A Mesmerizing And An Amazing Haldi Ceremony

How To Plan A Successful Haldi Ceremony

Turmeric or Haldi, holds a special place in almost all the auspicious ceremonies in India. It is considered so auspicious, that an entire ceremony in an Indian wedding is dedicated to it. You might have seen, many haldi ceremonies before the wedding. But, do you know why this ceremony is considered auspicious? Well, here are few theories that according to the ancient text, states the significance for this ritual;

One of the most believed theory is that, it keeps ‘buri nazar’ or evil eye away. It wards off the evil spirits, from the bride and groom. That is the reason why they are not allowed to leave the house, after this ceremony, till the mahurat. In the Indian tradition, the yellow colour of turmeric is considered very auspicious. It is believed that this colour ushers prosperity for the couple, who is starting a new life together. Haldi or turmeric is also know to leave the skin fair and glowing, as well it acts as an antiseptic. It is also considered to purify and clean the body because of its effective exfoliating properties. For imparting all these benefits of haldi to the new couple, a Haldi ceremony is carried out.

The most fun haldi ceremony is the one that has all the aspects of planning worked out properly. If you are looking forward to planning a haldi ceremony, here are a few tips on how to plan a successful haldi ceremony for your wedding.

Tips On Planning A Haldi Ceremony

1Plan on what to wear

Plan on that to wear

Not only is your wedding and post-wedding dress important, But planning for pre-wedding ceremony dresses like for your mehendi, haldi, etc, is also pretty much important. There are varieties of selection to wear for the haldi ceremony, like evergreen sarees, plain sarees with printed or embroidered blouses are also in vogue these days. They never look too mainstream. Even your bridesmaids can join the group by wearing the same colour sarees. You can even adorn it with jewellery like the kamarbandh, lots of bangles, head chain or a statement necklace.

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2Decoration is the key

Decoration is the key

Just like the wedding, even for pre-wedding rituals decoration plays the most important role. When the guests visit your place the first thing that they notice is the decoration. As it is a pre-wedding ritual, it is not compulsory to have a grand decoration. Minimal as well as simple but authentic and beautiful decorations will do. You can also ask your wedding planner, for the decoration of your haldiceremony. Now impress your guests, with some awestruck or stunning artifacts.

3Understand the need of the guests

Understand the need of the guests

Unless you are planning to organize a small haldi ceremony, remember that understanding the needs of the guests is also very important part of every ceremony. The suggestion is, when the ceremony is over, people who have come from a little far away places, to see your ceremony expect something a little more. You can serve them tea or snacks or coffee or if you see that your ceremony is going to be late in the afternoon, then you can organize for a lunch, you can return their favours by gifting them small items like, bangles, fabric kadas, embroidered clutches, and many more.

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4Plan the music

Plan the music

This is the most important part when you plan a haldi ceremony for your wedding. Sometimes guests mark these ceremonies on the basis of how much fun they had on your wedding, and where there is fun involved, there is music. When the ceremony is done. There will be pretty much nothing to do for the guests. All they will do is sit and chat, then why not provide them with some fun and happiness. Not only it can be karaoke with dhol, but you can also play some Bollywood music at the ceremony.

5Best impression starts with food

Best impression starts with food

Well, it is a universal truth. The best impression starts from the delicious food served. If you want to impress your guests, then the second and the most important thing that your guests will notice is how delicious, the food at your pre-wedding or wedding rituals were. When the ceremony is over, be it the time for lunch, or for dinner, they would love something nice to eat, after a hectic day. No, wonder we all do! Everybody appreciates good food. So, have a happy eating.

This rituals are some of the techniques to try, at your Planning the most perfect haldi ceremony. If you have anymore ideas, then please share with us. Have a lovely haldi ceremony and a blissful life.

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