Ways in which dogs express love towards humans

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Dogs and humans have an innate combination and relationship which can’t be taken away at all. We have no idea if the dogs themselves have so much affection amongst them, but it is sure to say that humans do play a major role in a dog’s life. The way in which a dog expresses love towards humans, is very different and in the most noticeable manner! If you are a dog lover and if you have the pet at home, you will agree with me when I say that they are always enthusiastic around you and know how to behave in front of you. Though they aren’t very silent all the time, they understand when not to play and when to play. They understand every hand gesture of yours and you have to just love the dog so much to make him understand certain things.

All you need to do for a dog to love you more is to just take care of the little one and give it a lot of love and affection. You should know that dogs are very dependent on people, not just for food, but for the care and love. Hand gestures, licks, growls and drooling are some ways that dogs use to express their feelings towards us humans. All you just need to do for the little one or ones is to show a lot of love, care and affection. They are very dependent living things on earth and crave for affection. So, here are some ways in which dogs express love towards humans.

Top Ways in Which Dogs Say ‘I Love You’

1Jumps on you

Jumps on you

Whether you have a dog at home or not, you will know that a dog jump and greets you when you get back home from work or when it sees someone it likes. Yes, this is a unique way of saying I Love You. The dog wants you to sit with it for a while as you as you come home and talk to it. This is one way of which it expresses love and it is very cute too. When the dog jumps, howls, pushes its head against your knee, it is just trying to say that it has missed you the whole day and wants to spend time with you. Isn’t that just insanely cute and adorable?

2They want human contact

They want human contact

Like I said earlier, dogs are very attached to humans and like to have body contact with us. Yes, this means that they like to hold your fingers or touch your body all the time they are around you. Even if you don’t do it, dogs come and lay on your legs just so they can feel you or even lick you. This is one way of showing concern and affection on humans for them. They like to lean on you because they know you are their support. They like to touch you because they want you to know they are your support. It is a mutual relationship and dogs enrich that too.

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3They read your face

They read your face

Dogs always have a great sense of reading one’s face and reacting according to the person. Yes, they actually see you and react to your face. They know that if something is wrong, they have to either look at your face or observe the situation at home. That is why most dogs go under the table or hide somewhere when there is a lot of tension at home. They can sense the tone, air and the feeling around the place. If they don’t like something they see, they will either bark or just keep quite. They will comfort you are looking at just your face and your reactions. That definitely either lightens up your mood or makes you feel better.

4Dogs yawn when you do

Dogs yawn when you do

Yes, yawning is not a big deal at all. But when you have a dog around, you will realize that yawning can be a fun act too. Dogs actually imitate each other sometimes. But when it comes to yawning, they can yawn when you yawn. Not just because the whole act is a contagious thing, but also because they are able to empathize with you and have an innate connection that no one else can have. If this isn’t true love, what is?

5They focus on you

They focus on you

If you are at a house party or if you are in a place, where everyone is crowded, your dog is not taking its eyes off you. This is because of two reasons. One is because, it is scared of letting you go away from its eyesight. It wants to be under your surveillance and vice versa all the time. Two, is because it is scared of a lot of unknown people around it. Yes, dogs are fearless and all, but home dogs don’t really like a lot of crowd. It also craves attention when it is around a lot of people from you. So, always remember that your dog is watching your back even at a party.

6You are its comfort

You are its comfort

Remember that dogs think of you as their comfort, their source of being safe and you as their protective ring. Yes, they know that they have to protect you from the bad people. But it also expects you to be the one who shows affection and comfort. If they are scared because of something, they run to you or call you for a reason. They know that if they can’t solve a particular thing, you will be able to show them the much needed care. This is one way in which dogs connect easier with humans.

Love your dogs!

-Pavithra Ravi

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