How To Impress a Man Of Your Dreams


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Impress The Man Of Your Dreams

Do you have a colleague or a friend whom you like or love? But he never notices you? You are the invisible person to him and want him to be attracted towards you? We all have either passed or have been to this kind of situation in one stage of our life. Be it in school or in college or in our workplace. To some people, some of us get unnoticed or we fear to talk to that person thinking we will create any kind of misunderstanding. Here are few steps to impress the man of your dreams.

Tips To Impress The Man Of Your Dreams

1Love Yourself

Love Yourself

Before you begin any relationship with anybody, you should learn to love yourself. If you want the other person to love you, then first you should think about loving the way you are and how much you love yourself. How much you are comfortable with yourself. You should prioritize yourself first, by taking good care.

It is the most noticeable fact your man will see in you. In fact, he will like you and respect you more. Men are more drawn into women who have more self-respect.

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2Be Aware Of Your Appearance

Be Aware Of Your Appearance

Never let your appearance demean you. Sometimes it is your appearance which will let you win or loose the battle of your relationship. To create an interest in your dream man, you must be presentable. Always know what your wearing, dressed appropriately or not, if your hair is clean or not, etc. But also remember sometimes properly dressed doesn’t mean body-hugging clothing or exposing. It can be looking simple and elegant what ever you wear like jeans or T-shirt, or a formal outfit according to the situation.

Dress according to the occasion, do your best to look good no matter where ever you are going.

3Show Confidence

Show Confidence

When people say that Confidence is the key; you have to believe them. It is effective key for everything, like career or even relationship. The first thing your man will notice about you is your confidence. Have you ever seen a women who play the victim or the helpless soul to get a position or a man in your work place? Been very jealous right? Have you wondered how they do that? It is the confidence that is working on what you want.

Without confidence you will be left behind. You must gain some confidence to approach your man without any fear. You must always think that you are a good and nice person with special qualities and basically trust your worth to love.

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4Never Be Desperate Or Clingy

Never Be Desperate

In a way to impress a man, never be too desperate or clingy, if you then never show your desperateness and clingyness. Unlike women, even men can sense your desperateness. You should be more careful while speaking with your man and show him that you respect him, not desperate about getting him. Even men do not like desperate or needy women. You have to be cool and play hard to get. You must show him the confidence that you have in yourself.

5Play Hard To Get

Play Hard To Get

Do not forget playing hard to get, if you want him to like you. You must know where to draw the line when talking to a guy. Never let them take you for granted. Never be easily available. If you are they will take you lightly and you won’t even matter to them anymore.

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6Be a Woman Of Your Word

Be a Woman Of Your Word

Always be the woman you are. Do not change yourself for a man. Remember, no one is perfect. But accepting a person with his flaw is most important in a relationship.

If you have any problem with your man, try to discuss with him. It is the most key part in a relationship. It is foremost thing in a woman to be clear about her wants and needs in the relationship to work.

7Be a friend

Be a friend

You must have heard it most of the times that marrying your best friend is the best decision to make. Well, sometimes or you can say most of the times it is true and effective. You must consider yourself, a friend first then a lover. You should be comfortable with your man as a friend. It is the best ever gesticulation you can give to your man. He will fall in love with you more and more by being a friend, more than being a lover because friendship shows the gesture of being there no matter what.

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8Compromise But Maintain Life Too

Compromise But Maintain Life Too

After getting into a relationship always remember there are things which you should have some space. Give your relationship or yourself a break. Live your life. There is nothing that couple always should do. Like to have a girls’ night out, and let him meet his friends too. Don’t worry about him cheating on you.

You should value your time equally with your man. Have your own time for hobbies. Compromise matter in a relationship. A lot of things will come up in matter of compromise. You should learn how to deal with them.

9Praise Your Man

Praise Your Man

No matter how independent you are, praising your man often times can benefit you and your relationship. Every one needs love and support to go through life and showing that is what important in a relationship.

Show him, that how much those little things that he do for you matter so much to you by constantly verbalizing. It provides a man great satisfaction to take care of you.

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