Summer Nail Care Tips

Summer Nail Care Tips

Summer can help to bring strength with its booming sunlight, but it can also make people aware of its care as well as ailment. During this season, diseases as well as improper skin conditions becomes quite very common. It even becomes very much essential to get a summer nail care tips.

If you are not at all aware of all the ways to care for the nails, this article can help you out. Nails require a lot of nourishment as well as care along with face and skin during this summer season.

Nails can play a very important role in extending a women beauty. Women who have well shaped nails can always look attractive in the crowd. You don’t have to cut your nails too short to restrict dirt as well as pollution from getting inside the nails.

There are many easy ways to clean the dirt from inside the nails when grown long. Some people also face a lot of trouble after getting their nails broken down. So here, are some summer nail care tips that you can follow to protect your nails from the harmful rays of the sun as well as dust and pollution.

Summer Nail Care Tips

1Tips On Diet

Tips On Diet

Diet is a very important factor that contributes to get beautiful nails. If you are interested in getting a well maintained nails, then you must always try to consume fresh fruits as well as vegetables along with ample of water.

You must also try to consume different types of healthy food such as that have vitamin E, C, or lemon etc along with calcium rich foods like milk. Carrot juice can help to strength your nails as it is quite rich in phosphorous and calcium, which can help to strengthen the nails.

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2Tips On Habits

Tips On Habits

There must have been some type of alteration of habit in order to get the nails in a perfect shape.

Like for washing the hands, it is important to use a hand wash or soap of a good quality.

To not harm the cuticles because of the extreme dryness.

You must try to apply cream or even oil in the cuticles to keep it healthy.

You must trim your nails before going to a shower as the nails can become soft once when it touch the water and then become a reason to break.

To stop nail discoloration, it is better to not smoke tobacco.

3Protection Of Nails

Protection Of Nails

One of the best solution to protect the nail, in a easy as well as effective way is by wearing nail polish.

A very common habit seen in women is peeling the nail polish while cutting off the edges of the nails. If you do this, then you must wear the nail polish once again after cutting the nails.

Always wear a nail paint of a very good quality from a reputed brand, so that the nails do not get discolored.

Whenever you wash the hands try to apply any cream or even lotions on the hand. The hands or the nails tend to get dry out from all the soaps as well as cleaners.

To remove stains under the nails, try to scrub them with the help of a toothbrush or even a nail brush with soap or even bleach solution.

Always remember that the condition of finger nails, also reflect the health of that individual.

4Nourishment of nails

Nourishment of nails

Just like the skin and hair, even the nails need to be nourished in a proper way.

During summer, the UV rays from the sun can make the nails very dehydrated.

This can also make your nails very dry as well as brittle.

You must always apply a moisturizer on the nails covering the corner.

5Strengthening Of Nails

Strengthening Of Nails

People are doing many number of things in their day to day life with the help of their nails.

But, if the nails are pretty weak, then it can break off very easily. Thus, strengthening your nail is a very important part.

For that you can even use a nail supplement to get strengthen.

6Shaping of nails

Shaping of nails

People always tend to remain very careless about the nails when they are busy with the schedule work.

If the nails are not being properly shaped, then it can break while doing household work.

Even the corners can sometimes get trapped as well as break. Thus, nail care also involves in proper nail shaping.

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7Enamel Coat

Enamel Coat

You must always try to protect the nails from getting it weathered.

Sometimes because of many environmental factors, nail layer can get weathered. Thus, one of the best way to protect the nails is by putting the nail enamel.

Mostly nail enamel comes colorless, but you can also easily protect the nail layer from the damage of the external factors. So this is a must do for during summer.

8Nair Hardener

Nair Hardener

Always use a nail hardener sparingly as they tend to do more damage than good.

Try to massage the nails with some natural oil like Vitamin E from time to time to give them required health as well as flexibility.

9Acetone-Based Removers

Acetone-Based Removers

If you are having brittle nails, then try to avoiding acetone-based removers, since they can end up making your nails brittle. Be sure to cure the weak as well as brittle nails.

10Change Shampoos

Change Shampoos

Shampoos are one of the main culprit, when it comes to the nails giving away the dryness, as well as brittleness.

It is because they have detergents, which can, strip the vital oils that are needed for the nourishment.

Try to condition the nails with the cuticle oil after each time you shampoo.

11Biotin Supplements

Biotin Supplements

Biotin supplements can contribute to increase the nail thickness as well as prevent splitting and breaking of the nails.

If 2.5 mg of biotin has been taken everyday for few months, then it can help to improve the nails.

12Avoid applying nail polish before bed

Avoid applying nail polish before bed

Always give a gap of two hours, when the nails have completely dried up after the application of nail polish and when you are about to sleep.

This can make your manicure last more long.

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