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When a person gets a body tattoo, a lot of things come as a surprise to them and the artist himself. There are some things your artists always want to tell you, but would restrain from doing so. When you get a tattoo, there are certain things that you do even without your knowledge. So, let you know what all you have been doing without your knowledge, we are going to list down some top things that your body artists wants you to know or tell you, but doesn’t do so.

Some Things You Do Without Your Knowledge That Body Artists Want To Tell You

1Bring a friend, but not a group

Bring a friend, but not a group

It is finding if you feel like bringing your friend, but don’t you think that there is no need to roll in with a massive posse like you are on your death bed. Yes, getting a tattoo for the first time is not easy at all and getting it done alone could be a lot intimidating that you can think of. You can bring a friend or a maximum of two people because that is how much can be allowed. Anything more than that, can be extremely disturbing for the artist. If you are a teenager and if you take your friends, you should know that it is one of the things your artist will hate about the work, because your friends are pretty much going to touch everything and make a hell of a noise. Anything more than 5 plus is going to be extremely unpleasant and he doesn’t say this because he wants to be civil.

2It will take time

It will take time

Well, if you are getting a small tattoo, then it is fine. But if you are getting a big one done, remember that there are going to be multiple appointments that you have to make to come down. Body artists or art shops have a rule that you should abide by and you can’t just ask for the art to be done in half an hour. That is not possible at all. So, if you are looking for a big tattoo, make sure that you are ready to take several appointments. Getting a body art done is like visiting the doctor. You have to follow up and be careful. This is something that goes without said, but many people cringe and make faces if it takes time. If you are not patient, don’t get one done!

3No place for being squirmy or fidgety

No place for being squirmy or fidgety

Well, yes you have to accept that getting a tattoo done is going to be painful. There is no sugar coating here, but if you don’t have the pain tolerance that won’t allow you to remain still throughout the process, then you shouldn’t probably get one done. Most of the body artists say that even if you squirm or scream, they can’t stop what they started, so you are making it difficult for them and that is never going to help you as well. So, instead of doing that, you can bite on something and just try to stay calm. Even a small mistake or a shake, it will be on them and they will be blamed for the mistake and not because you were being intolerant. So, try to stay there and hang in until you are done.

4Spend some money

Spend some money

Yes, this is true as well! You have got to pay what your body artist asks for because they have given you something that was not even there. They are natural artists who have had to draw on a human being. So, if you want a tattoo, be ready to pay some bucks as well. There are places that charge you according to the sizes and some of them charge according to the hours spent. So, if you are going for a bigger one, then the price will be calculated according to the number of hours you spent on their table, using their resources and energy. But, if you are not expecting to spend anything more than Rs. 1000, you might probably get a letter or two done as a tattoo and that’s about it! Also, don’t ask for a discount because they will definitely give you discounted price only, so don’t bother him with that!

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5Have some idea for your design

Have some idea for your design

Don’t go up to the place with a blank face and a mind. It wouldn’t help the body artist to find out what you want from your face. You have to have some idea about what you want. Well, it will help him/her if you have a ballpark idea because that can be brainstormed and given a conclusion. He wouldn’t want you to request for his ideas from a thin air because that is none of his business and it is plain absurd.

6Don’t judge the body artist

Don’t judge the body artist

Never judge the body artist from the way he looks or appears to be. They may look like junkies, but could have a hell of a talent hidden inside of them. So, don’t you give that weird looking smile or look at him. That will only make him uncomfortable and unapproachable.

7Don’t over estimate yourself

Don’t over estimate yourself

Don’t think just because you already have two or three tattoos, you know more than the artist. That is not possible at all. You are definitely not the ink master, because that person is sitting on the opposite chair. If you want to suggest something, go ahead and do so. But, don’t order him to do so because he knows better than you do. Also, if he says something, don’t shove it on his face.

-Pavithra Ravi

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