8 Signs That ‘HE’ is Cheating On You!


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Cheating Signs

Do you think there is something fishy with your boyfriend lately? Then it is time to trust your gut. What does it say? Does it not believe your guy, then that’s when you should consider talking to him or think of ways to find out if he is fooling you. However, your gut is not really foolproof. Psychologists say that sometimes you might be confusing insecurities and fears. There is a checklist to find out if your guy really cheating on you or is just a person who is like that himself. While checking off one sign alone isn’t reason to call in the bloodhounds, if you’re noticing that several are in play, you do have to put on a concern cap on you!

Infidelity has no levels. Even if you go out with a girl or sleep with her, it doesn’t qualify the infidelity levels. It is wrong no matter what if you are in a committed relationship. Lots of studies have been done on the subject of infidelity, and it’s been found that today, anywhere between 25% and 72% of men seek a little something-something outside their relationships.

Top Signs That Prove That Your Boyfriend Might Be Cheating On You

11. When he goes off most of the times–

he goes off

Does your guy say he will reach late and not bother to call you so you can sleep or do your work? Does he give you excuses of short living battery life? Does it take him more than 2-3 hours to reply to one text? Does he say he hangs out with his friends, but most of the friends in his social media accounts are swamped with girls photos? Ah, then that is your sign that he is totally cheating on you. Do make sure you get answers to your questions from him when the next time you meet him. If he is going to kiss you or try to get physical without answering the questions, get off! Move and do not text him back and wait for him to call. IF he doesn’t, then consider you got the answers to your questions.

22. Is his phone always attached to him?-

his phone

For some reason, we all are really attached to our phones. Doesn’t matter if it is just our insecurities playing game or we have decided to design like that. Well, if your guy is taking his phone with him every single time, then find out if he’s cheating behind your back. This doesn’t mean during normal days or occasions. What it means is, if he is taking his phone to the loo or to even fetch a glass of water or to a store downstairs, then yes, your suspicion can get legit.

33. Facebook –


Facebook always has answers to your relationship confusions and questions. If you are going to find out that his account is flooded with hot girl’s photos or if people are commenting in a very inappropriate manner, you should get down to thinking of confronting him.

44. Late night work, every day?-

Late night work

It is nothing wrong to burn the midnight oil sometimes from time to time, but if you notice that he is become very regular at not spending time in the night, saying that he has work every other day or projects which he has to work on with friends, or says things like ‘Do not wait for me, I will crash in office’, that is when you have to start worrying.

55. If he is all of a sudden sweet-

sudden sweet

This one is a tricky one for a girl in love to crack. If your guy shows sweet gestures suddenly out of the blue, it is fine, but if he is overdoing it without a rigid reason, then think why he is doing it. Question yourself before you question him. However, if one or more points on this list ring true and your guy suddenly starts bringing you flowers for no reason or buying you expensive gifts out of the blue, he could be feeling guilty about something.

66. Tries to find out faults on you-

find out faults

This is a very disheartening one, that a cheating guy can think of. Yes, he will think of ways to put you at fault and would keep annoyingwith the tiny faults of yours.He will put on a mask that will show him as the better one and pick out everything you had done in the past. If this is happening with you, do not hesitate to question him. If he has no reasons or if he is finding his reasons, he is doing it to put the blame on you and get out of the relationship. Guys can never accept their mistakes and they tend to do this if they are wrong.

77. If he hesitates to go out together-

go out together

Is your guy not taking you out enough or does he take you to the places which involve only drinks, darkness and looks eeri? For all you know, you might misinterpret his intention to be a good sign in the relationship. But, you should know that when a guy doesn’t ever want to grab drinks with you, he’s probably looking for someone else to take home. Or maybe he doesn’t want to commit himself by taking you outside where other people can see you as a couple. If he doesn’t find someone else, then he calls you to make out or hook up.

88. If he keeps cancelling on you-

keeps cancelling

This is the most annoying truth of a relationship that is true. If your guy keeps cancelling on you by giving you believable yet irritating excuses, jump the gun off. Be alarmed if his reasons are silly like, ‘can we meet up another day?’ , ‘I am stuck in traffic, can’t make it to your friend’s party’, or maybe even if he says ‘I will crash at home for today’, remember that he is probably planning to do someone else somewhere. This is your call to decide if you are undergoing such a fading phase.

All said and done, while all of these can only be the sign of him cheating on you, do not accuse of him until you find out if he is really doing it. Find out if he is really not making things work and then take appropriate actions. Collect enough proof to show him if he asks for some. It is always advisable to talk to someone trustworthy and then jump into conclusions. If you know he is cheating on you, do not hesitate breaking up! Who says girls are emotional fools? Show him you are stronger and can end things your way!

-Pavithra Ravi