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The new age women are looking for modernized traditions. The brimful traditions in clothes, jewelry and footwear are all updated with fashionable designs. If a woman is just have to give a guest appearance in a wedding or a bride in her own wedding, must look adorned.

We love to share the ideas and designs that promote Indian traditions along with fashion. For this time, it is about temple jewelry designs. If you want to go the royal looking jewelry then your choice must temple jewelry. The temple design that are carved and made on jewelry are breathtaking. When the jewel

Some of the jewelry pieces are a must brides. But we cannot expect a new age bride to something out of fashion. So, look for the all the temple jewelry designs which are trending with traditions and Indian culture.

Temple jewelry For Modern Women

1.Antique gold Lakshmi Haar


Antique gold jewelry is the new trend for the brides and for royal tradition women. Lakshmi haar always has the significance of wearing it. It is a prefect jewelry piece to represent Indian traditions. Every Indian Hindu woman, fascinates for a set of temple jewelry. And this can be one such fascinating elegant jewelry piece that is coming with fashionable designs and patterns.

2.Mango Temple necklace


Mango temple jewelry is breathtaking with the traditional made designs. You must be seeing your grand mother and mother wearing the mango temple haar or necklace. Even today, the tradition that is connected to this necklace is pushed away. The mango temple necklace is made with wonderful attached designs which adds the beauty to the necklace.

You can see the above jewelry piece to which a medium size Lakshmi Devi pendent is attached. The peacock motifs are an addition of beauty for the necklace. You have many such beautiful designs in mango temple necklace.

3.Golden ball chain necklace


The ball chain necklace is trending alluring temple designs. Not only modern women, all the most of the Indian women are in love with ball chain necklace. When it is made with Indian traditions and designs, it is attracting the fashion crowd. The women who admires jewelry and Indian traditions, will definitely own this necklace.

When you get adorned with a ball chain necklace with temple designs, you are going to feel ethereal. It is also suitable for Indian modern brides.

4.Temple jewelry with pearls


When women find a jewelry piece, they check for a specific piece. But they may also love the other design. When it is all about the latest designs than the own taste, you will the temple jewelry with pearls.

An delicate pearl chain with a temple design pendent will be super attractive and this is one of the trending necklaces.

5.Silver necklace and earrings with Lord Shiva pendents


Silver necklaces are perfect to make style statements. A silver necklace with Lord Shiva pendents looks fully traditional. This necklace can be worn as a statement jewelry. If you notice the giant pendent is including the Shiva family. It is beautifully carved and detailed. You will fall in love with such jewelry if you are looking for some unique accessories.

As it is a silver necklace, you can prefer to pair it up with semi ethnic and western outfits. You are going to get bundle of compliments for this choice.

6.Kemp designer temple necklace with earrings


Kemp necklaces were shaded in fashion. And now the same jewelry is recreated with the fashionable designs. You can see the prettiness that kemp stones have given to the necklace. And You will admire the jewelry set and it will make it a compulsion of wearing of it for your traditional appearance.

Also You also get the kemp designer temple neck choker. The gold necklaces with kemp stones is a lovely combination. It is much of Indian traditions as it includes the vibrant coloured stones. The kemp necklace are preferred mostly for South Indian states. The modern brides can go for a kemp designer temple neck choker to look dolled up.

7.Designer Lotus Temple Necklace

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Lotus temple necklace is one of the prettiest designer jewelry. The new age brides are in love with this piece as it looks voguish. Royal gold jewelry is heavy before fashionable. But this is a design that breaks the stereotype designs of gold necklace. The royal gold necklace with lotus designs is extremely spectacular. The stones in the lotus make the temple necklace look prettiest. The necklace is also attached with the tiny bells which add the ethnicity to the temple lotus necklace.

This is of the latest designs of temple necklace. Every modern women will love this necklace as it is loaded with traditional designs.

8.Coin Garland


Coin garland necklace is one of the oldest jewelry piece. It is mostly worn by women in South Indian states. It is a crucial traditional necklace for South Indian brides. The necklace is made with coins and the coins are beautifully carved with Goddess Lakshmi. A simple necklace kasu mala is made into royal looking jewelry with kemp stones, rubies and other temple designs.

A South Indian is incomplete without this oldest ornament. So, the brides to be, can go for the trendy designs of coin garland temple necklace.

Coin garland necklace is also called as Kasu Mala or Kasula peru in Telugu.

9.Waist Belt with temple designs


Gold waist belts are make the women look well adorned. A royal Indian traditional women is always seen with waist belt in any special occasion. The modern gold waist belt are coming with raised traditional designs like Lord Ganesha motifs, peacock motifs. Every inch of waist belt is intricately designed and makes it a charming jewelry piece.

The new age brides will want to wear the royal looking but fashionable waist belts. But the latest waist belt are up to the modern taste, Indian tradition and charm. You can glance at one of the samples that are attached above for you.

10.Peacock gold studs earrings


The traditional stud earrings makes you a choosy jewelry shopper. You may not find every design suitable and fashionable. So, you can just look for peacock stud earrings with temple designs. The women who are fond of tucking their ears with stud earrings than hangings, will find these earrings the most beautiful.

The above attached earrings image is an wonderful sample peacock gold stud earrings with temple designs. You can choose the earrings with a small pearl drop as shown in the image. These earrings are perfect for special occasions to accessorize with your traditional outfits.

11.Giant rounded Lakshmi Pendent


Giant rounded pendents elevate your tradition and fashion sense. When you have to appear traditional and fashionable, you are can choose one such jewelry piece. The Lakshmi pendent is also surrounded by the beautiful peacock and and lotus designs.

You can choose a pendent that is made with intricate designs. Go for a Lakshmi pendent with details designs and kemp stones or white diamonds. These designs makes the pendent look as a perfect temple jewelry with prettiness flowing.

12.Peacock Lakshmi mala


Peacock designs are common for temple jewelry. But modern women look for the attractive and detailing that necklaces. The details peacock Lakshmi mala is a famous South Indian jewelry piece.

When you want to embrace your jewelry it must of your best choice and taste. The temple peacock Lakshmi mala let your embrace it with fashionable designs.

13.Neck choker with lord Ganesha Motif


There are some of the auspicious ornaments for Indians, especially for Indian brides. As a traditional Indian woman, you will love wearing temple necklaces. But all are not fashionable and attractive. If we go with the taste of modern women, they would look for a neck choker that is also woven with traditional designs. Then, you must look at the neck choker with lord Ganesha motifs. On one side it is a perfect traditional designs with Ganesha motifs and on other side is fully fashionable. Then, why would you drop on such beautiful temple jewelry.

14.Armlet with temple designs


Armlet comes in different styles based on the region. But all the armlet patterns are beautiful with temple designs. The armlet designs are loaded with traditional designs. It is a preferred ornament for Indian brides.

The latest armlets look stylish with the tiny hangings and pearl drops. The multi colour stones also make the armlet a delightful temple jewelry. An Indian bride can choose an armlet that is made with Goddess Lakshmi which makes it an auspicious jewelry piece for her.

15.Rani haar with temple designs


Rani haar is a must wear jewelry for North Indian brides. It is the most precious gift for a bride to receive from her family.

The necklaces have the significance which are worn near to heart. It is believed that it works for emotions and to strengthen love for a bride. After knowing this significance, how a bride cannot wear the beautiful Rani haar. Moreover, Rani haar is made with beautiful temple designs like layered chains, pendents and pearls.

16.Chandra haar with temple designs


If you are fan of layered traditional necklaces, then you will love Chandra haar. Chandra haar comes with the layered chains. And it can gold ball chains or pearl beaded chains.

Chandra haar is one of the auspicious jewelry for North Indian brides. So, this precious ornament can be woven with fashionable temple designs. The latest chandra haar necklaces are coming with pretty pendents. You can see how a chandra haar looks with the temple designs.

17.Bangle with temple designs


Bangles with diamonds and pearls are routine. If you want a simply unique bangles, then you can pick the one which got the temple designs.

The bangles are broaden with the alluring designs. Let your hands be wrapped with a pair of golden temple designed bangles. You can make style statement wearing such bangles. The brimful designed bangles are apt temple jewelry for modern Indian brides. The bangles with full of traditions will give you a bride a princely feeling and attitude.

18.Goddess Lakshmi Gold Stud Earrings


I fell in love with intricacy of the stud earrings. You can have a look at the above temple stud earrings. If you are looking for a set of special earrings, then you must consider this in your list of favourites. Adding such kind of temple jewelry to your gold jewelry makes you not a fashionable woman but also a classy traditional woman.

19.Nakshi temple Jewelry


Painting artists pain beautifully and make a plain paper sheet the beautiful one. The same way, Nakshi jewelry is made with plain gold into majestic jewelry with designs of gods, goddess and other designs. It is a unique kind of temple jewelry that you can wear for royal appearance.

You have Nakshi temple necklaces, armlets, pendents. Also You can go for Nakshi temple jewelry.

Most importantly, You will fall in love with every jewelry piece with temple designs. The temple jewelry is trending with plenty fashionable designs.The fondness for jewelry must be increased with the our traditions and culture. This makes you a Indian woman who represent Indian style and traditions. If you are woman who believes in raising fashion Indian essence, then you will fall for temple jewelry.

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