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Are you one of those people who doesn’t know how to tackle an interview and are scared of questions that are asked? Well, you don’t firstly have to be sorry for yourself because interviews are meant to be tough and scary. That doesn’t mean all your questions are going to be difficult. You are going to pick and choose your answers and use it in the most creative manner. Well, yes! Interviews are a tough one, but don’t worry, we are going to give you some basic idea on what are the different kinds of Important interview questions they would ask and how should you be tackling them.

Also ladies, know that some questions could be open ended and they would expect you to speak more when it comes to questions like that. In India, people are grilled with questions, sometimes because the interview panel would sometimes want to know if you are a strong candidate or not, for which they ask different kinds of questions.

Don’t worry ladies, here’s your guide to all the possible important interview questions you will be facing and our idea on how to tackle them, just for you!

Top Interview Questions and Ways to Tackle Them

1Tell me something about yourself

Tell me something about yourself

The first and foremost question above everything else is this one. They will deliberately start off with a question that asks about yourself. Well, why do they do that when they have the resume? Because, they want to know if you can start off well without being nervous and if you speak with confidence. The first few words or lines you say will determine your confidence, grit, the style you speak in and your vocabulary skills. This is more than enough for a person to judge if you can qualify the first round or not.

How to answer – when you answer the very first question, make sure to make it crisp. A maximum 2-3 minutes of speaking about yourself would be more than enough. When you speak about yourself, include your qualities, professional qualifications, abilities to work etc. That way, the guy does not ask more on your next question. It is always good to leave a hint or mystery before they move on to the next question.

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2What are your weaknesses?

What are your weaknesses

This is one of the tricky questions that the interviewers deliberately ask. There are 2 things that you can do when it comes to answering this question.

1. You can make your strengths, your weakness and tell them the same. Meaning, you can tell them that you get very picky and you wouldn’t stop until you finish a work. That isn’t a bad quality at all, but when you pose that as your weakness, the interview will automatically get impressed. So, posing few of your strengths as weakness is one way.

2. Another way of answering this question is by confessing your true weaknesses, but also proving that you have and will overcome them with ease.

These are 2 ways in which you get an inch closer to your interviewer and your job because you are opening yourself to him. Please don’t be a cliche maniac and say that you have no weaknesses because that will only make you look desperate for the job.

3Your greatest accomplishment?

Your greatest accomplishment

When your interviewer asks you about something that you have accomplished, you have to choose something that is professionally relevant and appropriate to pose for him. He wouldn’t want to know your dance skills If you are interviewing for an editor’s job. Always be professional connected and make sure your answers resound the same too. While you are explaining to them, you should be connected to the job that you are interviewing for. If you are interviewing for an editor’s job, you should bring out the accomplishments that you have won previously in your editor’s cap. That way they will start to imagine you doing the good work for current position.

Also remember that you can’t praise yourself randomly in front of them. Keep in simple and very easy. Don’t just keep telling good stuff about yourself. Be modest in interviews because that will take you to the heights.

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4Why did you quit your previous job?

Why did you quit your previous job

Remember, when such a question is put out to you, you should make sure that you don’t blame the previous company. You never say anything bad about the other company at all. Even though your job was a suck up, just gently put the opportunity of this job at first. Answer in such a way that the job you are interviewing now for is better in terms of your career growth. It is best to be positive when such questions are asked. Never say you didn’t like the job environment, people, job pressure or, don’t blame your boss or yourself. None of this will take you to the next level in the current interview.

Just stick with how this job offers better career growth and how you want to improve yourself is more than enough. They will understand that you want to move ahead to a higher position in life than being stuck. They will understand this from the way you talk itself.

5Reason why you want to work in this company?

why you want to work in this company

Ah, this question is where you score all your points if you had lost in the previous dew questions. Answer with grace about the opportunities the company provides and how you want to be of the culture rich company. For this, you need to know the vision and goals of the company. You have got to know the different cultural innovations of the company and its ancestors. That way you will be able to give out a strong answer. Always mention how you like to work in a big team. That will emphasize that you are a team member. Say that you want to take responsibilities, because that will prove that you are a committed person. Stuff like these will give you brownie points.

6Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

Where do you see yourself

This is another cliche question that is asked in most of the interviews nowadays. They don’t want it know what you are going to do in life. All they want to know is if you have a plan or not. Trust me when I say this, most of the bosses around the world believe that a woman who has plans for professional future, is more successful than the one who doesn’t. As a woman, you might get married in the due course. So, the company just wants to know how much you will be connected and committed after your married life. So, you should keep in mind the long term goal. You don’t have to promise anything, but you can definitely say things that you envision. That will seal the deal when it comes to interviews.

-Pavithra Ravi

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