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Tips for Successful Beach Weddings in India | Hergamut

Do you a dream wedding plan? Sometimes, the brides and grooms have least interest to select their wedding destination and plan for it. This doesn’t mean, your fantasies of wedding don’t come true. The beach wedding is one such fantasy that you can work on to make it true.

If you are looking for ideas that make beach wedding successful, then you are on the right page. Now, go convince your family for your beach wedding. Let them trust you with the ideas of planning for a beach wedding in India.

Beach wedding in India is possible and that too with affordable budget. Go wow first and then imagine your beach wedding. But it is not going to end with imaginations! Trust me!

Plan for successful beach wedding- The basics

Destination Wedding Tips | Hergamut

Beach wedding is something that everyone would dream of. Some of the plans and idea can make it successful.

You must be mindful while planning for beach wedding. Weather conditions, arrangements play a bigger role when planning for beach wedding. So, lets go with the basic planning of beach wedding before looking into highlights of it.

  • See if destiny is within budget

When you are planning for beach wedding, the very first thing you need to consider is budget. The beach weddings costs heavy as it includes travelling, decor, arrangements.

As beach wedding is part of destination wedding, you must consider budget first. If you are in with budget, then you can go on with rest planning for beach wedding.

  • Get the beach permission

Beach Wedding Permission

Oh yeah! You may need permission to celebrate your wedding in some public beaches. Until you have the permission to arrange wedding in the beach, don’t move forward with the plan. Better don’t even start planning until you get the permission for wedding in beach.

Decide the guests number

Beach Wedding Guests| Hergamut

Beach wedding is much like closed affair. So, you cannot make it a big fat wedding. When you decide to have beach wedding, you must also decide the number of guests to fit in the space you select.

The seating arrangement and facilities are going to be limited unlike the normal traditional wedding. So, first you need to decide on how many guests to invite for the beach wedding.

  • Season and time of beach wedding

30+ Things to Consider Planning a Beach Wedding | Hergamut

You must also consider the season that you are planning for beach wedding. Beach wedding in summers is all good. Agree that sunny days are tough to deal. But not a big deal if you can arrange everything well.

Coming to timings, it is better to have beach wedding during other half of the day. Evening beach wedding is simply delightful. You can call it magical evenings when you plan beach wedding in evening time.

  • Keep it Shaded

This is one of the crucial part of beach wedding. This may get least priority when you are planning. But if you don’t consider this point, then it beach wedding may fail. So, make sure the beach wedding goes with shade. The sunny day or a rainy day, this would be easy for everyone to stay on.

Many of the Indians go for summer weddings. And if yours is a summer wedding, then keeping the wedding place shaded is a must in Indian beach weddings.

  • Beaches are noisy- know that

All the beaches don’t let you hear only breeze and waves sound. There also beaches which are noisy. So, to have a pleasant environment, you must choose the right beach.
The beach wedding must be noise free. So, check the beach environment before planning for beach wedding in India.

  • A backup plan

30+ Things to Consider Planning a Beach Wedding | Hergamut

Wedding is the biggest affair where you cannot proceed without a backup plan. As it is beach wedding, you must be more conscious about uncertainties.

Have back plan for weather conditions, seating arrangements and ways to make guests feel comfortable.The backup plan for beach wedding may come in use.

The unshaded space makes everyone worry with the weather conditions. Now, don’t you think, it is important to keep it shaded?

Tips For A Beach Wedding To Done Successfully

9 Tips For a Successful Beach Wedding

1. Let the Theme Do Magics

Let the Theme Do Magics

For beach wedding, everything should go with the theme. The theme you choose adds the beauty to the wedding event. The outfits of bride and groom must sync with the decor. The family members outfits also must go with the beautiful wedding theme.

The theme can do wonders and magics in your wedding. It is also easy to elevate the beach wedding with a nature inspiring themes.

2. Keep it natural

Keep it natural

Wow says your mind, when you think of beach wedding. But let your choices also be that wow. Many of them pick the artificial wedding decor. The artificial wedding is not that great for beach weddings. So, keep it natural with the local flowers, simple decor.

To keep it natural, you must also keep it simple. The heavy decor and arrangements are not needed for beach wedding. It is easy and awesome to make it a natural wedding. You can just let the nature be part of beach wedding decor. The greenery around the beach can make it natural.

3. Make it an eco-friendly wedding

Eco friendly wedding

Beach and eco-friendly wedding is a happening combination. When you are planning for a beach wedding, remember that it becomes messy easily. So, you must opt for eco-friendly options.

Simply, avoid plastic and make sure to arrange litter bins everywhere. The idea like paper fans and plants as return gifts work great for an eco-friendly wedding in beach. It is a much workable idea in India!

4. Bright up with lights

Bright up with lights

Beach wedding looks extra beautiful with lights. Make the lights part of your beach wedding to add the brightness. The lights, beach and breeze come together to make it a heavenly wedding event.

The wedding venue looks more exotic with the lights. You can also choose the lamp lights which add the dim brightness to your wedding. This is an idea that sounds dreamy and feels divinely.

This is an idea that works great for evening wedding. You must try it for your beach wedding!

5. Special food menu

Special food menu

Food menu for beach wedding must be based on the season. The extremes of weather conditions matter a lot for beach wedding. So, let the food at your beach wedding include special food.

You can also choose the multiple cuisines to match the beach wedding. You can include Indian desserts and main course as well for beach wedding.

6. Traditional Entrance and Decor

Traditional Entrance and Decor

Make beautiful traditional entrance that looks lovely. As Indian weddings are all about traditions, you cannot skip the traditions even for beach wedding. The entrance must be attractive and traditional with the lovely colours.

The wedding entrance with local flowers make it look Indian and exotic at the same time.

7. Bridal Outfits

Modern bridal outfits | Hergamut

The outfits you choose must be comfortable for beach wedding. It doesnt mean that your outfits cannot be grand and heavy. You must be able to handle and carry your wedding outfits well.

Choose the bridal outfits which are grand but of lightweight. You have the bridal outfits like georgette lehengas, silk sarees. This kind of bridal outfits are perfect Indian beach weddings.

8. Wedding photo shoot

Day Inspired Wedding Photoshoot ideas | Hergamut

Planning for beach wedding, how can you not use the chance of doing wedding photo shoot. Hire a wedding photographer and get clicked.

You can have crazy wedding photo shoot. You can get captured randomly. So, don’t forget to hire a wedding photographer to capture your whole beach wedding.

9. What to pack for beach wedding?

A Packing Checklist for your Destination Wedding | Hergamut

As it is a beach wedding, you must keep have the makeup kit handy. When it is beach wedding, you need a pair of sunglasses too.

Better carry a handbag which is no less than a mini suitcase with all the requirements. Te handbag should be a package of makeup essentials and keep your personal belongings in it.

10. Beach Wedding Destinations in India

30 Best Luxury Wedding Destinations | Hergamut

We appreciate you for selecting beach wedding within India. India got the beautiful beach wedding destinations.

The most happening beach wedding destinations in India are Goa, Kerala, Pondicherry, Andaman Nicobar. You have many more destinations in India which can support for beach wedding.

Now, you will have to decide to go for beach wedding or not. You have seen what all make the beach wedding successful. Rest are just the ideas that make your beach wedding extra special and memorable for you.

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