Tips to follow when you meet your ex-boyfriend


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It is always difficult to meet your ex mainly when you broke up with him. Well, a lot of times what happens is you end up meeting your ex-boyfriend in a mutual friend’s birthday party or in the mall or the place you both used to like. When this happens, it could be extremely awkward for the both of you, mainly for the guy. If you had broken up, then you would feel terrible about it. But, there is a way where you cannot feel so pathetic about yourself and move ahead with life. Well, there are some rules that you can definitely follow when you are out in the sunlight and if you meet your guy by accident.

A lot of girls think that it is weird to meet their ex-boyfriends in the first place. Well, it isn’t all that bad at all when you know what you have to say and the right things to follow. So, we are going to come up with a list of things and that you girls out there can follow these tips when you meet your exboyfriend. This is a very sensitive thing, so you might not know many ways to handle it. Don’t worry, we are here to help you!

Tips to Follow When You to Meet your Ex-Boyfriend

1Act normal

Act normal

There is nothing wrong with meeting your ex-boyfriend at all by mistake. So for starters, don’t flip at all. If you meet him, you don’t have to hide or call a friend for rescue. All you have to do is just face it, go ahead and put up a smile on your face. Just go and say hello and just ask him how he has been doing in life. If he is with a couple of friends, just introduce yourself. Don’t speak anything about your relationship with your ex. Just say you are a friend of his. If he is with a new girl, act cool. Don’t flip or start talking randomly. Just go with the flow. Remember that a smile can go a long way in such situations. You just have to smile away and leave the rest to the situation.

2Don’t be alone

Don’t be alone

If you had broken up with a guy long back and you meet him for something, don’t ever try to be alone. This is because your relationship that you had broken, but the memories would remain the same. So, if you by any chance get to be alone with him, you will end up regretting it because of the events that might happen. You might end up kissing him or you might probably speak about your past. This would only cause extra damage to all that you had built up in your mind so far. All the time you spent in forgetting he would just be erased in no minute. Always meet in a crowded place if possible. Meeting your ex and being friends with him is not wrong at all. Just don’t do it alone.

3Avoid confrontation

Avoid confrontation

Of course, things are going to be slightly uncomfortable. But that is fine because that is how it is supposed to be. Take out the negative topics from your mind and talk positively. Don’t indulge in talking how good your relationship was and how it got spoilt or stuff like that. It always leads to misunderstandings. So, keep your conversations very light. For the first few times, it could be difficult. But, by time goes, you will be fine with the concept of meeting him and talking normally. But always remember to avoid personal conversations about each other.

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4Do not get physical

Do not get physical

It is highly possible that the emotions come flooding to you and you may feel like everything is back in place. But that is just your mind playing games with you. You need to relax and not get physical with him at all. A hug is fine, but anything more than that can only ruin your current friendship with you. So, never go for a kiss or holding of hands. You don’t want your ex-boyfriend back, you just want him to be your good friend. So, remember that. If you can’t follow this rule, your relationship with him might never be okay at all.

5Stand for yourself

Stand for yourself

Remember that in so many ways your ex-boyfriend can make you feel insecure and incapable. Even the smallest things like not paying for your lunch with him or him dropping you somewhere are signs that you are dependent on him. Don’t let the dependency ruin the person that you have become post break up.

Always, stand up for yourself. Pay half of the bill, you can tell him that you will help you with getting back home and you need to stop expecting him to do things for you. Because, if you expect, you go week in front of him. You don’t have to go week at all because, you broke up for some reason. You need to remember that you broke up for all the things he has been failing to do before today.

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Ladies, it could be difficult to maintain a good friendship with your ex. We understand that! So, we strongly recommend that only if you can handle this, should you try it. If you can’t handle the friendship, then you just have to forget about the whole thing and move on. You don’t have to be friends with him because it isn’t a compulsion at all. So, always think for yourself and do what suits you best.

-Pavithra Ravi

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