20 Elegant Engagement Dresses For Brides To Be- Bridal Goals


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Elegant Engagement Dresses For Brides
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Wedding days is the most special for a bride. That doesn’t mean she compromises with fashion and beauty for wedding rituals and ceremonies. So, the fashion also starts with very first ceremony of the wedding which is engagement. You will need the stunning engagement dresses which let you show off your style.

When you look ethnic from one side and elegant from other side- not just you but your dress is also magical. Choosing a dress for engagement must be a blend of ethnicity and elegance.

Elegant engagement dresses that show you as a fashionable bride are here. If you are an out an out traditional bride, then you will find your kind of dress too. We have mentioned the engagement dresses even for the modish brides who want to classy wearing lightweight dresses.

Engagement Dresses for Brides

You have the engagement dresses for various Indian brides. You can beautiful stick to your culture and traditions with these fashionable dress. We are sure that you will fall in love with these dresses before falling in love with your engagement ring.

1. Layered Lehenga with blouse

Layered Lehenga with blouse

A layered lehenga is extremely beautiful and unique. You can pair the lehenga with a embellished fancy blouse. The multiple layers on the lehenga make it a spectacular outfit for engagement. If you want the lehenga with minimal layers and keep it simple, you can choose double layered lehengas.

You can go with your favourite blouse design to pair with the layered lehenga. The heavy accessories,fashionable hairstyle and a lightweight dupatta- all together you are look like a princess coming down to aisle. This can be an outfit for brides whose engagement is I winter.

2. Cape blouse with lehenga

Cape blouse with lehenga

Cape blouse is the trending fashion and to live in fashion for long. So, before become outdated fashion, go with it. This can be the most fashionable engagement dress of 2019.

If you want to be a modish bride, then you must choose a cape blouse. You can doll up yourself attractively wearing this dress. You can also go with stylish cape blouses- like flared sleeves, long cape or net cape.

3. Half saree

Half saree

Half saree is the favourite for South Indian girls. An embellished half saree can make a girl look well adorned. Half saree is easy to carry and flaunt. So, many of the fashionable South Indian brides fix with half saree for engagement.

Apart from South Indian girls, others can also try this pretty style. You can wear lightweight jewelry and drape the dupatta in your style. You will stun the crowd when enter the venue.

4. Kurti with lehenga

Kurti with lehenga

A long length kurti with lehenga is a modish style of wearing the kurti and lehenga. The pairing is perfect as an engagement dress. A kurti is not routine for engagement but an extraordinary dress.You have various styles like double layered and slits.

As this version of kurti and lehenga is trending, this can be one of the best choices for your engagement dress. Kurti and lehenga is a glorious fusion with the blend of colours and traditional designs.

5. Jacket over lehenga

Jacket over lehenga

Anyways, a bride is always a head turner in general. But not just turning head, let everyone be awestruck with your bridal appearance. A long jacket over the lehenga and blouse is a stunning style.

You have various ethnic jackets which can suit for engagement. Imagine a lightweight shimmery net jacket over an embellished lehenga. Have you imagined yourself in the outfit, then don’t just stop with the imaginations. When you shopping, let this fashionable idea trigger your mind.

6. Pattu saree

Pattu saree

Pattu saree is an ultimate choice of every South Indian bride. Sometimes, it is because of the traditions. Some of the brides love the royal looking pattu saree. The pattu sarees are so beautiful that we cant take off our eyes. Then, how can we skip them from the list of engagement dresses.

A pattu saree with golden borders and the traditional motifs make it the most traditional outfit for engagement. You will be a live synonym of ethnicity and fashion when pattu saree is your engagement dress. And you can try some beautiful hairstyles for engagement along with your pattu saree.

7. Peplum top with palazzo

Peplum top with palazzo

Peplum tops sounds western and too simple for you. An embellished peplum top can be part of your engagement dress. Pairing it with a fashionable flared palazzo is a lovely idea. The modern brides, who want the essence of Indian tradition in a western kind outfit can go for this engagement outfit.

We would like to give you some beautiful ethnic palazzo ideas for your engagement dress. Choose a bottom bordered palazzo. The other kind of palazzo is shimmery textured.

If you are wearing an heavily embellished peplum top then you can keep your palazzo lightly embellished. This is a fashion idea when it is peplum top with palazzo for your engagement.

8. Anarkali suit

Anarkali suit

Anarkali suits are the prettiest version of anarkali dress. It is much like a traditional gown. You can keep your fashion senses alive with anarkali suit. You look effortlessly graceful in this dress. Just let the lightweight dupatta flow on your hands and flaunt with grace.

If you choose anarkali suit for your engagement, then you will have endless options. I would love to suggest an anarkali dress with netted sleeves. The most trending kind of anarkali suit is with a middle high slit with jacket style.

9. Dupatta in unique style

Dupatta in unique style

Most of the engagement dresses have dupatta. So, just don’t go with routine dupatta style for your engagement. Let your dupatta do the style.

The various dupatta styles can make your dress get a different transformation. The way you twist the dupatta and drape it can make your engagement dress look attractive.

If you have an embellished dupatta then, let the beautiful work on dupatta be seen. Drape the dupatta to show off the breathtaking work. Definitely dupatta is the best complimentary for an outfit!

10. Ivory saree with gold work

Ivory saree with gold work

Ivory and golden combination for a saree is not something unique. What makes it fashionable is the type of saree and the design on it. If you can choose a well designed blouse- that will be the traditional and attractive saree.

Accessorize with modern gold jewelry- the ethnicity over flows in your appearance.

Yes! I felt ivory and gold work is not a special combination. But for Indian traditional brides it is never a boring combination.

11. Organza printed saree

Organza printed saree

Organza printed saree is the ethereal and make your look elegant. The organza printed sarees come with the beautiful prints. If you are looking for a saree that is of lightweight and fashionable, then it must organza saree.

The pastel colours and the designs make it a captivating outfit for engagement. You will be a gracious bride with an organza printed saree.

12. Lace gown

Lace gown

Being the center of attractive, you can must be fashionable and attractive. A red lace dress can make you look lovely. The lace design on the gown makes it a modish outfit.

This dress is a pretty option for every modern bride. Lace gown with simple diamond jewelry makes you modish bride. You also have a combination of lace dress with tulle This dress can also be worn by the Christian brides for their engagement.

13. Banarasi lehenga

Banarasi lehenga

Banarasi fabric can never let you look casual. The vibrant colours of banaras fabric are traditional and outstanding. It can be one of the royal looking dresses for engagement. The motifs and the designs of banaras fabric make it a brimful ethnic outfit.

The dress looks heavy but it is of lightweight. You will look prettier and bright in a Banarasi outfit. You can wear the Banarasi outfits anytime.

14. Ruffled saree

Ruffled saree

Ruffled dresses are the new version of sarees. If you want to look modish in a saree, then you can choose a ruffled saree. The pallu and the bottom of the saree will in ruffled style. A minimal embellished ruffled saree and a heavily embellished blouse are pretty to go as an engagement saree.

You can accessorize this outfit with the fashionable jewelry. The reason for mentioning this idea is- the fusion of modish style and ethnicity is super cool.

15. Velvet dress

Velvet dress

You may want to rock with vibrant colours and shades on your engagement day. So, simply choose the velvet outfit. A velvet outfit looks royal and bright. Accessorizing the outfit with subtle looking jewelry completes your engagement look.

You have velvet sarees and lehengas with the traditional jewelry is a royal combination. Many of the designer lehengas and sarees come with velvet fabric. As a bride to be, you can straight away make the style statement with flattering velvet dress.

16. Chikankari dress

Chikankari dress

Chikankari outfits are for classy brides. A bride who wants to keep it simple in her own style with love this outfit for engagement. Moreover, it is not a casual when your dress comes with unique colours. The fashionable colours makes the chikankari dresses the most beautiful.

Chikankari dresses are pretty to wear in winter. Chikankari dress with some minimal embellishments and gold works can make it a pretty one for engagement.

17. Bright bandhani dress

Bright bandhani dress

Bandhani dresses are for the brides who want to look elegant with simple dress. The bright bandhani dress is perfect for engagement. You can choose the colours like red and green for traditional look.

Bandhani outfits are lightweight and unique in style. You can opt a bandhani dress for summer engagement. It makes you look bright and simply fashionable. You also have smashing bandhani sarees to wear for your engagement.

18. Flourescent dress

Flourescent dress

Flourescent dress are extremely classy these days.The unique colour flourescent is grabbing all the attention. Embroidery and prints that come the flourescent colour get elevate beautifully. Many celebrities are making the style and fashion statement with this unique shade.

The beautiful combination with flourescent colour is silver. You can pair diamond jewelry with this lehenga. You will look extraordinary carrying your own style.

19. Lehenga with mirror work

Lehenga with mirror work
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The pretty and detailed features that are attached to a dress make it special. Lehenga with mirror work is a beautifully detailed dress. You will look fully adorned with mirror worked lehenga.

You can check out the above lehengas with mirror work. You have many such customized mirror work lehengas to choose for your engagement.

Pair the accessories which can less compete with the lehenga as mirror work is enough bright. A pair of earrings and a simple necklace is all pretty for engagement ceremony.

20. Tulle lehenga

Tulle lehenga

The lightweight stiff netted fabric of tulle lehenga adds elegance to your appearance. You cannot even leave a moment to feel special wearing a tulle lehenga.

You can make your appearance go graceful with tulle lehenga. The pastel coloured tulle lehenga and an embellished blouse makes an heavenly look.

Choose a tulle lehenga with gold borders to make appear even more traditional and fashionable.

A bride waits to shop all her dreamy dresses and accessories. Starting the fashion and bridal goals from engagement encourages you to be a fashionable bride on your big day- the wedding day. So, pick an engagement dress from the above collection and set the your bridal goals.

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