15 Classy 3D Nail Art Designs – Elevate The Designs


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15 Classy 3D Nail Art Designs- Elevate The Designs
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When you are creative, you must also show it off. Something that inspires you must reflect in your looks and attitude. That way the nail art is growing with designs. Sometimes the designs are nature inspired and few designs show the theme.

Nail art is not about just colours and shades all the time. You must let the design elevate. The best way of elevating the nail art design is 3D nail art. Design beautifully stands out with colours and shades. 3D nail art makes your nails stunning.

To see how 3D nail art is trending, you must see our collection if designs. If you want to trend up, the you would choose 3D nail art over other nail arts for this time. When the design and style is over taking in your list of favourites, it is about the look of they give to you. Go for these attractive 3D nail arts.

3D Nail Art Designs-

1. Flowery Design

Flowery Design
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You see floral nail art designs elevating with bright colour. Whereas for 3D nail pastel colour play the role to make the floral designs. Paste pink, light peach and lavender makes the nail art look ethereal. If you are fond of bright colours, still you would choose this nail art. As it makes you it all classy and fancy. Falling in love with art is irrespective of colours and shades. And the floral 3D nail art explains it. You can look at the above images, where the floral 3D nail is shown.

2. Bow Design

Bow Design
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Get the royal design on your nails. A bow attached to your outfit makes you look dignified and a bow design on your nail is adorable. Bow design is trending in nail art designs. How can you not elevate the design when it is trending. Let the bow designs stand out on your nail. You can elevate the bow design with a unique colour. If you want to make it look funky and adorned, then add some shiny stones.

Your nails become funky and chic with the bow 3D design as it is displayed in the above image.

3. Glitter Stripes

Glitter Stripes

Glitter stripes are a routine design for nail art. But this time, try to boost them on your nails. Boosting the stripes with 3D effect makes the nail art look cool. You can choose a vibrant colour or shade to elevate the stripes designs with 3D effect. Glitter designs are for parties and to look poppy. Instead of sprinkling glitter on your nails, create stripes with 3D effect for your nails.

4. Shell Design

Shells have natural shade and design. Isn’t it cool getting the lovely shell shape on your nails. Upraise the beautiful design of shells with 3D effect. As the shells are of white or off white colour, you can give a vibrant base coat for your nails to upraise the shell design. The simple design is to give your nails a classy look.

5. Colourful Bird

Colourful Bird

Do you love to create a theme with nail art? Then go for this design. Let a tiny cute bird fit on your nails. You can get the 3D bird design on one of the nails. A colourful bird makes your nail art attractive. Look at the flying bird 3D nail art in above image. This is a nature inspiring design and every nature lover will love to have it on their nail.

6. Leaves Design

Leaves design look stunning with vibrant green. If you want to makes your 3D nail art look outstanding, the let the leaves overlap. It will be an elegant design when leaves overlap. It is all about how you turn out the routine design in unique way. If you want to make it a nail art with pretty colour and combination, then you can choose white base coat with green leaves.

7. Butterfly Design

Butterfly Design

You want feel feminine? It is a once in a while desired feeling for every woman. And it is also possible with a nail art design. Give some colour to the butterfly design. It makes the design look like, you gave life to a lifeless butterfly. It also looks like the butterfly on your nail is about to fly away. But it stays on with you with a fashionable look.’

I would love to go for a blue butterfly 3D nail art! You?

8. Coconut tree

Coconut tree

Coconut tree is the most beautiful tree and an important part that adds beauty to nature. It also beautifies your nail art standing tall. A black coloured coconut tree on your nails with some waves makes it look like a beach theme. It is an another nature inspired design. A nature lover like me is going to love the coconut tree 3D nail art.

9. Flamingo

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How beautiful it looks when a flamingo moves in lake?

Let a beautiful flamingo come on your nail with 3D nail art. The pinkish crane standing will be an elegant design with 3D effect. No bright colour and not too much of design but it is going to be a lovely art for your nails. You are making a unique style statement with flamingo 3D nail art design.

10. Music Symbols

Music Symbols

Are you a music lover? Then go for music symbols for a fancy 3D nail art. The design of music symbols is an expression of love for music. You can have a glitter base coat and coloured music symbols. You can look at the above Image, where the black music symbols on silver paint. It looks breathtaking and suits with other colours and combinations.

11. Feather design

Feather design
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Feather designs are getting famous every where. It is all with elegant shape and the ethereal look. You can feel feminine with feather design. You can also make the feather design look bold with 3D effect. It look realistic and natural. The unique feather 3D nail art designs are bronze, multi colour and peacock coloured. Let elegance of the feather elevate with 3D effect.

12. 3D nail art with stones

3D nail art with stones

Stones brighten your nails along with 3D nail art designs. Let the 3D design be minimal and then add stones to your art. It looks pretty on longer and broader nails. You can do this 3D nail art for special and party occasions. You can add the stones to your flowery 3D designs.

13. Lace Design

Lace design makes the outfits fashionable and pretty looking. On nails to looks extremely cool. The bright coloured base coat and white lace is a lovely design. And you can make it more lovely with the 3D effect. 3D nail art design looks attractive with intricacy. You are going to try this designs, once you look at the above image.

14. Sunflowers

Sunflower is a lovely flower with bright colour. Let the brightness of sunflowers come on to your nails with 3D effect. It look original when you have 3D sunflower nail art design. You can cover your nails with 3D sunflower designs with uneven shapes and directions. This makes the art look natural and pretty.

15. Dolphin Design

Dolphin Design

Dolphin design is super cool and it looks funky. Let the blue sea float on your nails. The adorable dolphins are going to make your nails look in fashion. When you elevate the dolphin design with the 3D effect it is going to be the naturalistic nail art. You can choose the bright colours to elevate the dolphins. Blue, lavender and black colours dolphins look attractive with the 3D effect.

Let your nail art designs look realistic and natural with 3D effect. The colours and the designs of 3D nail art will make your nails spectacular. It is a unique touch for your nails to get chic and classy. Women with high imaginations and unique sense, will love 3D nail art designs.

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