Scintillating Earrings To Wear Everyday


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Earrings To Wear Everyday

Earring are women’s everyday best friend after diamonds. Who does not love to wear a different set of earring. Every function, or parties or even to go to work, needs a lot of dressing to do. And earrings are one of the main parts in dressing up.

For a presentable look and to differ from normal days, different set of earring gives different kind of appearance every single day. Like if you are bored from stud earrings, go for hoops or even can choose from drop earrings and a variety of others. Here are some earrings to wear everyday and change your look.

Variety Of Earrings To Wear



Stud earrings are one of the very famous type of earrings you will see every day. Even you might have some for yourself. Stud earrings give you the look of a bold and beautiful chick. Studs are very small and different from other earrings. There are many styles to follow for stud earrings, like diamond and gemstone stud earrings are good to go with your work outfits as well as casual weekend outfits. For various occasions silver studs are good to go. Remember to keep a pair of different novelty designed silver studs. Think of wearing any old outfit? Then you can go with bright coloured studs, it will show life in your outfit without overpowering

2Gold Earrings

Gold Earrings

If you are tired of everyday studs, and want to bring some nice and complementary changes in your earring outfit, try Gold Earrings for a change. These are great for daily wears, durable can wear as many times as you want. It will not get damaged if poorly managed or extended with an over time period. There are different types of gold earrings. Like white gold which will go with your light coloured dresses and yellow gold earrings can go with your dark coloured dresses.

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If you don’t want anything more dramatic and loves simplicity, then go for small and thin hoop earrings. It will give you the shine, trend and style. It goes with whatever you wear from your wardrobe. With different kind of hoop earrings every day, you can keep your style simple, fresh and elegant. Try to collect different kinds of hoop earrings, not oversized, which will make you look a lot more fashionable.

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4Drop Earrings

Drop Earrings

Drop earrings always add extra sparkle in your fashion and style, they do not add much drama in your work fashion or shopping with friends. Drop earrings which are made like a teardrop and have clean lines gives modern appeal. But if you have a little heavier dangling like gemstones, it will move with your head. These earrings will give attention to your eyes and smile. You can add modern circles in hoops or interlocked hoops in your collection.

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5Fun Shapes

Fun Shapes

Earring are not only for style statement. You can try to make some fun with them. Fun shapes earringsare different kinds of earrings in different and bizzare shapes and sizes. For simple looks go for any simple fun shaped earrings, which are good to go with your office fashion. And if you want to be bold and dramatic go for heavy made fun shaped earrings. Like you can use it for casual outing with friends. Parties, etc

With lot to choose, earrings are special to every women.

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