Brilliant Nail Care Tips To Prevent Your Nails From Breaking


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prevent your nails from breaking
After spending literally hours on trying to file your nails perfectly and putting on a nail polish that is just the perfect color for your dress, can you imagine how frustrating it would be if your nail broke? We know the pain and we hate it too. Brittle nails can be a result of so many reasons, and while who can’t change factors like pollution and sun damage, you can certainly take care of your nails by following some of these simple nail care tips. For proper nail growth and stronger nail, here is a list of some brilliant nail care tips to prevent your nails from breaking.

What Causes Nails To Break?

Nails can break either because its brittle or it is weak. Both the things are different and are caused due to different reasons.
A brittle nail is basically a nail that is dry and lacks moisture. This nail, devoid of moisture can become hard and tough. Any simple pressure can make them snap and break. Using very harsh soaps and over washing of hands can lead to driving out moisture from your nails. This makes the nail brittle and prone to breakage.

Nail Care Tips To Prevent Nail From Breaking

 1. Keep your nails clean

Keep your nails cleanIn order to prevent your nails from breaking, make sure you keep them clean. Use a gentle soap and wash your nails with a soft bristle brush and make sure you clean away all the dirt and dust trapped in them This will keep any kind of infection away and make your nail look beautiful and clean.

2. Maintain the hydration of your nails

Maintain the hydration of your nailsIf you have long nails, and you’d like to keep long nails from breaking you should regularly use a moisturising lotion to keep your nails moisturised and well hydrated. Brittle nails can break very easily and this is one of the best tips to prevent your nails from breaking. Keep a small tube of hand lotion or cream handy in your bag. Keep reapplying after every wash. Especially after using soap.

3. Do not bite your nails

Do not bite your nails
Biting nails, consciously or sub consciously can be a very bad habit. It will not just prevent your nails from growing long but it can also cause infection in nail bed or even your mouth or stomach due to the bad bacterias that can be transferred from the dirty nail to your mouth while nail biting. To prevent nail biting here are some easy to follow tips-
● Apply a bitter lotion on your hands and nails.
● Apply a bad smelling nail paint.
Get yourself a manicure so that you feel bad about biting and spoiling it.
● Find something else to do with your free hands. Keep them busy.

4. Keep away from detergent

Keep away from detergentIf you want to save nails from breaking due to exposure to harsh soaps, then stay away from detergents. Do not bring them in direct contact with your nails. Nails are very sensitive to dehydrating agents in the detergent. They can acts very quickly on nails and make them look dry and brittle. Detergents are bad not just for your hands but also for your hands. Regularly exposing your hands to detergent can rob them of their natural moisture content and cause early aging of your skin. Try to use a milder soap if you are hand washing laundry or else use a washing machine to wash dirty clothes.

5. Wear gloves

Wear glovesWhile washing dirty dishes and other utensils make sure you always wear gloves so as to keep your natural nails from breaking. Washing utensils quite regularly with bare hands is one of the most common reasons of nail getting dry brittle and in the end breaking. Use latex or rubber gloves to protect your hand from the harsh dishwashing liquids. You can also wear gloves while doing other household work that can damage your nails. For example cleaning your ceiling fans can entrap dust in it, or scrubbing the bathtub can make your nails weak and also pose a damage threat. The best thing to do in such situation is to take preventive measures like wearing rubber gloves.

6. Apply nail polish

Apply nail polishWhile  applying nail polish can seem to be just an aesthetic need, but applying nail polish to your nails can acts as a great layer of protection for them too. Apply Nail polish base coat to prevent moisture loss due to various factors from your nails. It prevents your nail from wear and tear and it can also prevent the discoloration of nails due to regular use of dark nail polishes. A good top coat can not just make your nail shiny and glossy but also provide strength to it. Use a good top coat and keep your nail completely protected from breaking or chipping.

7. Avoid the polish remover

If you like putting on nail polish quiet too often make sure you do not use an acetone nail polish remover since it can dehydrate your nails and cause it to turn brittle and break. Instead of that, use an actone free remover that has nourishing properties. Use can also use nail polish removing wipes that are available in the market these day. They contain oils that nourish the nail and not remove the nails natural moisture.

8. Clip only wet nails

Clip only wet nailsDo not clip your nails when they are dry. Dry nails are more prone to damage, Clipping them can Split the natural layer of the nail and cause it to break. the best time to clip your nails is right after your shower. the nails are completely soft then. Soft nails are also very easy to clip and can be molded in any shape you want.
If you do not remember to give your nails after the shower and suddenly remember it in the evening, if you can first immerse your hands in warm water for around 10 minutes, after which the nails turn soft again, you can then go ahead and leave them as much in length as you’re comfortable.

9. Use a nail file

Use a nail fileAfter clipping your nails, the edges of your nail tend to be uneven and weak.  filing your nails can be a great way to restore its proper shape and texture. while filing your nail one of the most important things to remember, is that you should always file your nails in one direction. If you file your nails rigorously in both the directions the nail can split and break eventually. To prevent your nails from breaking, make sure you use a file in only one direction, this will make the edges of your nails smooth and prevents any fabric etc to get stuck in the sharp unruly edges.

10. Protect your cuticles

Protect your cuticles

While a lot of people think otherwise, we suggest that you should always  keep your cuticles intact and not trim them away. The practice of trimming away your cuticles is common when you get a manicure done. But a cuticle is very important in protecting your nail. It keeps your nail away from infections and bacteria. It is great in preventing inflammation to your fingers also.

We suggest you to push your cuticles inside with a soft tool and not completely trim them off. After shower when the cuticles are soft and moldable, push them inside the nail. This will keep your nail protected as well as make your nail look nice too.

Nail Care Tips

● Once every week you can soak your nails in olive oil for 10 minutes, twice a day. This will help your nail recoup and regain any lost moisture. This can make your nails really strong and healthy.
● Use a cuticle cream before sleeping every night. This can keep them healthy and nice.
● Regularly applying nail polish can cause your nails to turn yellow. in order to gain back the natural colour of your nails, take a few days off after every nail polish application. give your nails some time to breathe.
Nail Care Tips● biotin supplements can be a very good way to improve your nail health. It won’t just improve the thickness of your nails, but also will be a great supplement for your hair.
Follow these simple nail care tips to prevent nails from breaking. Make sure you supplement your nail care routine with proper diet and moisturisation. Beautiful nails can be a total treat to eyes and it can make you look really sophisticated and polished. With these simple nail care tips you can easily prevent your nails from breaking and keep looking fabulous as always.
Hope this information was useful.

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