Skincare Tips For Swimmers – Basic To Follow For Happy Swimming


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Skincare Tips For Swimmers

You love your skin and do everything to maintain to flawless. Your skincare must be constant. Your slight miss on skincare makes tanned, greasy and dry. When you are travelling, you need to protect your skin from dust and dirt. When you are exposing to sun, you need to use sun protection products. There are many such measures that you need to take for your healthy skin.

Do you think, you need to protect your skin from water? Fine! Let us be clear with the question. Do you think, you need to take care of your skin as a swimmer? The answer must be yes probably. Water in pools can damage your skin horribly. As a swimmer, you need to take care of your skin.

Being a good swimmer and to enjoy your swimming, you must also be a good care taker of your skin. For the same, you need to follow some tips pre and post swimming. They seem basic and simple but important to follow as a swimmer.

Pre Swimming Skin Care Tips

Pre swimming tips are crucial for your skin. It is highly advised to follow pre swimming skincare tips. You need to believe that prevention is better than cure. There are some simple tips which make your swimming enjoyable totally.

1. Wash your Skin Before Getting into the Pool

Wash your skin before getting into the pool

Most the pools are filled with chlorine which irritates your skin and make it tanned. To avoid irritation and inflammation, you need to soak your skin and skin cells. When your skin is fully hydrated, then it absorbs less chlorine. This is a simple and useful tip that lowers your risk with chlorine effects on skin.

2. Apply chlorine Neutralising Lotion

Apply chlorine neutralising lotion

Chlorine in water may cause rashes. To avoid rashes on your skin, you need to apply a chlorine neturalizer. This is a pre swimming tip which lessens skin damage. Whenever you are swimming outdoors, apply sunscreen lotion to prevent your skin from UV rays.

3. Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated

You may not feel thirsty when in you are in water or pool. But you need to keep yourself hydrated as swimming is major physical activity. You must not dehydrate yourself without water intake. Dehydration effects your skin with dryness and it may also effect your health. So, take a bottle of water and keep sipping for every 15 minutes to keep yourself hydrated.

Post Swimming Tips

You get exhausted post swimming but you cannot forget to follow some skincare tips. Have little patience which is worth of your skin with post swimming tips.

1. Rinse your skin with clean water immediately

Rinse your skin with clean water immediately

Once you are done with swimming, clean your skin clean water. To let the chlorine and dirt go off your skin, you can use hot water. Hot water can also retain the lost moisture. If you don’t rinse your skin immediately, it cause dryness and rashes. Consider it as an important post swimming tip.

2. Moisturize your skin

Moisturize your skin

Whenever it is, you would swim for longer hours. This makes your skin lose all the moisture and natural oil. So, you to remove the dryness and patchy skin, you need to apply a moisturizer post swimming. It is better if you can use a moisturizer that includes vitamin C and D to pamper your skin.

3. Drink water

Drink waterDrinking water is also a post swimming tip. You lose liquids as you sweat out during swimming. So, you must not wait until you feel thirsty instead drink plenty of water. You can also take other fluids like orange juice, lime juice which keeps you super hydrated.

4. Exfoliate


Your skin becomes rough when you swim and stay soaked. The only you can get back your smooth skin is exfoliating. You need to exfoliate your skin with gentle scrubs. You will also be able to remove the dry and flaking skin which is an effect of swimming. At least, try to exfoliate your skin twice a week, if you are regular swimmer.

You need these basic skincare tips even if you are beginner or expert in swimming. Even you need to follow the pre and post swimming tips when you eventually get into picnic pools. To enjoy your time while swimming and post swimming, you must go with the skincare tips. So, do not get into the pool without following the skincare tips.

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