Top things you should know about introvert people


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Introvert people

Most of the people ends up thinking that they know introvert people well. Well, that isn’t all that right at all. There are a lot of things that are surprising about introverts. There could be certain things that may come as a super surprise to you. The main difference between an extrovert and an introvert is that they are personalities based on how they energize their thoughts. Introverts are basically people who keep their thoughts inside of them and extroverts are people who don’t. That being said, introverts are also people who need some alone time for themselves and they love to just stay home and watch a movie. But, an extrovert is nothing like that. He/She would want to be around a lot of people and have a party type surrounding. That is the main difference between the two types.

There are many main characteristic differences between the two of them. Introverts are not always people who like to sit inside a house forever and not talk to anyone. There is a huge difference between being alone and being an introvert. So, here are some top things that you should know about introvert people.

Things that are Presumed about Introvert People

1They go out too

They go out too

Just because introvert people like to stay at home and enjoy a movie or a book, doesn’t mean they don’t like going out. Yes, they love a good night in, just by themselves or with people they want. They like to cuddle up inside their blanket and just watch a movie and eat a pizza. But, that doesn’t mean that they don’t like to go out as well. They are just people who don’t feel the need to generate their energy to be able to go out like the extroverts. Their party is all about sitting at home, alone. Their way of spending time is different from others. But, when they want to explore, when they want to enjoy, they will enjoy like it’s none of anyone’s business. So, if you are going to ask your introvert friend if she minds coming out, you better keep in mind that if she has the mood, she will rock the world.

2They like to be alone

They like to be alone

Well, as friends or family, you have got to understand that you need to leave introvert people alone when they say they want to be alone. They need to be left alone so that they can sort out their anxious mess. They don’t want to be around people when they are tired or when they return from a hard working day. They need to collect themselves before they jump into happy faces. You shouldn’t be assuming that they are angry or mad or unhappy with you. Actually, they think a lot and that is interpreted to being angry. Give them their space and time, they will bounce back once they have taken enough. They also love people around them, but too much can be a trouble.

3They aren’t shy people

They aren’t shy people

Just because they are introvert people, doesn’t mean they are shy or anything. They love meeting people and they also like to be in situations where they can meet a group of people and potentially make new friends or interests. That being said, it may irritate or they may feel uncomfortable in a large group or crowded people. That may make them feel anxious. Walking through a crowded street may make them crawl into a shell immediately. Not many open up and when they hear excited news, they don’t become the jumpy jumpy people. They are mostly likely to not talk or react in a very subtle manner. They can’t make proper communication which makes them a little scared but not shy. They are just people who tend to go into a nutshell very soon.

4They observe a lot

They observe a lot

They are surrounded by many people, but they don’t talk because they observe a lot. Observing is their favorite pastime because they like to see other’s reactions and actions. They are the people who are very accurate about remembering some joke and bringing it out at the right time, right place. They like to sit in a place where they can see everyone but everyone can’t see them. It is kind of a trick they use on people. They like to focus and like to make sure that there are other things going around them to observe.

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5They listen

They listen

Introvert people listen to you a lot. They have a lot of patience and they love to make sure you talk and they listen to all the talking. They like to go deep in conversations and learn about a person and his behavior. Since they observe, they listen and observe too. They make sure every minute they spend is useful and meaningful.

-Pavithra Ravi

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