11 Best Dressed Ladies At Met Gala 2019- Fashion Inspirations


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The fashion inspirations are movie stars and celebrities. We imitate their hairstyles, outfits and adapt some personality traits. Celebrities can make style statements visiting any corner of the world.

The Meta Gala 2019 event is a feast for fashion lovers. The fashionable and unique appearances of celebrities in Met Gala are mind-blowing. We would like to give out the list of best dressed in Met Gala 2019.

The Met gala is formally known as costume institute gala which is an annual fundraising fest for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City. The fashion exhibition where all fashion designers, artists, models, musicians, actors and actresses gather to celebrate fashion exhibition. The theme of Met gala is “Notes on Fashion”.

Met Gala 2019 Best Dressed- Spectacular Appearances

1. Deepika Padukone


Image source: harpersbazaar.com

Deepika Padukone appeared in a 3D printed Barbie gown. The gown is embellished beautifully and it was in the light peach-pink shade. The shiny gown with minimal accessories is made Deepika look like a real Barbie.

Makeup and style

The earrings are stoned with a simple design and a headband matching with the gown, everything made her look stunning. This real-life barbie girl applied the burgundy swatch for her lips. She shadowed her eyelids with a beautiful shade purple. She was a complete eye feast for her fans and the audience with her stunning appearance.

The outfit is designed by Zac Posen, who is an American fashion designer.

2. Priyanka Chopra

Image source: express.co.uk

We can call Priyanka Chopra’s style and makeup was unique. It is an apt outfit and makeup for the Met Gala theme. The outfit that Priyanka wore was attached with a sheer cape. Her outfit is unique as well with a crisscrossed top garment and side slit skirt. The skirt is designed with a pink, gray and yellow feather on sheer fabric.

Makeup and style

She looks adorable with beautiful accessories. The appearance is extremely special with messy curled and short hairstyle. She placed a beautiful minimal stoned crown. Her eye makeup with white eyeliner and white lashes is elevating her eyes. The earrings were in light lavender pink colour which looks like crystal dangles. This adorable unusual style of Priyanka was by Mimi Cuttrell.

3. Kylie Jenner

Image source: eonline.com


Kylie Jenner wore a lavender gown with the feathery sleeves. It is a fish-shaped gown and the sleeves made the outfit attractive. The bottom part of the gown is feathered as well.

Makeup and style

She matched the hair colour her outfit and she wore a nude lipstick. The diamond drop earrings are alluring and the rings on her fingers were shining bright. She strokes the confident and fashionable poses. Kylie just looked like a beautiful lavender coloured mermaid. She gave magical looks with her smokey charismatic eyes while posing.

4. Kendall Jenner

Image source: standard.co.uk


Kendall Jenner dressed up in an orange colour outfit with giant feathers and it is attached to the wrist. The gown with straps and full orange colour is a fashionable unique outfit. The middle part of the dress is covered with tiny orange beads.

Makeup and style

The minimal but flawless makeup of Kendall was by Mary Phillips. The bottom of the outfit is also covered with an orange feather. She blended with the Met Gala theme with her style. The accessorized her outfit with orange stoned earrings and a simple necklace with orange and white beads.

5. Zendaya

Image source: theweek.in


Zendaya wore a glowing Cinderella dress with white puff sleeves. The gown is from Tommy Hilfiger which was in throwing gray and blue colours. She achieved next level fashion goals with the appearance in Met Gala 2019. She walked elegantly and with all grace spread her arms.

Makeup and style

The black diamond studs simply beautiful. The Cinderella appearance of is prettiest with a black neck choker. She wore a bun hairstyle with front bangs. Also added a headband matching her outfit. Her beautiful eyes were highlighted with gray bluish eye shadows.

6. Kacey Musgraves

Image source: billboard.com


Musgrave’s look was all pink and pretty. She slipped into a pink leather gown which made her look barbie in the Barbie world. The outfit had a high slit and collared neck. The outfit was belted and the style was the coolest one. She was holding a pink fur stole and walked on the red carpet.

Makeup and style

The earrings she paired were simple danglers with stones. Loose wavy curls was her hairstyle for the day. The pink lipstick shade was matching with her pretty outfit. She even had shades with a pink frame which made her look like a barbie. The stylist behind the look of Musgraves was Erica Cloud.

7. Emma Stone

Image source: more.com


The shimmer black jumpsuit with belt style is stunning. One side of the jumpsuit is flapped out. Stone was looking fashion soaked in the shinning outfit. She posed giving an adorable smile.

Makeup and style

The hairstyle was simple with side swept curly hair. The winged eyes with glittery eyeshadow was matching with the shine of the outfit. The blue eyeliner made her eyes look pretty. Her earrings were simple with tiny ball drops. Stone wore the red lipstick and highlighted her lips with stunning swatch.

8. Miley Cyrus

Image source: huffingtonpost.com


Miley Cirus outfit was with both green and back stripes. The flared stiff one-piece outfit looked great on her. The vibrant colour black and green were glitter shades. The singer’s outfit was designed by Saint Laurent.

Makeup and style

She paired up her outfit with stunning black heels. The hairstyle was adorable with bangs. The diamond hanging earrings and bracelet were the accessories she paired with her bright outfit.

9. Emily Blunt

Image source: eonline.com


Emily Blunt appeared in a golden gown with full sleeves. The golden flowers are attached to the outfit on wrists and neckline and at the bottom of the outfit. She appeared like a golden lady for Met Gala 2019. It was a total dazzling look and her walk on red carpet went graceful with fish shape golden gown.

Makeup and style

Blunt accessorized her look with quirky earrings with tiny diamond drops. There was a matching golden headband. She held a golden wallet in her hand and all overlook made her total dazzler.

10. Hailey Bieber

Image source: hindustantimes.com


The model appeared in a lovely baby pink gown which is backless. It was turtle neck and looked all classy on Bieber. The light bright and shinning outfit went well on her. Her multiple poses were elegant and she was pretty in every angle.

Makeup and style

Her look with a high ponytail and stoned studs was extremely pretty. The hair colour was in blonde. The black winged eyes and her nude lipstick made her look flawless. She was more looking like pink bloomed rose with her overall look.

11. Sophie Turner

Image source: wmagazine.com


The black outfit with multi colours inclusion made Turner look stunning. The vibrant shades of blue, green, red and yellow were added in the outfit. The newly engaged adorable couple Turner and Jonas posed together in a twinning outfit. They wondered the crowd with their stunning appearance as they usually do.

Makeup and Style

She was all glitter which was matching with her outfit. The blue and black glitter eye makeup made her look unusually dazzling. The simple diamond earrings were pretty. She added some glitter to her blonde hair and made a stylish appearance at Met Gala 2019.

All the outfits of Met Gala celebrities are fashion inspirational. The outfits are blended with the Met Gala theme. Appearances of celebrities on the red carpet at Met Gala made the event blockbuster.

The fashion lover got to take some inspiration from the celebrities who attended the Met Gala.

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