Top Home remedies for toothache


You can bear any kind of pain, but Toothache is something that comes with unbearable pain which cannot be treated manually by applying any kind of balm or ointment. Of course you wouldn’t be able to eat, speak much, sleep. The problem with toothache is that, it will immediately affect the ear lobe as well because of which you wouldn’t get ear pain and even head pain. Teeth are connected to your entire frontal lobe. Having said that, you need not worry anymore about the pain that irritates you because, there are many home remedies for toothache to cure pain. You wouldn’t have to go to the dentist every time you get toothache. These home remedies are an immediate alternative if the toothache doesn’t stop in a day or two.

We wouldn’t say that you should totally depend on these alternatives. These home remedies are alternatives that you can take until you get time to go to the doctor. You never know, these home remedies might end your pain and give you relief. It is all herbal and usable home remedies. So, using them will not give you any pain or side effect at all.

Top Home Remedies That Cure Toothache Immediately

1Clove oil

Clove oil

Clove is a very useful herbal alternative for your teeth. This is one of the oldest herbal cure that has been used for ages now for both infections and even for tooth aches. This is because clove oil or clove contains eugenol, which contains great antiseptic properties and also contains anesthetic key properties. Moreover, clove is an ingredient that kills bacteria and germs that are stuck in the teeth, which also cause a lot of pain. That is why most of the toothpastes contain clove elements in them. You can also apply clove oil the tooth or teeth that are aching for immediate relief. If you don’t find any relief, you can bite clove and keep it for at least an hour or so. If you notice, most of the old people use clove or clove oil for toothache.

2Wheatgrass juice

Wheatgrass juice

The good thing about wheatgrass juice is that it involves a lot of antibiotic in it that draws out all the toxic elements and keeps the teeth clean. The plus side of wheatgrass juice is also the fact that it also reduces swelling if there is any. It further reduces all the risks of infection and keeps your mouth clean from stinking. You can buy wheatgrass tonic or gargle the juice with warm water. If nothing works, chew the wheat grass plant itself. Yes, it will be very sour, but you can immediately take sugar or drink water. It is one of the age old remedy for immediate relief.

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The best thing about turmeric is that it has an active ingredient called Curcumin which is an exceptional relief for pain. It also has antibacterial property content in it that kills the germs and gives you immediate relief. You could drink hot turmeric milk or mix the turmeric powder with water to form a paste and apply on the tooth. That way the turmeric content directly is placed on the tooth which will give you immediate relief. If you don’t want to use paste format, you can very much also use hot milk with turmeric. The key for turmeric to work is when you keep it for a long time in your mouth.



The thing with garlic is that it has an antibiotic property that will reduce the pain of your toothache and try to remove the germ content. Yes, this is a slow process, but it works well with garlic. You can crush the garlic, which is when the allicin property releases. When you get the juice of the crushed garlic, you should immediately apply it on your tooth so that it doesn’t get oxidized fast. In fact, doctors have recommended that you must chew garlic every once a week for your mouth to be free from bacteria or any kind of infections. Chewing garlic cloves will give you the best results for toothache. But the only problem with garlic is that it stinks when you open your mouth. But you can use any kind of mouth freshener for the same. But, as far as toothache is concerned, it is a reward winning medication.

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5Warm water with salt

Warm water with salt

This is what most of our parents ask us to immediately do when we complain of a toothache. Warm water or hot water with salt is one of the age old remedy for toothache and in fact the truth is that, it works perfectly well. The thing about salt water is that, salt kills all the bacteria, infection and the germs. The warm water is for you to gargle and give pain relief. Keep stirring 2 spoons of salt into warm boiling water. Transfer it in a tumbler and use it like a mouthwash. Gargle salt water once a week if the toothache reoccurs.

You can also use salt and pepper mixture in water for the germs to vanish immediately. The salt will remove germs and pepper will soothe the pain. Pepper is more like a distraction because pepper will start burning your mouth. That way, your pain will most likely vanish.

These home remedies are wonderful and work like magic when it comes to toothache. If your toothache reoccurs again and again, while you use these alternatives, you can check with the doctor to get professional and medical help. That is better for you and your tooth’s health.

-Pavithra Ravi

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