The Best Boyfriend Checklist- Look For These Qualities


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Have you ever faced relationship questions from your friends? This is the common situation for every person in a relationship. Mostly, when you are rounded up with your friends gang, then ask you about the qualities you like and dislike of your boyfriend. You love him for everything but what comes in the checklist of a best boyfriend is symbolic. The next time you are asked this question, just have your answers.

It’s not a rule or caution to the best boyfriend checklist but you become extra sure about your relationship with the man. Of course! Anyone in the relationship wants to check if they are in the right relationship.

Now think of the best boyfriend checklist. For the first thing that comes to mind is, you just feel home with him. You know that he is the best and he will never let you down. You are not half happy but totally happy with him.There are still some more qualities that come to my mind. I have listed a bunch of qualities that make a guy the best boyfriend. Give it a look- if you can relate to every point then you feel blessed to have your prince charming.

Boyfriend Checklist That Every Girl Needs- Are You The Lucky One?

1. The way he looks at you

The-way-he-looks-at-youThe way he looks at you says a lot! Not always but sometimes it does. He looks at you like you are the one for him. He can’t take his eyes from you. This is how a best boyfriend makes his girl feel beautiful. It is not just for your physical appearance and fashionable outfits.

He keeps wondering how you appear effortlessly beautiful all the time. If he says all this when talking to you then it’s not flirting. He is just admiring your beauty and uttering out his feelings. If you have a boyfriend who is busy admiring you then you are a lucky girl. Keep him locked with your best!

2. Proud of you- not just possessive

Proud-of-youIs your boyfriend proud of you or just possessive? Many girls have a complaint about their boyfriend’s possessiveness.

I feel having a boyfriend who is proud of you more than being possessive over is the best. The man who is proud of his woman doesn’t behave overly possessive. He is also sure that he need not impose anything on her. For him, her wish and preferences matter just as much as it does about him.

He knows she is right and he knows she handles things in the right way. If your boyfriend is proud of your career decisions and ideas.

3. You are his constant priority

You-are-his-constant-priorityHe chooses you everyday and he is affectionate irrespective of a day or time- and this is priority according to me. When someone chooses you just because they don’t have a company then it is not a constant priority. Priorities do change based on the situations but it doesn’t mean people should change along.

Again priority doesn’t mean losing the self in love. He feels it worth it prioritizing you and he doesn’t feel the pain or loss with his choice. When he finds happiness choosing and doesn’t regret- all these fall in prioritizing. Giving priority for time being is never a need. If you feel you are his priority for what all is described then he is the one.

4. Holds hands in public

Holds-hands-in-publicBoys are romantic behind the doors but in public they behave differently!

Okay! We are not expecting over PDA neither desperate for it. The problem is the person just shy away from PDA. Though it is not everything you expect from a best boyfriend but this is to be considered. And being strict about the “No PDA” rule, it brings me different thoughts. Is he trying to hide the relationship from someone?

Holding hands is a sweet gesture for a couple. If your guy is happy to hold your hands in public and doesn’t shy off then he is a super cool man.

5. Lets you fly- And loves to fly along

Lets-you-flyRelationships get stronger when the couples stand as a support system for each other. An encouraging boyfriend and a trusting girlfriend is a combination for ever lasting relationship. If you trust your boyfriend then he did something amazing to win your trust. Encouraging and waiting for you to succeed with your efforts can gain your trust.

When I said, he lets you fly- it means, he watches at your success and becomes a part of it. He wants to grow along with you. Such kind of boyfriends are the ones who dream, pray and make efforts for a lasting relationship with you. Only such guys are meant to call real boyfriends and rest fake. Don’t you also feel so?

6. He is your best friend too

He-is-your-best-friend-tooBest friend is someone you feel free and comfortable to share anything with. Sharing your feelings and opinions with your best friend doesn’t scare you or make you feel uncomfortable. You know that sharing your feelings and emotions with your friend is a relief.

So, if you feel the same with your boyfriend then he is not just a partner but also a best friend. Before being your romantic partner, he must be your best friend. Having a best friend like a boyfriend is simply a treasure and you won it! Congrats!

7. Admires your ideas

Admires-your-ideasLovers keep sharing the three magical words “I love you”. It is said when a person loves you for what you are. Does your boyfriend say this to you?

When he says, he loves you that means he also loves your ideas and thoughts. Particularly if he is appreciating your intelligence and your beautiful mind then he is into you totally. This keeps you going in the relationship and lasts the spark of your relationship. This is how you know he is happy to have you in his life. And he is not hiding it out of ego but saying it out of love. He has the ideal qualities a boyfriend should have. Just don’t lose him!

8. Treats you like a baby- Not just calls baby

Treats-you-like-a-babyBabe and baby are the common names that are used by boyfriends to call their girl. It is a sign of affection and interest in you. He wants to make you feel secure and comfortable. So, he wants a baby with you, treats you like his baby and not just calls you baby.

Also every girl has a childish side in her. She would only show that side to her close ones and especially to her partner. A best boyfriend acknowledges it cutely by calling her baby. These are the little things that make a girl feel happy about being in a relationship.

9. Has respect for your mains

Has-respect-for-your-mainsThis is the least a girl can expect from her boyfriend. Expecting him to respect your family and friends is least. But some guys fail to keep up this basic expectation too. He need not impress your people just because he loves you but he should at least have respect for them.

You don’t have to please him or make him understand about these basic things again and again. He should have maturity to understand by himself. If your guy is that mature then he is the best boyfriend.

10. Never tired of your cute drama

Never-tired-of-your-cute-dramaBoyfriend is not tired of your cute drama- if this is sounding like a fictional boyfriend then you have not experienced it. Girls make frowny face, do annoying things with their boyfriend. A boyfriend who is never tired of this cute drama is the best.

This is something a girl can expect her guy to tolerate. Naughty side, annoying, teasing him and expecting him to please you. These are purely innocent in a relationship. Few guys get irritated with this girly drama. But a guy with a whole heart of love for his girl would enjoy it,along with her. He finds her cute and dearly watching her.

11. Wants to see you empowered

Wants-to-see-you-empoweredThis is a must have quality in the best boyfriend checklist. He must always encourage you to empower in your career, as an independent and brave woman.

If you are feeling restricted in the relationship or being imposed by your boyfriend then you are fenced from growing. You must make him understand the importance of personal growth and happiness even in a relationship. The guy who can understand these things and lets you become empowered is the one you must stay along. He is a true friend, partner and companion and of course and best boyfriend.

12. Teaches you good and bad

Teaches-you-good-and-badAgree that he is your boyfriend and not your teacher. But if he is showing you a path that is good for you then let him be your teacher. Imposing things, expecting too much from you and expecting you to tolerate are unexpectable. And having a teacher like a boyfriend is never a problem. He becomes your best guide, mentor,critic and everything that you look upto.

13. Accepts your imperfections

Accepts-your-imperfectionsIf your boyfriend is accepting your imperfections like he loves your best then he is the best. It should be that way in a relationship. He must accept the imperfections and understand you better while he appreciates your best.

He should understand the imperfections are a part of you. Adjusting and being patient in relationships is important. If you are accepting his imperfections and loving him for what he is then you can expect it in return from him.

14. Want to learn from you

Want-to-learn-from-youAs you are in a relationship, you want your partner to be with an open mind. He must admit his mistakes and correct it as well. If he is letting you guide him or valuing your inputs related to anything then he is the best best boyfriend.

Another way of learning is, taking you as an inspiration for your strengths. Every couple must be open to learn the strengths each other has. But sadly few men refuse to be this open and in some cases few women are rigid with their thoughts. So, having a boyfriend with an open mind to learn from you is amazing.

15. No male ego- The Gentleman

No-male-egoShowing off the manliness and masculinity is fine to an extent. But if a man is over doing and self obsessed with it then it is hard for a girl to deal with him. A man with male ego is always attention greedy, wants ego boosts most of the time. He dominates the girl and becomes over powerful taking control towards every situation. These are the signs that drive him most of the time.

If your boyfriend has zero male ego then appreciate him. If he is happy for a woman led relationship then don’t lose him. Lead and let him lead too.

16. He makes you feel secure

He-makes-you-feel-secureIf your boyfriend makes you feel secure then feel blessed to have him. What else a person needs in a relationship than feeling secure.

You don’t have trust issues with him nor you have the fear of losing. You feel he is loyal in the relationship then don’t you think he is the best to have?

Agree that relationships are more than feeling secure. But it is the first impression that he created. And That made you fall for him. All don’t stand on the words and actions they were in the initial stage. A guy who is making you feel the same right from the day to now is the best. He knows the importance of you and he knows you are precious. So, he would never put you down or make you feel insecure.

17. Always plays with your hair- Not with your feelings

Always-plays-with-your-hairGuys get clingy with their girl and play with the hair. This is a bit annoying but you can’t be rude when he acts that cute. He only knows to play with your hair and not with your feelings. That means, he never hurts with his ego, pride, temper.

I don’t mean that the guy who is rude and has pride is bad. But being all this shouldn’t hurt you to the core. Sometimes, we take our loved ones for granted. But taking it for granted over and over again can get painful. Then it is clear that you are tolerating more than you deserve. So, you must know what is not to tolerate in relationships.

If you clearly feel that he doesn’t or never did play with your feelings then he is treating you the best. He is giving you the best and he is a perfect boyfriend.

18. Sets couple goals with you

Sets-couple-goals-with-youThis is an adorable part of a relationship. We wonder looking at the couples for their couple goals. They grow together and they celebrate each other’s success. They stand for each other and make plans, executing the plans together. In simple words, they both are a team that always work to be the best. Such kind of couple goals are inspirational.

A boyfriend who is always ready to set a couple goals with his girlfriend is the best in real life. And if your man is happy to set a couple goals with you, fall for the best man. Let your love track go on and on!

19. Introduces you to his family and friends

Introduces-you-to-his-family-and-friendsIntroducing to his family is a sign of his passion and love for you. He wants a long lasting relationship with you. He is confident and has faith in you. When you know that you made the best choice, then you would be super excited and always ready to show it off to the world. A boyfriend with plans to introduce you to his family and friends or already did is the best.

20. Efforts to make you laugh

Efforts-to-make-you-laughIf you are laughing at his jokes then it is not just because of his sense of humour. He is making efforts to make you laugh. While you laugh, he keeps adoring you. He wants to be the reason for your smile and laughter.

He wants to see you happier and healthier. The laughter times will get you both a long way. A guy who knows this will use his time with you and make you happy.

Look for these traits and qualities in your boyfriend. A checklist of best boyfriends gives you faith and confidence in your relationship. A set of qualities that you keep in your mind can make you get the right man.

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