5 Romantic destinations to get married in India


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Romantic destinations

You both treasured the lovely memories with each other, he proposed to you and you accepted, happiness everywhere, right? Yes, but now, it is time for you to start deciding where to get married and how to. The foreign trend of getting married in a particular destination is catching up even here in India. India is such a beautiful place with its rich culture, tradition and not to forget, the exotic and amazing locations that we have. If you are looking to get married in a place that takes your breath away, then here we are to give you some suggestions on where you should get married. Read through the romantic destinations to get married in India.

Best Destinations to Get Married

1Goa – The land of waves

The land of waves

Without a doubt, Goa is the best place to tie the knot because you will be spoilt with the number of ideas, destinations, beaches and choices you are given by the city. Name it and you just have it. Whether it is a garden wedding, a beach wedding, or a sunset wedding, there is so much to explore in the city for wedding lovers. Goan style music and dance, fireworks and a lot of ‘daru’ (wine), is all that is needed to make your wedding beautiful and fun. There are many wedding venues in Goa like The Taj, The Leela, etc. If you are getting married in the peak season, then it is good to book your venues in advance since the city is very popular for such destination wedding.

A small note – The beach wedding in Goa would require a permit, which can be helped by your hotel owner or the planner.

2Rajathan – Land of Royalty

Land of Royalty

Rajasthan stands as a synonym for royalty and grandeur. It has become one of the famous and most preferred place for getting married. The big havelis, grand setup and the romantic ambience is just enough to get married in the most traditional manner. Rajasthan is called as the Venice of East India and is surrounded by wonderful lakes and royal palaces. Udaipur has a lot of big palaces like the Devi Garg, City palace complex, etc. Also called as the blue city, is a great place to tie your knot that too in one of those 18th century palaces, which did the Kings and queens, use. The place has variety of palaces for all price range. People choosing to spend less on weddings can also get married in Umaid Bhavan Palace, or the Majestic Mehrangarh Fort. Even Hollywood guests, like Katy Perry, Elizabeth Hurley have tied their knot here, in our very own city.

3Kerala – The land of Serenity

The land of Serenity

Chosen as God’s own country, Kerala is the ideal place for you to experience the serenity and the beauty with plush and greenery around you. This place will equally give you a tough fight for the number of choices. Whether you are planning for a backwater lake wedding or a simple resort wedding, Kerala has everything you are looking for. The Leela is one of Kerala’s famous destination spots where they theme your wedding. If you are looking at doing some tacky, you can go for an elephant themed wedding in which the groom himself is allowed to ride the elephant to the venue. Whatever you choose, they will customize it for you and make your day memorable. The Chande Melam , plantain leaf lunch, Kathakalli and a lot more, this place will give you the best memories to take back after your wedding.

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4Taj Mahal, Delhi – The love monument

Taj Mahal

What’s better than celebrating the most important day of your life in the backdrop of the love monument? Agra needs no introduction to anyone in the world. Home of Taj Mahal, Agra has been just enough for its amazing monument that has a huge history of love. Having Taj Mahal as your backdrop, tying the knot would easily be anyone’s dream come true. There are some hotels like Radisson Blue, Jaypee who have the special package of getting married in Taj Mahal. Imagine the ‘Saath pheren’, your guests, you both in the between and Taj Mahal to witness you both getting married. Isn’t it dreamy? It definitely lasts a lifetime of happiness and reminiscence.

5Andaman Island – Bay of Bengal

Andaman Island

Andaman could be an easily missed yet one of the most amazing places to get married in. Encircled by the azure waters of Bay of Bengal, it is one of the most romantic destinations to tie the knot. There are many options like Speedboat wedding, underwater wedding or in-between beach water wedding where you can explore a lot and enjoy the array of options. It in fact becomes your honeymoon spot also where you can swim with the elephants and enjoy the beautiful sea waves. The Havelock Island is one of the famous wedding spot that can help you arrange exciting wedding options. Getting married in between the sea and clicking crazy number of pictures sure makes your wedding a special one.

-Pavithra Ravi

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