9 Beautiful Ideas for Indian Bridal Shower – Rocking Pre-Wedding Party


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The first ceremony of the wedding is bridal shower. The bride to be shines bright- but still making the ceremony more brighter with decorations and rituals is beautiful. So, how bridal shower must be for modern brides? The fancy flowers and outfits with colour theme- is this everything that you can do? There is a lot when it is Indian bridal shower!

You have amazing decorations ideas which makes the ceremony colourful. When the bride turns around, it makes her feel extremely special as it is all for her new phase. You also cant miss some accessories that make the modern bride look fashionable. Be a little innovative and loving to make the bridal shower the most happening.

Here are all the ideas you can grab and do it. It gives the Indian bridal shower look and you will not miss capture every moment of the lovely ceremony.

Decoration Ideas For Bridal Shower

Bridal shower decor is not like wedding decor with a load of flowers and hangings. It can be simple but sparkling. You some ideas that make the bridal shower look like a family festival.

1. Colour theme


When it is wedding decorations, it start with colours. So, choose an traditional colours like red, yellow and orange. It looks Indian and simple classy with these colours. You can also make it fancy with peaches and pinks.

The colour theme talks loud Indian traditions and culture. You can also set combinations in the theme.

2. Adorned chair for bride


It is not only appearance that makes women feel special. Everything around her and for her that is arranged make her feel special. Chair can be part of decor property. Adorn with flowers and other additions like ribbons.

When the bride to be sits the specially arranged chair, she feels like a queen. She deserve to be treated like a queen. So, don’t forget to get a decorated chair.

3. Beautiful entrance


Get a beautiful entrance for the bride to be. A simple flower garland creeping at the entrance and the lamps at the sides. These decor ideas can add the traditional look to the entrance. Though these are routine ideas, nothing beat the Indian traditions.

You can also place the tiny green plants. The natural beauty to that makes the entrance look decorative and pleasant.

4. Curtains with local flowers

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The sleek satin curtains are seen everywhere. So, don’t make it too fancy and routine with same old ideas. Make curtains with local beautiful flowers. This is an pretty idea that also adds Indian look to the ceremony.

The silky satin curtains tied up with flowers is also a lovely idea for bridal shower decor. You can check out this idea in the above images. This is how you make it natural and unique!

5. Mason Jars with flowers


A traditional bridal shower that is blended with fancy ideas is unique. What makes fancy here is mason jars with artificial flowers. It is a simple idea that works out well adding notable beauty to the bridal shower ceremony.

You can also put in natural bright flowers. Another way that you can use the jars is- filling them with fairy lights. It looks bright calmly and fancy. Just light it up!

Accessories For Bridal Shower For Bride to Be

The accessories like earrings and bracelets are routine. A bride is incomplete without jewelry. So, we are not excluding the by default bridal shower accessories. We are including something that is interesting and unique for the modern brides of India.

6. Floral Crown

Floral crown is a combination of tradition, fashion, elegance and femininity. You must not lose the chance of getting ready like a princess for your bridal shower.

Girls who are allergic to artificial jewelry can go all natural with a floral crown. You can also make a floral crown for yourself. Collect all the natural flowers and make a colourful crown.

This is a charming and easy to idea. You are going to appear pretty and super attractive with this trending bridal accessory.

7. “Bride to be” Sash


“The bride to be” is a known title as it is all about. Still, you can execute this fancy idea. If you want to give any other sweet, adorable title for the bride, even that is a lovely idea.

Putting on the sash is feels special and lovely. Also you can do some fun photoshoot with this idea. You can also use other props to generate more fun. At the end, all together will enjoy it and you will love idea as the bride feels happy with all this.

8. Flower earrings, bracelet


An Indian bride is not to just wear the royal jewelry. If you think the same, tuck the flower earrings which elevate your fashionable look. Then wrap your wrist with a flower bracelet. You get bright artificial flower bracelet to wear.

These are accessories that add beauty to your bridal shower appearance. These flower accessories are trending for Indian bridal shower look.

When you are pairing these accessories, you don’t need to match it with the outfit. Be it any colour, fabric outfit. These accessories make you a modern Indian bride to be.

9. Sunglasses


Wow! This is a super cool idea for modern brides. Sunglasses pairing with ethnic wear is a running fashion. You can have some fun with these modern bridal looks. This is also a brilliant idea for summer weddings. You will love putting on the sunglasses for fashion and weather condition too.

You will not get better time than bridal shower to be this unique. The only day you are going to hide the sparks of eyes. Try it and also get clicked with sunglasses having your girl gang around.

Sun glasses accessorized with ethnic outfit is a killing look. This unique appearance is loved by modern girls. It is a must try for the fashionable women.

You are making it a happening ceremony that becomes memorable for the bride. After taking and executing all these ideas, you will see how well you did it. All are doable ideas for Indian bridal shower. It is not too fancy to cover the Indian traditions or not boring with only traditions and rituals. It is fun and fancy to do.

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