Fashionable Nail Polish Colours For Summer- For All Skin Types


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Summer changes everything pale and dull. The world cannot match with the brightness of the sun. So, we must go for pastel, light and pale colours. Such fashion rules are applicable for summer outfits as well. Opting light colours in summer makes sense and more fashion sense.

If you wearing those vibrant colour on your nails, then you are doing it wrong. You musty go for nudes, pastels and pale. The simple shine and light shades can make your nails look pretty. They are not even dull but classy and simply beautiful.

Go a little choosy with your nail polish colours. We are giving you an idea of which shade suits your skin tone in summer. You have enough colours to try on your nails by the end of this summer. You missed some of the nail polish colours, just because they are not trending. But the colours are trendy and stylish in summer. You must check out after listening so much about summer nail polishes.

Nail Polish Colours For Summer- Stay In Fashion

1. Olive skin tone

a. Sweet Mint

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Love greenery more this summer which gives your nails a pleasant a swatch. The colour matches with classy outfits of summer. Sweet mint is a stylish and modish colour of nail polish that is suitable for casual wear. You need such sweet colour in summers which can keep your nails lovely without over splash of colours.

b. Greenish blue

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Is it no vibrant in summers for you? Then, for you greenish blue colour is apt. Your nails with this swatch look nicest. The colour throws a green shade and talks blue. Some of the combination of colours rise into a pretty colour. That way, greenish blue is raised for and suitable for summer. You can wear this nail colour for your office wear, casual and classy western outfits.

c. Bluish gray

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Grays are boring? If you this so, then you must bluish gray. You will fall in love with the gray colour. It is more blue with the light gray undertone. The colour that is trending and looks modish enough is bluish gray. Let the fashionable colour come on to your nails to match with your stylish looks.

d. Neon coral pastel

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Neon coral shade let your nails glow with silent shine. It can soothe your nails with light shade in this hot summer. If you are a fan of peach colour, then you can try this light pastel colour. Both matte and gloss textures look pretty on nails in summer. Let your love grow more for your nails.

2. Fair skin tone

a. Pastel neon baby pink

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Pink love is always true for women in any season. You want a classy pink colour that looks modish. Neon baby pink can let your nails stay in peace, this summer. Pastels are not shiny but bright on your nails. Coat your nails with right pink and make your nails happy.

b. Florescent orange nail polish

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You were missing florescent shades as there not familiar for nail polishes. Now, its time to start wearing the florescent orange as it summer. This summer colour suits for all modern outfits. You will have funky nails with this shade and it is a decent one. You must give a try before summer time goes away.

c. Pistachio light green

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This is a unique green with pale shade and it is lovely on olive skin tone. In summer, you will be looking for light but nice colours. You can choose a glossy texture which shines without splashing. Your nails can grab the attention in one sight with this creamy green colour. Pistachio light green colour can go with causal and office wear.

d. Pastel Lavender

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Pastel lavender is in dark and light shades and both the shades are to wear in summer. Lavender is a happy colour and suitable for pretty outfits. You can prefer lavender colour for stylish nails. If you love the darker shades, you can pick dark lavender. We recommend pastel lavender for summer especially and for it elevates your nails. Definitely it is beauty enhancing colour.

3. Dark Skin Tone

a. Summery sunshine yellow nail polish


The shiny yellow shade blends well with dark skin. You can pain your nails with yellow in summer and call it a funky style. Yellow nail polish is trending as a fashion colour. It can enhance the beauty of your nails. Your beautiful nails shape and yellow colour nails polish are attractive. Choose this shade for your party wear outfits and get the funky nails.

b. Rose Brown

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Rose brown is a prettiest shade of brown family. The rose and brown mixed shade is perfectly blended to form the simply beautiful colour. You can call it a classy colour. The nails become ultra posh with shiny texture. You can choose a glossy nail polish to throw the shine in this summer.

c. Shiny Gray

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The shiny gray is a fancy colour on dark skin. The bright nails with this fancy colour are attractive. The longer nails and dark nails with this paint look super cool. You can choose bold gray for your dark skin and let your nails look elegant. The simple glitter is always loved for its light shine. Gray shine is a wonderful idea for dark skin.

d. Pearl white

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Pearl white is a extremely beautiful colour. Your nails look like a plain glossy vase. The shade can make your nails elegant in this summer. Your nails can effortlessly shine with pearl white nail polish. The shade is as beautiful as the pearls are. If you are wearing a party outfit, this colour highly blends. Let your nails talk the fashion wearing this stylish colour.

Let the summer be loved in different way. Switch to the colours, outfits according to the season. Season matters for fashion just like occasion matters. Play with your nails by painting them and with some summer theme nail arts. So, now you got to try the summer nail polishes which look pretty on your nails.

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