5 Best Mouthwashes In India- For Overall Oral Health


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Brushing daily is the best care for dental health. Good toothpaste and brush clean your tooth. Are you sure that your toothpaste and brush are cleaning your mouth totally? To be a bit more sure, you need a mouthwashes in India.

A mouthwashes in India that stands for mouth care must be part of your everyday. If you are ending choosing a wrong mouthwash again and again, here are some of the reputed products.

It is not just mentioning the mouthwashes which are available in market. Here, it is to know why you must choose the specific mouthwash. So, know a little more about the products to find the best of all.

Benefits of using mouthwashes


When you believe that a product benefits you, you will make extra efforts to find the best one. So, know and look for the below benefits in any mouthwash.

Kills bad bacteria

If you observe, your brush is not really flexible to reach all the corners of the mouth. It is said that brushing can only clean 25% of you mouth. To call your mouth super clean, you must allow to clean the corners and end points as well.

When you goggle your mouth using mouthwash, it cover full mouth and helps in removing bacteria from all the corners. It is an even cleaning without leaving any bit. Mouthwash is the best way to detox your mouth instantly.

Keeps mouth fresh

One of the main purposes of mouthwash is keeping mouth free from bad breath. When you are confident of your mouth smelling or feeling fresh, you can use mouthwash to retain the freshness.

It is the instant way to get rid of bad breath. You have flavours in mouthwashes which adds to your mouth and make you feel refreshed.

Prevents from gum diseases and cavities

As mouthwash contains fluoride, it prevents gum diseases and cavities. Fluoride coats your tooth and protects from bacteria. This will reduce the chances of cavity problems, gum infections and diseases.

Whitens teeth

If you are choosing a medicinal mouthwash, then it also whitens tooth. Some of the mouthwashes are formulated with the whitening properties. You can ask your dentist to recommend the tooth whitening mouthwash.

Top MouthWashes in India –  Grab For Fresh Mouthness

1. Listerine Cool Mint Mouthwash

LISTERINE® COOL MINT® Antiseptic Mouthwash | LISTERINE® Professional

The formula of this mouthwashes in India, is unique with essential oils. The oils that are included are menthol, thymol, eucalpytol, oil of wintergreen. It freshens up your mouth with the proper rinse of 30 seconds.

The liquid reaches every corner of your mouth and fights with the left bacteria. If you have bleeding gum problem, then you can use this mouthwash to heal it.

  • Added essentials oils
  • Heals gum problems
  • Expensive

2. Colgate Plax Gentle Care Mouthwash


You don’t need any introduction for this brand. The mouthwash is as good as the toothpaste. It is an alcohol free mouthwash. No burning sensation and side effects with this trustworthy product.

As it also contains fluoride, it aids in keeping cavities at the bay. For a healthier and cleaner mouth, you can choose it as it reaches all the area of mouth.

The germs that are causing bad breath will be killed with this mouthwash. You can be confident about your mouth smelling fresh. You need not worry about tooth and gum sensitivity. The mouthwash is gentle on gum and teeth as well.

  • Affordable
  • None

3. Himalaya Herbals Complete Care Mouthwash


Himalaya herbals mouthwash is formulated with neem and pomegranate. Neem is antibacterial. The antibacterial formula eliminates the harmful germs. Neem is the herb that helps in strengthening tooth.

The fresh breath and feel stays for longer hours. You can also avoid the plaque attack which is a common mouth diseases. You can be confident about your oral health with this routine care.

The mouthwash is free from alcohol. So, you need not step back on choosing this product for any reason.

  • Alcohol free
  • Key ingredient- Neem
  • None

4. Speedrox Whitening Mouthwash


The mouthwash aims to whiten tooth with the unique formula. It also treat gum and teeth sensitivity. People who have gum problems can choose this herbal mouthwash to cure it all. You can also get rid of plaque and prevent from the risk of it.

The natural flavours like cardamom and clove help in adding freshness. Also keep the fresh feeling lasts longer and avoids bad odor.

The product is suggested for daily oral care with no side effects. You can afford this product easily as it is comes for reasonable price.

  • Whitens teeth
  • Affordable
  • None

5. Freshclor Anti-Microbial Mouthwash


If you are looking for a mouthwash that is best for daily use- then you must get it.It comes with the refreshing mint flavour.

To stay orally hygienic, you can use this antimicrobial mouthwash. It removes bacteria that is causing bad breath.

The mouthwash doesn’t affect your taste buds.As it is an alcohol free mouthwash, it doesn’t cause burning sensation. You need not worry about the side effects while having oral hygiene on other side.

  • Affordable
  • Alcohol free
  • None

Tips to use mouthwash

You must follow the right ways of using a mouthwash. If you are using it wrong, then there ca n be risks of side effects.

  • Do not swallow it. Rinse and clear your mouth.
  • Use it after brushing you teeth.
  • Do not eat immediately using the mouthwash. Give 30 minutes of gap as it gives burning sensation.
  • Do not use mouthwash more than twice a day.

Side Effects Of Mouthwash


The common side effects of a mouthwash are not well known. When you are ready to use a mouthwash, read these side effects first.

Kills good bacteria

You need good bacteria for your body to avoid causing harm in long run. Good bacteria helps in healthy immune system and normal body function.

And the mouthwash is made to fight against bacteria. It cannot differentiate good or bad and kills all the bacteria, even good ones.

Stains teeth

This is another common side effect of mouthwash. This is due to the chemical called chlorhexidine gluconate . The chemical is added to reduce the plaque risk and bad breath which can also cause teeth staining.

Mouth cancer

When you are choosing the mouthwash, you must check the alcohol content. The heavy dose of alcohol can cause oral cancer. It is also better not to use mouthwash more than two times a day.

If you are using a mouthwashes in India, check if it is all safe to use. These products are to ensure you oral health in long run. Not just the best product but also know additional information related mouthwashes.

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