Ways to make your guy miss you

I miss you

Do you feel that your love life is getting stagnant and you are not given much of importance? Do you feel that your boyfriend can go around not messaging even for more than a week? Does he keep cancelling on you to hangout with his friends? Then, all this is because you have been in a situation where you have always been with him and not given him a chance to miss you. In life, there are times when you should act aloof because your importance is not otherwise known by guys. The spark will be refilled in your relationship if you give him room to miss you.

Men are stupid at times and don’t understand that they have to give girls importance. Even after telling him, they don’t understand that the girl misses them. They are also fickle minded cheap people who when it comes to commitment, get freaked out. They are almost like babies because they need all the attention in the world. They need to nurture constantly and of course, they find happiness in irritating you. They fail in giving the right amount of balance in your relationship because of which sometimes you feel left out. You feel that you don’t belong in a relationship that is bound only by you.

If you think of it, you have always been around the guy, helping him and constantly reminding him that he should also value the relationship. Well, for once, try to step out of the line and move out. You need to breathe too, so take a break from all the nurturing and constant reminding. This is one game that you can play which is also a safe game that will make the guy feel that he is missing you. Guys generally like the chase, so give them the chase without obvious signs. When they get it, they will know that they are missing you crazily. So, here we are going to list down some tested and proven facts of how to make your boyfriend miss you. Ladies, don’t worry! This will not take your guy away from you. This is just to show them how it is to impossible for them to stay without you.

Some Clever Ways of Making Your Guy Miss You

1Fun at work talks

Fun at work talks

The only way to make your guy jealous top to bottom is when you tell him how much fun you had at work, that too because he wasn’t there. Tell him all about where all you went, what you did, how many friends you met and what your workmates did with you. This will make him jealous and eventually make him miss you because he doesn’t want to be the one that misses on the happy moments of yours. He would want to be the one that wants to make you happy and laugh. The only way to make him pay more attention and miss you is when you tell him how happy a day you had. Don’t point the part about him not being there. You can just tell him how much fun you had. That is enough reason for him to miss you.

2Don’t reply immediately

Don’t reply immediately

One mistake a lot of women do is that, even if the text is not important, we tend to text them back immediately. Well, even I do that! So, let’s not do that this time. If you really want him to miss you, wait for a while and then reply to his texts. Make sure that you take all the time in the world to reply to him. The mistake you end up doing is making him believe that you are available to him all the time. Don’t do that. Take some time off, see his texts but don’t reply. If it’s hard to do, the best thing you can do is to switch off your mobile data or even your phone. This way he will know that you are away from him, you saw his texts but aren’t replying. So that will keep him thinking. At first, he might get pissed, but once he starts realizing the fact that he is missing you, he will understand how it feels to be on the other end of the tunnel.

3Sex is a magic weapon

Sex is a magic weapon

Remember that women have a great power with them. Sex is one of the best powers that you as women have. So take that to your advantage and spin the ball accordingly. When you act aloof when it comes to sex, the guy will start wondering what is really wrong with you. He will start to talk about your behavior if you act aloof when it comes to sex. Yes, sex is important but you don’t have to give up the sex and still be treated not important. So, don’t act like you want to have sex. Tell him that you don’t have the mood or try giving excuses. That way he will know that something is definitely up with you. He will start getting curious. Even if you have sex, don’t do the talking at all. Just have the sex and be acting like you don’t really care about it. Inside you, this could kill you, but trust me, if you tend to do this, the guy will get super curious about what is up with you.

4Don’t call him until he does

Don’t call him

If he has started to realize that he misses you and you are acting weird, his first reaction will be anger and irritation. Let him be the way he is. Don’t pay heed to his reactions. Yes, you need to be very strong when it comes to making him miss you because only then he will fall for you all over again. After all the above points are done, act aloof and don’t contact or text him for a few days. Let him call or text you first. The texts also don’t really count. It is the call that matters. If he calls you, you can attend. Otherwise, don’t act like you even know him.

5Dress up

Dress up

If you know that you are meeting him or you know that you are going to bump into each other at a party, make sure you look amazing. He has practically seen you naked, he has seen you without makeup, in your dirty shorts and when you are lazing around. Since he hasn’t seen you for a long time, this is your chance to look stunning and beautiful. So, pick the best dress from your wardrobe and try to fit into a sleazy nice dress. Look pretty and that is going to be the point where he is going to miss you even more.

6Become a social media friendly

social media friendly

It is fine to use social media to tell people where you are and what you are doing. So, if you think that your guy is going to check Facebook, Instagram or twitter, make sure that you are social media friendly. Keep updating about what you are doing, where you are going and with whom you are. This may make him want to see you and he will eventually trace you in the place you have posted. He will not only feel jealous, but now he will genuinely miss you a lot and would want to straight things with you. This is when you should act hard to get and try to ignore him. You need to be very strong when it comes to stuff like this. You don’t want to be the first one to break down as soon as you see him.

7Be happy even without him

Be happy even without him

It is important that you are happy even without him. That is something very essential. All of this is not only to make him jealous. If you turn out to be sad and miserable without him, it gets easier for him to find out that you are playing a plot with him. So, try to be more active everywhere and be more responsive to other people. Go out, spend time with your friends and family. That is something more important. Every relationship comes to a point where they fall into a break.

This isn’t a break up at all, so don’t worry about that part of it. You are just on a break and you can do whatever you want. That of course, doesn’t mean that you can date other people. That is not the fun I am talking about. Fun here sees the things you hadn’t seen because you were very busy with working out your relationship all the time. If you are happy from inside, that is when he can really see that you are happy and would want to be a part of that happiness.

8Meet him less

Meet him less

Give him some space to figure out what he is missing out and what he has been missing out on you when he was ignoring you. This is the time for him to understand how much he misses you and how you would have felt whenever he used to ignore you. The spark will be back in no time once he starts to realize all this. Don’t meet him regularly. Even you need to clear your head, so take some time off and be away from him. That is how you start something new. That is how you also figure out if fighting for him is the best choice.

9Think if you deserve him

Think if you deserve him

This is the time you can think about certain decisions that you can’t think of when you are together. It is very important you reevaluate all the necessary points as to stuff like if he is the best guy for you and if he really cares for you. If he uses the break as a chance to freak out without you and goes ahead and has more fun than usual, then you have been dating the wrong guy all this while. This is also the time you figure out if he really loves you and if he really wants to continue a relationship. A break makes everything stronger, even a relationship. So, find out and see if he really wants you back in his life. If he does, he will keep pestering you with questions and queries. He will ask you why you have been aloof and what is wrong between the two of you. That way you will know he wants to try something. If nothing happens even after this break, then it is better to think of a break up.

10Finally, talk it out

Finally, talk it out

After the break that you take from each other, it is important that you talk out what you have been missing all this while. You need to tell him why you acted aloof and the reasons why you wanted to stay away from him! That way he will understand that the basic problem is that he has been ignoring you all this while. Let me specify again that guys don’t understand and act quickly as girls do. They are lethargic and don’t get the point straight to their face. You need to do all this drama to make him understand that you have missed him. So, do that with a little talking as well. There is nothing more successful than talking the problem out.

All of this is not because you want to irritate your boyfriend. It is just to tell him silently how much you feel bad when he ignores you. This is the payback time. I am 100% sure that the guy is going to feel super bad and come back to you totally differently. This is your chance girl! So, make him miss you.

-Pavithra Ravi

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