How to remain faithful in a relationship


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Remain Faithful

It is very important for you to stay committed and remain faithful in a relationship no matter what or how your relationship takes its turn. You would have easily read in-depth about the various rules of dating and being in a relationship. Every article or every blog you read would have this as one of the main points, right? But you have got to know that not always would you end up being truthful to your loved one. The society now-a-days has become more of a hookup culture and people want a lot of variety. It’s actually takes more than commitment and respect to follow these set of rules and forgo the temptation of cheating on your guy.

You might wonder how can it be possible to be faithful around so many temptations. Well, don’t worry girls! That is why I am here to help you out with these confusions and to make your relationship healthier and better. So, with no further delay, let me point out the so many things you could do if you want to remain faithful in a relationship and forget the temptations around you.

Top Things To Do To Remain Faithful

1Accept the feelings

Accept the feelings

It is always important for you to accept the fact that you might be attracted to one or a few men at your workplace or your gym. The workplace is one place where you end up spending most of your day. So, that is where it could begin. It’s important to acknowledge the feeling because when you do so, you will realize that you are also trying to stay away from these temptations. When you are in denial, you will not really know whom you are hitting on or vice-versa.

So, always think of it as your chance to be a pro when it comes to accepting the feelings. If you do that, it gets easier for you to not flirt with your colleagues or CO workers. You will not discuss your relationship problems with others and you will make sure to be on a constant watch when it comes to relationship at the workplace.

2Do you guys share the same feeling?

share the same feeling

Even before you start off thinking of ways to exclude other men in life, you need to figure out if you and your partner are in the same page or not. Well, it is very important for you to talk this out with your guy. Ask him if he wants the relationship to stay exclusive.

Do you think he is as committed as you are? Remember that you both need to be on the same page to achieve relationship goals. If he is looking at this in a different perspective, then you are probably just wasting time in the relationship. So, question yourself and your partner before you start obsessing.

3Give him a reason to stay

Give him a reason to stay

No guy would stay in a relationship if he doesn’t see a reason for him. This is very true and considerable because the guy is also investing his time, money, emotions, etc., on you. Understand him and try to find out his immediate love needs. When you satisfy them, it is easier to stay in his heart for a long time. It is sure that if you invest your emotions, he will see through it and start doing the same with you too. It’s all a vicious cycle girls. When you see him commit to the relationship, you will have no reason to not remain faithful towards him. So, maybe sometimes it starts from you and ends with you.

4Don’t fall prey to tricky situations

prey to tricky situations

Every woman knows where they fall and what their weaknesses are! So, if you are sure about these, you should make constant effort to keep a tab on them and not fall prey to such situations. If the cutest guy at workplace is asking you for a casual drink, and you know that you will eventually give in to him, don’t encourage such situations at all. These are the little slips that breaks your relationship. This could be very hard to figure out at first. But later, things get normal and you will start realizing too.

5Be around the right people

Be around the right people

Pick your friends and be with the ones you feel secure. See, the basic idea of surrounding yourself with good or positive people is to bring a conscious awareness that these friends in, no matter what, will tempt you or Kindle your temptations. Go out with people who think like you, who have a good aim on their relationships and most important people who know you are in a committed relationship. That is when if you have a slip, the other person/friend would be able helping you in standing back up on your feet.

6Don’t do anything where you have to lie

where you have to lie

In life there could be a lot of situations that you might make you lie to your boyfriend. So, if you think that you are going to lie or if you think that that is a necessity for you to lie, just don’t do it. The problem with lying is that if you start with one, it keeps spinning and before you know you are covering up so many other lies for the first lie you told. In this process, you would have lost yourself and also the love of the other person. This will end up in making rash decisions and unwanted actions. So, if you think that you might have to leave for a certain thing, it’s better to avoid it. That way you will have the satisfaction that you are not lying to your boyfriend.

The best thing about remaining faithful in a relationship is the satisfaction that you get on the run. Yes, you might have to make a lot of sacrifices to stay in a relationship, but if you can pull this off, then there is nobody who can break the intensity of your relationship. But before everything, it is very important for you to make sure that you and your boyfriend both are thinking alike and want the same thing from the relationship.

If he wants just physical stuff and does not want to invest emotionally, then you are just wasting your time and that is not what you have to be doing. So ask yourself all these questions and try to stay safe in a committed relationship. If the guy and the relationship are worth it, everything will definitely fall in place.

-Pavithra Ravi