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can do living alone

There are a few stages a person undergoes when she lives alone. Well, first things first! You don’t have to be under an impression that living alone can lead to boredom. Who says living alone is boring? You have so much fun just by yourself that you will sigh at the thought of company. Yes, of course you will miss your family, you will miss people around you. But all of this just will stay only for a couple of days. You will be able to withstand all this and still enjoy the freedom you get. The best thing you can do living alone or by yourself is that, you have so much time to yourself that you will shock yourself with a variety of things, you probably wouldn’t have even discovered at all. There could be a bag of shocks that you are hiding under your sleeves which probably you never even knew about. You can be civil or even weird when you are by yourself. You don’t have to undergo the pressure of someone looking at you all the time.

Also, the plus point here is – No one, literally no one will judge you at all. You will discover a whole new set of things about yourself. So, we are going to tell you the weirdly awesome things you get to discover about yourself and things around you when you start living alone.

Top things you get to know when you start living alone

1Be in your own skin

Be in your own skin

You can be comfortable in your own skin. Do you want to walk naked? Why not! You can totally walk naked when you are alone. No, that doesn’t mean you are weird. It just means that you have an amazing room or a house just for yourself and there is no one to judge you or question you on what you do.

Well, it’s all about convenience right? There is a kind of liberation that you get when you abandon your clothes and get to be free as you want. The joy is just unparalleled and you have no idea how awesome the feeling is until you experience it. Oh, but there is just this one thing you cannot do when you are half naked or without clothes. Don’t cook! You never know how insane the hot oil can be or how a small splutter can cause skin damage. So, be extra careful about that. Other than that, be as much liberal as you want!

2You know where what is

You know where what is

You just know where what is exactly. Even after you come back from somewhere or you get back from work or college, you just know where you left your towel. Nothing would have changed. You wouldn’t have a maid or your mother moving things. So, there are no surprises in that area at all.

Well, I feel that being organized is a little too overrated. This is a state of being organized as well, just that it could more be on the lines of organized chaos. The advantage in this is that, you don’t have to search forever to find your tops. You just know it because you were the one who threw it behind the table the other day. All you need to do is peep and find it and wear it. Oh, dust it and then wear it!

3You don’t have to clean

You don’t have to clean

You don’t have to obsess over cleaning after someone has left. Let’s say that you call your friends home and it gets messy after a while. You don’t have to immediately get up and start cleaning. If you were home, your mom would have tortured you to clean your room or the dining once your friends leave. You can either not care about cleaning right away, or you can ask your friends to help you in cleaning up. They wouldn’t mind at all if you tell them that they should help you too in the process.

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4Boyfriend coming over

Boyfriend coming over

The one awesome thing among so many other amazing things about living alone is the fact that you can call your boyfriend whenever you want. You have all the option in the world to actually get cozy and do whatever you want with your boyfriend when you know that there is no one in the other room. You don’t have to lock your door, you don’t have to keep looking for someone, you don’t have to worry about your voice. He can come in and out anytime of the day or even night. This is definitely an amazing thing about living alone.

5Talking to yourself

Talking to yourself

When no one is around you, you tend to entertain yourself easily. You will get to talk to yourself more and that is sometimes fun too. Even before you realize, you will have so much fun living alone and spending all your time on yourself. That is an entertainment too.

6Dance, sing or jump

Dance, sing or jump

Who cares if you dance, sing or jump. You can be as loud as you want, you can sing as much as you can and you can actually even jump on your bed. There is no one to judge you, no one around to tell you to shut up. So, go ahead my girl! Do all the necessary shouting and screaming and enjoying!

7Eat and cook for yourself

Eat and cook for yourself

Sometimes you can just cook for yourself and indulge in food whenever you want. Do you want to eat at 1 in the night? Well, who cares! Just go to your phone and start ordering something delicious. You will find yourself in a binging mode when you live alone. While we are on that topic, if you are a health freak, you can even cook amazing diet food for yourself. Your mom wouldn’t thrust food into your mouth or anything. You are by yourself and you can do whatever you want!

-Pavithra Ravi

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