Why do women cheat on their boyfriend?

cheating on their boyfriends

A lot of times women end up thinking that they are not satisfied with what they get from their boyfriends! But that is not just it. May be you are feeling extremely guilty or confused about it, but you should just know that cheating on a man is not only because of physical satisfaction. It is something more than that. We are going to help you come up with probable questions on why you cheat on your boyfriend and what are the reasons why you are being unfaithful to them. You could be feeling traumatized or simply irritated with yourself after you realize what the intensity of cheating is.

Well, because you kick yourself for all the guilty feeling you are going to feel, we are going to stop you from feeling overwhelmed about this. Don’t worry firstly because you are not the only one who has felt this. Trust me, a lot of women have gone through this exact feeling. Let us see in this article as to why women cheat on their boyfriends and what the common reasons are.

Top Reasons Why Women Cheat On Their Boyfriends

1If you are emotionally alone

If you are emotionally alone

A lot of times, men aren’t available for their partners, emotionally and women tend to feel lonely. This could be the main reason why you don’t feel bad about breaking the sacredness of your relationship. If you feel that your relationship with your boyfriend lacks intimacy, love, affection, fun or tenderness, then there are high chances that you would want to cheat with another man. Don’t think that it is only sex that can make you feel better when it comes to relationship with your partner. There is a lot more than just sex that can help you and your partner in gaining relationship trust. A lot of women mistake intimacy of sex. Sex can be raw and meaningless also. But intimacy is a lot more than just that. There is understanding, love and a lot of love making in intimacy and it is nothing like sex. When you don’t feel that you are happy enough with the guy, then you search for something more or you may find that missing piece with someone else which leads to cheating on the guy.

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This could sound ridiculous, but most women who are insecure about themselves and those who don’t have self-esteem and confidence, end up cheating on their boyfriend to show the power of hurting the partner. If you feel insecure about something and you haven’t spoken about it to your partner, or if your partner has been irritating you to show how amazing he is, the inner insecurity will let you do crazy things like this. You will easily think that defeating the man you love can be through having sexual relationship with another person. You might have not meant the sex, but cheating on your man feels nice because you know you have defeated him. Don’t let you insecurity get in the way of your relationship because that could be really threatening for both of you.

3Just for the heck of it

Just for the heck of it

It so happens that most of the times, not everything is always serious. Sometimes, you want to try something cranky and crazy because you want to know how you feel about it, right? Sex with someone else is like smoking or drinking for women. You end up doing it just for the heck of it. The idea of forbidden fruit drives you into wanting it a lot more than you can have. The sexiness is really crazy and you want to know what would happen if you cross that line and so you do it. Not always is it correct. At least not when someone else’s feeling is involved in it! Infidelity has not leveled and the temptation doesn’t do any good to keep your pants on. If you have felt this strange, then you have to think about all the possibilities of how you can save your relationship and how you shouldn’t do anything like this to hurt your partner.

The forbidden fruit idea shouldn’t pop up in your head if you love your boyfriend.

4The sex

The sex

Sex is always a pleasure. But, when you are in a serious relationship, there shouldn’t be a reason why you look for it in someone else. Sometimes, women cheat on their boyfriend just for sex. May be, it was not because you wanted to hurt the man, but simply because you wanted to see how it is to cross the line and touch the other man. You just couldn’t stop yourself from doing it. This often happens when you don’t get enough sex or attention from your own boyfriend. This could also happen if you are not satisfied with your current relationship. Maybe you tried talking it out with your guy, but he doesn’t get your point. There are different levels of physical dissatisfaction and you are undergoing one of them for sure. That is why you feel the need to seek sex with another man who will finally show you some true sexual pleasures. This could be one of the blatant reasons why women cheat on their boyfriend.

5Fear of getting committed

Fear of getting committed

The feeling of one guy to the rest of your life may freak you out. You may start thinking how hard it is going to be on the both of you. You are scared of it and want to just get out of it. If you find a man who comforts you about these feelings, then you automatically get attracted to him. Maybe you started to feel that one last time you could have sex with someone else and then accept the fact. That could be one main reason why women cheat on their boyfriend.

Anyway, cheating is not a proud moment for anyone. It could ruin relationships and make you feel extremely disoriented about life. So, if you have been doing so, try to stop it and start to see the end of the tunnel. Come clean with your guy so that you don’t face any other consequences.

-Pavithra Ravi

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