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gorgeous Minimal Tattoos

Want to get a tattoo? But can not decide which one? No matter whatever you select either looks too heavy or too shaggy. Do not worry, it happens to all, even I suffered with the same issue. Opt for a little less, like minimalist tattoos look for the season. The reason minimalist tattoos are in demand because you can wear it anywhere you want and at any time. It won’t look too much for anything. Here are some gorgeous minimal tattoos you can try.

Some Minimal Tattoo Designs

1Double arrow back tattoo

Double arrow back tattoo

This tiny tattoo is a Native American symbol. They are known to communicate through signs. Arrow for them was a sign of life sustaining tools, as it is used for hunting and provide protection for their families. It can mean various things also, like some believe that it is a solitary arrow which protect and defend against the harmful or bad things. Two arrows pointing against each other basically mean war. Two broken arrows depict peace. A bundle of arrows depicts strength. Arrows in a diamond symbol, shows courage to move forward.

A bow and arrow can also show a positive outlook for life, and love. For example, an arrow pulling backward means life dragging back. And a shooting arrow means looking ahead for something positive and new. In love it represents as a cupids bow and arrow.

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2Eternity/Infinity tattoo

Infinity tattoo

This understated minimalist tattoo is a symbol of a never-ending loop, mathematics and also as a number 8. Never-ending loop can be seen as a limitless possibilities, while some cultures believe that it represents reincarnation. In history this symbolizes Ouroboros, a snake who consumed its own tail, and became an endless creature. This simple tattoo can be customized in various ways. Some people use phrases or designs inside the loop, like “love”, “friendship”, “life”, designs like “stars”, “hearts” etc. This is a signifying tattoo, where two or more people get the similar ones. The infinity or eternity symbol tattoo designs can hold many possible meanings to the one who wore it.

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3Triangle tattoo

Triangle tattoo

This simple minimal tattoo idea has a great meaning behind it, because triangle have three sides, it is linked with different trinities. The most common of them is the Christian faith, where this trinity is linked with the holy father, son and ghost. It also symbolizes the stages of moons – waxing, waning and full. Others include mother, father and child; mother, maiden and crone; past, present and future; mind, body and spirit; creation, preservation and destruction; and thought, feeling and emotion. Numerologically, one symbolizes force, two – opening and three – birthing of wisdom.

The meaning is based on various beliefs and orientation, no other basic shapes offer this versatility. If the triangle is pointing upwards it symbolizes solar, active, masculinity, father and up. When it is upside down it symbolizes passivity, shakti, mother, cave, feminine, lunar and down. Except this it also represents harmony, proportion, ascension, integration, change, creativity, culmination and manifestation.

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4Feather tattoo

Feather tattoo

This gorgeous minimal tattoo is a Native American symbol signify the power of birds. They used to represent feathers because of the same reason. They also believed that bird spirits are very powerful in purifying and cleansing the spirit as well as energizing the environment.

5Love tattoo

Love tattoo

Love tattoos mean various things like passion, faith, friendship, trust, hope, inspiration and devotion. This tattoo can represent anyone, for example love of God, friend, nature, dad, mom etc.

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6Music note tattoo

Music note tattoo

Music note tattoo can mean your love for music, hope, passion and energy. It is loved, inspired and appreciated by many people. Even if you are not a musician, you are able to get a music note tattoo of your favourite song. It is universally most recognizable tattoo because of its popularity. It shows that how music make us free alive and infinite.

7Swallow tattoo

Swallow tattoo

In previous days swallow tattoos were used mostly by sailors. Early days, images of barn swallow were tattooed in the hands, neck and chest. It also depicts the care, affection and love towards the friends and family, showing loyalty. The bird in particular represents hope and freedom.

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8Moon Tatoos

Moon Tatoos

The moon basically represents the feminine power, queen of heaven, the mother goddess, energy, eternity, life, mystery, magic, intuition, divinity, time and dreams. In some other culture, it also means male fertilizing principle. It is one of the most symbolic and recognized symbols all over the world.

These are some mind blowing minimal tattoos, you can even mix and match them, because of its minimal designs you do not have to worry about too much ink on skin. Can even try these colours.

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