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having good relationship

Not everybody has a good relationship with their mothers, mainly when it comes to daughters. Well, daughter’s mother relationship is really important and to have a good relationship, you sure have to do some things that you may not like. It is the most trickiest relationship with the whole world, yet damn special too. We all know how a mother can be both an ocean that keeps giving love and the constant pain that keeps questioning us on every act that we do. Of course, she was the one who brought us into this world as a child and we also respect that. She taught us so many things, protected us from so many incidents and kept us safe right from when we were in her womb, right?

They do play a main role in our lives and we also know it. But the times when they become all bossy and intimidating or over protective, that is the time we really don’t like them. Nevertheless, whatever they have done or will do, mothers are always mothers and it is very important that we have a good relationship with them. Do you have a good relationship with your mom? If you don’t, then we will try to fix that for you. Read our article and get to know some tips to have a good relationship with your mom.

After all that she has done to us, we owe her at least this, isn’t it?

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Top Tips to Be Pally Pally With Your Mom

1Talk to her

Talk to her

Remember that no matter what, you need to maintain a good rapport with your mom. So, the basic thing that helps you do that is Communication. Not many of us really sit down and take time to listen to our moms, right? You may be busy with your work, you may not have the time to spare, but listening to her speak and interacting with her is very important to build a strong relationship with her. She will open up slowly when she knows that you are ready to listen to her things and that you give more importance to her words. That is all it takes to get closer to your mom.

You need to understand what she believes and what she thinks about certain things. Learn her interests and let her know that if you had more time, you would care more. That is when she will understand and value your space and time too. It goes the same with you as well. You need to talk to her to make your relationship go higher and better. You need to tell her what you like about certain things. A small talk can lead to a good conversation. You can start talking about her cooking skills and in no time, you will learn so much more about her itself. Take the initiative, call her for a cup of coffee and speak to her.

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2Be friendly, but with a line

Be friendly, but with a line

Well, there is nothing better than building a friendly relationship that can take both of you to a long way. But let us face it, you can’t interact and share everything under the sun to your mom. After all, she is still your mom and you can’t share your wild encounters or your dirty dark secrets. She can be your friend, but you need to know when to draw a line in between. That is when you can establish a healthy relationship with her. No matter what, she will stay your mother and can’t change or support you in the silly decisions you make like your friends. The trust and concern factors will always be your mom’s priority and that cannot change at all. So, you can share whatever you want like your college gossip, what happen with your boyfriend and everything, but you cannot give her inside details. Don’t tell her how much you drank at the party, because that will freak her out. You needn’t tell her your makeout session details. You can be open minded, but don’t just be blatantly open!

3Respect each other

Respect each other

It is important to respect the views and thoughts of your mom. Everybody needs a little appreciation here and there in life. Otherwise, there is definitely no meaning to life at all. The same goes with moms as well. You need to respect and appreciate her efforts in making your flourish in your life. Tell her thank you sometimes and make her feel important. While it is every parent’s duty to take care and grow her children into a good human being, all her hard work pays off, when you make them proud and be humble. So, give her your thanks and make her feel special about all that you have wanted to say to her. A small gesture of gratitude can go a long way. It will help you strengthen your bond and make you both even closer than you thought.

If you haven’t done this, then try to slip into her shoes and walk a mile in that. You will see everything that she has missed on to keep you happy. So, a hug, a smile and a thank you is the least that you could do to make her feel happy.

4Heart her

Heart her

Show her that you care and love. It isn’t just enough to make sure she is fine and happy. It is important that she knows you care about her. It is fine if you think it looks like showing off. Tell her how happy you felt seeing her happy. That could be her best gift from you. You need to love her and heart her because that is when the intensity will increase. You could do small things together like cooking a meal, going out for shopping, run errands during the summer break. Meeting friends, boyfriend and other people can wait.

Try to do this, this summer and tell us how happy you and your mom felt.

Stay blessed!

-Pavithra Ravi

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