Are you putting your career before family?

Career over Family

Do you think sometimes you are troubled and tired all the time. Do you think that your career is taking over your family life and family time? Probably you are not balancing between life and career as you are supposed to do. That is why you are feeling this discomfort. Let’s face that everybody wants to be really successful and play a major role in the company we work for. You concentrate on self-growth as a woman. But, most of us forget that we might have to consider family to be important at once point too. You could be assumed that you are the glue holding the entire company together and you are working hard and your value to the company keeps increasing day by day. But, have you been noticing that choosing career over family, you are probably letting go of all the family time and adjusting your time to fit into the groove of your company?

Your young age was different. You were dynamic, hard working and most of all, you wanted to save more money and become successfully independent. But, once you get married or have kids, the most important thing that comes before career becomes your monthly expenses, savings and looking after your children. This happens to every woman at, at least one point of time.

Yes, you might suck all this up and get down to work, but here and there, you might feel the regret and guilt of missing out on certain important events that involves your personal life. So, what are you sacrificing for your career when you leave behind or when you step out of the house? Here are some signs that tell you that you are probably putting career before family or choosing career over family.

Signs That Prove That You Choose Career

1Quality time

Quality time

Do you take leaves and spend a little quality time with your children? There are so many things you have to concentrate when your child grows up. Mainly her home works, her deadlines and so many activities in the child’s life become a priority. Do you end up missing dinner once a week or do you find yourself rescheduling your personal work because you’re busy at the office? Then this is one thing that can tell you that you are probably not spending enough quality time with your family.

You should probably cut down office hours and come back home and manage your personal life in a better way. Quality of time spending is very, very important to have a good running family. If you don’t get to know what your child needs to do for her homework, you will never know how she feels about you in the future. You can be a working woman and still spend quality time with your children. So, if you have been continuously working round the clock, it is now time for you to step back and concentrate on your husband and kids.

2Health issues

Health issues

If you have been continuously falling sick, not getting enough sleep or gaining weight without a reason, then you are probably not taking care of yourself. All this boils down to you working mindlessly and not giving yourself the space. When you don’t have time to cook, the next immediate option you might try is to go and grab some food from the cafeteria or the junk place outside your office. You might probably skip dinner because of his workload or go back home with an empty stomach.

These kinds of unhealthy choices are the very reason why you are not feeling well. If there is anything that is important in life, it’s health that plays more prominence than a carrier. So please try to take care of yourself.

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Sometimes the systematic working keeps happening that we forget what our passion and goal in life is. Are you actually working for the company that you’ve always wanted to work for? Are you fulfilling all the passion that you wanted to do when you were a young adult? If your answers to all this is no, then you’re probably in the wrong sector, working for the wrong company and spending all your time on wrong career building.

It is important for you to share your passion with your husband and family, so that you can find ways to make that happen sooner. You will achieve to your passion sooner if you realize faster. So instead of mindlessly working, try to stop and think if you are doing it the right way or not.

4Relationship with husband

Relationship with husband

I know a lot of women who have given up their relationship with their husband just because they wanted to prove it in their career. The problem with women is that we have to multitask between a lot of things. Yes, it is very very important for you to focus on your husband and your relationship when it comes to life. If you are not able to give your relationship the importance, you will find yourself circling down the drain very soon. This might sound harsh, but it is the plain truth that you will regret choosing a career at one point of your time.

Emotional connection with your partner is very important, no matter how big or small your work is. You should be able to set aside some personal time with your husband. If you don’t do it now,10 years down the line you will be husband less, rich and successful. But you wont have a person to share the happiness with. So, remember that your husband is as important in your life as your career is.

-Pavithra Ravi

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