3 Types Of Healthy Drinks For Summer


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Drinks For Summer

Summer is one of the hottest as well as the driest season of every year. From the month of March till the end of June is the hottest time in the whole country, when summer scorches in India with sweltering heat. Throughout the season, hot winds and the bright sun becomes two of the most inseparable constituents from which every person wants to escape, and then comes some of the amazing healthy drinks for summer.

Every body have their own way of staying relaxed as well as chilled this season. Some stay in the whole day, some have cool drinks to get chilled from inside, and some eat healthy nourishing foods to ward off summer. Here, are some healthy drinks for summer, that you know if you are an Indian, and must drink every single day to stay dehydrated.

Drinks For Summer

1Coconut Water

Coconut Water

Coconut water is mostly preferred by people across India. It can easily be found in the street markets during the summer. Coconut water is one of the healthiest option to escape this sweltering summer heat.

a. It promotes cardiovascular health

Some studies have showed that by drinking coconut water, it can reduce the risk of heart attacks, or lower the blood pressure, as well as hypertension.

Coconut water, preferably the fresh one, must be had once in a day to improve the overall cardiovascular health.

b. Improve the metabolism

You most probably know that improved metabolism means you burn more number of calories in a day. While there can be many things that can slug your metabolism, coconut water is not among one of them. In fact, it can help in boosting metabolism.

One of the most crucial thing that is required for proper metabolism is to convert carbohydrates as well as fats in energy is manganese. This is the reason, why coconut water, a very good source of manganese, which can help to improve the metabolism.

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c. Aids digestion

It is also a very common knowledge that by fibers are essential for the body’s digestive system to function properly. Coconut water is considered rich in fiber, which helps with the digestive system.

A single coconut water contains about nine percent of fiber which is required by the body every single day.

d. Prevents and treats dehydration

Dehydration can occur when the water content in the body tend to drop. It is mostly a result of not drinking enough water or even sometimes losing water through excretion. Coconut water can help to keep you more hydrated, which is why many athletes use this as a post-workout drink.

When you become dehydrated, you just don’t lose water; you lose a lot of essential salts as well as nutrients. Coconut water, has high water content and is also rich in nutrients, which help to replenish the body.

2Nimbu Pani or Lime Juice

Nimbu Pani or Lime Juice

Nimbu Pani or Lemonade is among the traditional and most common drinks in India. It is also known as Shikanje in the North India, Shikanje / Nimbu pani or Lemonade is made with Lemon Juice along with the variations of ginger juice, or ice and water as well as including many other ingredients like salt, saffron or cumin. Depending on the taste, mint leaves can also be added.

a. Aids digestion

You might seen that your mother always recommends you on a glass of lemon juice when you have stomach upset.

Lemon being rich in vitamin C, can be helpful when it comes to improve your digestion health.

It can help the liver to produce more bile, which can help to break the complex food in a more better way. Plus, it can also help to tame all the symptoms of bloating, diarrhea, heartburn and belching.

When you are suffering from indigestion, just mix some lemon juice with warm water and then sip it.

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b. Beats constipation

Lemon water can be a effective, quick as well as simple remedy to clean the intestine as well as give relief from constipation.

It also work as a lubricant that can soften the stool and help to regulate the bowel movements.

c. Hydrates your body

A refreshing drink nimbu paani, can be a very ideal beverage for summer season.

It can be an excellent way to replenish the body salts, packed with essential vitamins as well as minerals and prevent from dehydration.

So, instead of resorting carbonated drinks that can give nothing but acidity, try a drink of lemon juice when you are feeling dehydrated and thirsty.

d. Rejuvenates your skin

The presence of vitamin and antioxidants in lemon can help to rejuvenate the skin from within and also bring glow on the face.

Its cleaning action can help to purify the blood and led to a unique restorative as well as antibacterial properties to the skin.

3Aam Panna

Aam Panna

Aam Panna is known for its heat resistant properties. It is made from green mangoes, and it is a healthy beverage to fight the Indian summer heat. This beverage appears to be light green in colour and is also prepared using raw mangoes, sugar and many other spices.

a. Prevent Constipation

Aam Panna have amazing amounts of fibers, which can help to ease off the digestion.

This beverage have various types of bio-active components such as the ester, aldehyde, etc, which can improve the digestive system in your body.

This beverage also have Vitamin B, which can, help to gain a healthy body and also clean the intestine, which can prevent you from any form of infectious bacteria.

b. Natural Cure of Diseases

Aam Panna is also one of the best beverages which can cure various kind of diseases.

It contains certain type of acid that can immediately encourage the secretion of bile, which can act as an intestinal antiseptic to heal all the disease caused by the bacterial infections.

As a result, if you are facing some type of liver disorders, urticaria, or even jaundice, you must start consuming this beverage.

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c. Heal Blood Disorders

It have a very high source of Vitamin C which can help to increase the elasticity of the blood vessels as well as encourage the forming of new blood cells.

d. Heal Gastro-Internals Disorders

This beverage is an excellent choice to have if you are facing an issue with gastro-internals disorders.

Aam Panna contains pectin. A structural heteropolysaccharide, that when mixed with salt or even honey, would be an efficient cure for people who have problems with diarrhea, chronic dyspepsia, dysentery, piles, as well as constipation.