benefits


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Green chili benefits

Green chilies make up the most active ingredient of our Indian foods. Every part of the Indian cuisine uses slim green chilies as a flavorful garnish. From North Indian Kashmiri pulao, Sarsu ka Saag, Daal, to south Indian Sambhar, mirchi bhajji and biryani every food item contains green chilies. We all are aware of the hot and strong tastes it adds to a food preparation, but we may not know all green chili benefits for health and beauty.

What are Green Chilies:

Green chilies are the fruit of plants from genus capsicum. The substances called capsaicin give them its intensity and hotness. India is the worlds largest producer, consumer, and exporter of green chilies. Green chilies add flavor, nutrition and also adds up to vitamins and minerals in our food.

Some amazing health benefits of green chili:

health benefits of green chiliGreen chili benefits for health are simply wonderful, and from centuries they have been used in foods for these health benefits. Green chili contains Vitamin C, B6, A, iron, copper, potassium, and carbs with a little amount of protein too

  1. Green chilies improve the immunity of our body:

Green chilies are rich in Vitamin C and thus they have antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial properties which help in fighting infections. It also opens up our blocked nostrils as an immediate relief from the congested nose. Thus strengthening the body’s natural immunity

  1. Green chilies are believed to protect us from cancer:

Green chilies are rich antioxidants, which act as detoxifier for our body. They cleanse our body and also prevent free radicles. This prevents cancer and also slows aging process

  1. Green chilies help in weight loss:

As green chilies have zero calories they help in weight loss. They do not add any calories rather help in burning some down so acts as an aid to weight loss

  1. Green chilies keep the prostrate problems aways:

Men must have green chilies regularly as they prevent prostrate problems. Also reducing the chances of prostrate cancer

  1. Green chilies are effective for treating diabetes:

Green chilies help in reducing blood sugar levels. These only provide regulating feature and not complete prevention from blood sugar

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  1. Green chilies help in digestion:

People having problems of digestion and constipation can benefit from green chilies. As green chilies are rich in dietary fibers, they aid in faster digestion in our body.

  1. Green chilies prevent lung problems:

Green chilies are effective in preventing problems like cough, cold and also lung cancer.

  1. Green chilies help in keeping bone strong:

Our bones are strengthened by eating green chili regularly. They repair damaged tissues and help in production of new blood cells. This keeps the bones healthy and strong

  1. Green chili helps in body detoxification and cleansing:

Green chilies are rich course of dietary fiber and thus removes harmful toxins off our body. It maintains a proper bowel mechanism too

  1. Green chilies help in improving moods:

Green chilies release endomorphies which are the hormones that help in feeling good. This enhances good mood and makes one happy


  1. Green chilies help in improving moodsPrevents stomach cancer:

Green chilies help in preventing stomach cancer as they have rich nutrients and also check on free radicles in our system

  1. Green chilies release saliva thus help in metabolic functions:

Green chilies releases saliva that helps in metabolic functions. More saliva will help in increased digestive functioning thus improve metabolic functions too

  1. Green chilies improve heart health:

Green chilies lower blood cholesterol levels and also triglyceride levels. This reduces the risk of heart stroke and heart attack greatly. Green chilies also prevent deposition of fats in blood vessels which is triggered by free radicles. This lowers blood pressure and heart rate. Thus it is an effective heart health aid. The high amount of antioxidant beta-carotene helps in supporting the cardiovascular system.

  1. Green chilies improve vision: Green chilies are good for eyes as they improve vision as they contain vitamin A. Also it lowers eye pain and puffiness.
  1. Green chilies prevent infections: Since green chilies are anti-bacterial the prevent infections in our body.
  1. Green chilies help in preventing arthritis.
  2. Green chilies help in facial twitching and preventing premature signs of aging and wrinkles
  3. Green chilies are good for nerve related disorders like psoriasis, persistent pain and neuropathy.
  4. Green chilies help in curing the cuts and wound easily as they are rich in Vitamin C
  5. Green chilies provide a glowing and radiant skin. Eating green chilies regularly gives a youthful, clear and glowing skin.

glowing and radiant skinConclusion:

The above compilation on Top 20 green chili benefits, is to provide you information on this great Indian spice which is a food ingredient worldwide. Be sure to keep the consumption in control as over eating of green chili can cause bloating and ulcers in tummy.

For people having burning sensation when eating green chili, stop consuming it. Also be careful when cutting or preparing food items, green chilies may cause burning sensations on hands and other parts of body if they come in contact with. Wear cutting gloves or use chopper to chop them.

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