Must Have Summer Footwear


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Must Have Summer Footwear

Shoes can make or even break an outfit. As it is the most neglected fashion wear in all the fashionable items. Mostly footwear is all about comfort when the mercury is rising. There are some of the must have summer footwear, that you must own on your wardrobe to move without any pain.

As summer is here, you must probably start thinking about what you need to wear. Idea of summer is to make you sweat, so, footwears must be of summer friendly. Summer friendly footwears basically combines of open and comfortable shoes. So here, are some must have summer footwear that you can try out.

Summer Footwear For Women

1Flip Flops

Flip Flops

A pair of trendy flip flops from a high street fashion brand can add a very right amount of class as well as playfulness to your style.

It can work from a day on the beach to a casual get-together, flip flops can be the feet’s best companion.

They are simple quite as well as authentic. So if you are trying out one, then let me tell you that these flip-flops can go with anything.

You can wear them with your traditional dress, or on a beach or casual wear like jeans. They can make your day anytime.

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Try to ooze oomph with this amazing classy pair of loafers. They are available in various designs, colours as well as texture.

Depending upon the taste as well as personality, you must get at least one pair of these gorgeous footwear.

They are also available in many shimmery colours like the golden or even silver loafers that can re-define feminism as well as masculinity respectively.

It is also a very effective style statement.

3Flat Sandals

Flat Sandals

Flats are casual and yet a smart footwear which can give a refreshing approach to the fashion.

They are one of the best footwear for the office. Its open style can help to let the skin breathe.

Sandals are also an essential pick, that you must have in the shoe rack!

You can even wear a pair of comfy ankle strap sandals with the denim jumpsuit and roll the pants for a better look!

Summer shoe shopping always is incomplete without customary pair of sandals.

Try to invest in the basic pair which can be teamed with the dresses, jeans or even skirts.

Tassels as well as fringes on the sandals are an amazing good idea.

4Casual Sneakers

Casual Sneakers

This one amazing trend is direct from the runaway, that is popping out quite vigorously.

Now sneakers are not considered a long footwear, which is, only for the exercise wear. But these comfy sneakers make an amazing style statement.

When it is teamed up with long jersey skirts or even with a floral dress, they can look absolutely chic as well as stylish.

Sneakers and tops are being a major trend in the fashion industry! They are very comfortable, and can also go well with every outfit!

You can throw a pair of converse sneakers with a little black dress. Then tie your hair in a messy bun, then carry a small sling bag or even a printed backpack and have an amazing day.

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You need something for the party night, then how about a pair of pop-colored pumps?

You can put a pair of hot pick pumps with all black ensemble and then leave the hair open.

If you are wearing pants, always try to match the belt with color of the shoes!

6Ballet Flats

Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are considered as a perfect blend of comfort and style.

You can always wear them to your work day as well as for a party night.

Try to play with colors and textures and then you can make all the heads turn with the shoes.

You can wear a pair of metallic silver ballet flat with the denim-over-denim attire. Then tie the hair in a neat bun and carry a bag.

7Kitten heels

Kitten heels

Kitten heels are seen as a very feminine and glamorous footwear.

They also come in a variety of patterns as well as colours.

A raving type is studded with a bling and add class to your entire look.

A stylish cocktail dress, is able to enhance a pair of gold studded black as well as nude kitten heels with a pointed tip.

8Wedged Heels

Wedged Heels

A pair of wedges is a great pick which can add your height even without being uncomfortable like spiked heels.

You can wear a black top with printed high-waist skirt. Then tie the hair in a high pony and keep the makeup light.

In it wear a pair of black classic ankle strapped wedged heels and then get ready to be followed!

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