Different jewelry pieces every woman should own


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Jewelry Pieces

If you are one of those women who love shopping, then you should definitely know about the amazing types of dresses a woman should own. The same way, a woman should own few jewelry pieces that are a definite mandate in her life. We are going to tell you what all are the different jewelry pieces every woman should have in her jewelry box. These jewelry pieces are extremely important because by age and time, trends change. When trends change, fashion changes too.

Here Are Some Must Have Jewelry Pieces

1Statement Necklace

Statement Necklace

What is a statement necklace? Something that stands out even without great pairing of other jewelry! In fact, a statement necklace is a great fashion nowadays in the fashion industry. The whole concept of statement jewelry is that you can top it with any outfit that you are wearing and look extremely pretty. If you are planning for a deep V neckline, you should choose a bold and bright necklace which will look great on your outfit. Even if it is a shirt or a plain top, statement jewelry would be the best choice if you want to make a fashion statement. With fashion and trend changing, there are different kinds of statement jewelries out there in the market. If you invest in good statement jewelry, you can consider wearing it on occasions where you don’t have to dress up much, but still look dressed. Investment on statement jewelry is never a waste, ladies!

2Supersized Ring

Supersized Ring

The whole idea of over sizing of jewelry pieces is that it will look cool and it will make you stand out from the crowd. While there are so many people who would immediately go for smaller rings that make a good impression on daily outfits, we would suggest that you break the boring pattern. It would be even more exciting if you can buy something stylish, trendy and obviously big! Make sure you choose one of those amazing colors that go with your skin tone. An oversized ring can do a lot of magic when it comes to your tiny beautiful fingers. You can just wear an oversized ring, a statement necklace and let go of earrings! You will look fab, trust me!



Some women don’t prefer earrings at all and some prefer danglers. But what about hoops? Hoops are the most classic and elite kind of earrings. Whether it is gold or silver, you should definitely own a pair of hoops. Since you are going to buy it in gold or silver, it will be useful for your future also. So, investing on this particular jewelry is definitely an added advantage for you. If you are done with the hoops, don’t worry. You can still pass your heritage by giving it to your daughter or your son’s fiancé. That way you know that the investment has paid well. You don’t have to buy anything fancy if you are a simple person. Hoops are well known for plain small type, so make sure you get the right one for you and the future.

4Stud earrings

Stud earrings

Every woman would definitely love to wear stud earrings. They are easy, not long or embarrassing. Easy to fit in with any professional look and makes your face look appropriate. If you are planning to wear a bun, then stud earrings go perfectly well. You can be specific with the color. Choose a color that pairs with your eye color or a totally cool color that stands out and speaks for itself. A pair of black studs has been always a classic choice. But colors like blue, green and red are beautiful and very mesmerizing! It is up to you though!

5Floral watch

Floral watch

Floral watches are not in trend now, but trust me, you can start the trend. A Floral vintage watch is a great accessory for every woman. It gives out the perfect meaning of elegance and sense of style. Choose a floral watch that can be worn for all the clothes and outfits. Whether you are a watch person or not, at least for the heck of the beautiful floral watch, you should consider buying one! A high quality defines watch will definitely be a great choice.

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6Silver anklets

Silver anklets

Ankle chains are the most beautiful and recently invented trend in the fashion industry. You don’t have to wear it on both the legs. One leg anklets are available in shops nowadays. All you have to do is find the perfect color, the type and the size. Make sure you don’t buy a fat one because when it is worn, it should look elite. So, go for a medium sized ankle chain which has embellishments on it. Go for your choice because there are lots of different shapes in ankle chains. When you wear a Capri, dress or a hoopla dress, you can wear even your ankle chain. You will definitely look good, trust me!

-Pavithra Ravi

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