11 Lovely Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Your Husband


When it is a special day for our special one, we want to be the first person to wish. But a couple competes when to surprise each other with gifts on wedding anniversary. If you are puzzled with what to gift your husband for the coming special day, the solve the puzzle with our unique ideas.

The everyday love that you shower on each other comes with an extra does on wedding anniversary. It is even more special and exciting when it is your first wedding anniversary. Don’t let the excitement just go thinking too much. Just have a look at these ideas and pick something for your beloved.

Everything that makes our special one happy is not expensive and big. Your love can make any celebration the memorable. So, list includes some expensive and some tiny romantic gifts for wedding anniversary.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Your Him

1. Couple rings- Lasting love


If you want to gift something precious and that lasts forever, then it can be couple rings. Couple rings are coming in multiple designs. You can exchange couple rings like exchange your love.

You also have promising rings that are similar to couple rings. Make a promise to hold his hand forever when you are gliding the ring on his finger. This sounds filmy but something romantic to do on your anniversary.

The pleasure and happiness that you see in your husband’s eyes, will make you the most happiest in the world at that moment. Now, not just imagining this lovely scene but also plan and do it.

2. Gym equipment- For a fitness freak


If you feel that gym time is the best time for your husband, then you cant gift anything better than gym equipment. When he learns that you thought to make him happy with something he loves- he will be happy to receive this gift.

This you are being a loving wife. You are understanding and supporting him for what he wants. What else any man needs than an well understanding woman in his life?

3. A book- For a book devotee


Is your husband a book devotee? Then, don’t think much! A collection of books of his taste will make bring sparks in his eyes. I know about book warmers. They would happy receiving books than any other expensive gift.

You can also gift a set of books of your husband’s taste. It is like you are giving him treasure of knowledge and happiness. A lovely gift that you can easily gather but gives immense satisfaction to him. You will feel great when you see him enjoying reading the books.

4. Wonderful gadget- For a gadget lover


Some men are fitness freaks and some happen to be gadget lovers. Such men need a gadget in they hand when they are bored, low or even when they are happy. So, if you see your husband having great time with gadgets, gift him one.

Whenever he holds and uses the gadget, it reminds you. This is something sweet and the gift lasts longer. You have various gadgets. So, just get the gadget updates that are trending. Make it a memorable anniversary by gifting something special.

5. Food hamper- For a foodie


Is your husband a foodie? Then, surprise him with a food hamper that has mixture of tastes.

The best thing that couple can do is, sit, relax and have some delicious food. So, gift your husband a food hamper and share it with him. You can have fun sharing them all. You can also be creative by making a hamper of your own. Add everything you both love to eat together.

The fancy packaging and good food makes it a sweetest gift for your husband.

6. Toiletry kit- The Extra Care


As you the most special one in husband’s life, you must also look after his personal care. So, gift him a toiletry kit which is easy for him to groom himself.

Self care all the time is for everyday. So, someone caring for us is something really special. Who else takes care for a married man than his wife?

There must be something that your husband wanted to buy like- an expensive perfume, shaving kit and a best skin care product. So, pack all of them he is looking for or about to buy. You are knowing his small needs and fullfilling them and this is sweet of you.

7. A couple locket- A lasting present


You want to gift your love something romantic and that always stays with him? Then, you must look for a couple locket. A chain with couple locket makes your anniversary an extra special day for you.

Let the moment of gifting lasts along with the gift. You have plenty of designs in couple lockets. Look for latest designs and you can also go for customized locket. Definitely a precious gift that a wife can give to her husband.

8. Docking station- Simplify for him


When you are making something easy for you husband, you must be appreciated. Here is something that give you praises for being a smart and modern wife. Just gift him a docking station where he can place his gadgets, devices and belongings in organized way.

It is an amazing idea to gift something like this. Busy men who are always in hurry would love such smart things at home. You can check out how it is works with docking station. Isn’t it a smart gift?

9. Couple spa- Delightful time


Couple spa is something that a couple must experience together. Book for couple spa and surprise your husband with this gift that you both can enjoy.

You both are taking a break together from busy life. It is worth having quality time on such special day. This popular service sounds fancy but more than fancy it is relaxing. Don’t wait to try it!

10. Couple collage- Memories Linger


Take him on a ride of your sweet memories you had together. It is simple for you to do as you a modern woman. Collect all the images that you both clicked and make an amazing collage.

A collage that is a mixture of your emotions, phases and best moments in life. A couple goes through many ups and downs in life. What makes them happy is recollecting all of them together. So, bring all the memories in front of him with a collage.

If you fee the paper and frame collage is boring, then get it done on a cushion. You have customized cushions which you can get it done prior to your wedding anniversary day and gift your loving husband.

11. Bedroom decoration- End With Romance


Sometimes, it is not just presenting but being all present for your man. So, make it all romantic and pleasant for him decorating your bedroom.

If your bedroom is with the same bedding and curtain, then it is routine. Making ti romantic with some fragrance and adding colours of love is what you need to do. The fairy lights and fancy flowers are there for you to decorate your bedroom in a romantic way. You can do it with simple ideas being a little creative.

Make love and fall in love again and over again. Ending with romance is the best way to feel complete on the day of togetherness.

You can choose and combine the gifts. See that your wedding anniversary day starts romantic and ends romantically. To have a love-filled day, these gifts are apt. You are not just a sweet and loving wife but also a modern smart wife.

A wife loves her husband every day but is worth adding a little more on special days.

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