How to Handle Jealous Female Co-workers?


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We face many challenges in professional life. How you tackle them is the point. And note the point- all the challenges don’t come in the form of work and tasks at office. A few come in the form of people around you. Yes! Your coworkers and their thoughts about you.

We can’t expect it to be smooth all the time at the workplace. Targets and deadlines are manageable but how it is to have jealous coworkers. Until you don’t realize the negativity around you, it is fine. But it is different after realizing.

Jealousy is out of negative thoughts. It is always better to stay away from something negative be it anywhere. Agree that it is not so easy to stay away from colleagues as teamwork must have more weightage in the office. So, how do you handle jealous coworkers without affecting your work?

Learn To Handle Your Jealous Coworkers

If people are showcasing their jealousy, then it is easy for you to handle. All don’t show it off or all don’t hide it. So, know it by yourself and feel the negative vibes.

And we don’t give some harsh ways to deal with jealous people. The situations could be the reason for their jealousy. So, we found some kind but strong ways to handle the jealous coworkers as it is included in achieving work life balance.

1. Let Them Participate

Let-them-participateJust check if you are grabbing all chances to win everywhere. Of course! You are excelling where you are but also need to observe other feelings. You are not harming but it is still hurting someone. Correct this unintentional thought by allowing others to participate.

They may come up to you for help and guidance. Share your thoughts and skills. If still it is not happening and your coworkers want to hold the jealousy, then you can’t help it.

You don’t deserve to get the jealous or bad treatment as you have put real efforts into understanding and letting someone grow along with you.

2. Talk To Them A Bit More

Talk-to-them-a-bit-moreWhen you are behaving reserved this seems like arrogance to someone. Though they are just reserved, it seems different in others’ views. So, whenever you have a chance, go and mingle with your coworkers. If they are showing off their attitude still, then you can revert with silence as your answer.

Afterall, you can’t ask someone to like you or force them to be good to you. It is about how we change when there is negativity.

If you can break the silence and once the misunderstandings go in the air, it will change it all. Sometimes, we don’t understand people much but still maintain distance. Then talking is needed to clear these doubts. This is how coworkers become your best friends. Not in all cases though!

3. Don’t Share Your All Greats

Dont-share-your-all-greatsLet me be honest! Jealous of what you are seeing because you are doing best. This provokes the ego of others in the workplace.

Your best work and contribution or perfection is bothering someone. So, don’t showcase your best every time as all dont have good intentions on what you are doing.

You are just flowing with your capabilities and smartness. But it is a common tendency of humans that we feel inferiority complex when seeing some great qualities in someone. In one word, I can describe it as “naive”. Everyone is not mature enough to watch your success and encourage you to do much better.

4. Give Them Credits

Give-them-creditsAppreciation among coworkers is very important. As you are a team, you need to support and lift up each other. This helps you get closer to your colleagues and work better in a peaceful environment. So, instead of showing the hatred back, work with kindness and calm it down.

You may ask now, “Why do we need to appreciate someone?” Then think how else you can get off this ego issues and negativity at the workplace. Anyways, you are not at loss if you appreciate or give credits to someone.

Moreover, it shows your kindness and makes it clear for them that you don’t hold a grudge, ego. Easy going is very much needed in the workplace which can also handle jealous coworkers.

5. Isolate Yourself For Some Time

Isolate-yourself-for-some-tWhen you are in need of some peace, isolation helps heaps. So, take a break from the continuous thoughts and murmurs from coworkers. You need your space to create some peace for yourself.

Get into a cafeteria and make a hot cup of coffee or tea and then relax for a few minutes. Take in the aroma of the coffee and release all the mess in your mind that kept your troubling all that while.

If you are carrying thoughts, you can’t even work or focus on your tasks. So, a quick break is a must. You can collect yourself and then get back to work with a bang of energy.

6. Control Your Emotions

Control-your-emotionsHow hard is it to take when some is uncooperative? At home or with friends you can still take it for a while. But at the workplace, it makes your day hectic with tasks on one side and jealous from the other side. It keeps bugging you inside that you inside. Then you have to hold your horses.

Learn to ignore then automatically the emotions stay in control. If every small thing is counting for you, then you tend to react more. When you can control your emotions, you can also deal with criticism at work.

This can make the worm environment unpleasant for you and others too. The best and simple thing to do is ignore and control yourself. Think of it and it will make sense for sure.

7. Don’t Sound Bossy


When addressing a problem or requirement to complete a task at work, see that you are polite. Do Not sound bossy which triggers jealousy in some people. Friendly relationships with coworkers is only when you give and take respect.

Sometimes it is annoying for you to handle everything at once. But there are ways to get work done even from annoying people.

They could be a situation where you have to be rigid. Then you must also give your reasons for being so. If it is a self explanatory situation and the kind rapport you have makes it sound normal. So, consider all these things when you are conveying or seeking any kind of help from your coworkers.

8. Equal Treatment

Equal-treatmentEqual treatment is very much important at the workplace. Some people go in their career path without any breaks. This gets them all the attention though they don’t strive for it. The thing that you must remember here is not to treat someone more or less.

When you get attention or appreciation from your manager, you can happily take it. A few people take it as pride and use it as a power. And sometimes, this seems like impartiality to the other employees. To avoid all these kinds of thoughts, you must interact and communicate with your colleagues. This can avoid bringing your clashes or differences among the team.

If you are ignoring it without giving any attention to all this, this becomes their point of jealousy. This is not good for you as well.

9. Smile It Away


Add a little more patience that you normally have. When you are noticing someone is jealous about you, just smile at them. Just “kill with kindness”. They become blank when you smile and take the eyes off you. This unnecessary attention which is negative must be answered with a smile.

When a smile can set everything perfect, why not be jealous? Even you also feel better doing this. At least you will get to work on your best rather than thinking about something of no use.

10. Maintain Professionalism


It is not as easy as said! But you can’t go in someone’s path to revert back to them. Stay in your way and deal professionally. Connect less with the people who are jealous of you.

Until jealousy is within limits it is fine. Sometimes people cross these limits immaturity and make it problematic for others. After seeing that you are getting jealous without limits, then prepare to face it.

Have all those professional qualities and no place for friendship where there is unstoppable jealousy. Your preparedness can deal with anything! Trust me!

11. Don’t Get Mad


The more you react and show your anger, it gets more toxic. So, better dont give them attention or a chance to enjoy watching you suffer. I would suggest you take a deep breath when you see someone backbiting you.

You must realize that it cannot damage you in any way. Their toxicity is with them and your goodness is your strength. Also don’t tolerate bullying or hatred that comes out of jealousy from your coworkers. If you want to answer then keep it straight and professional.

12. Don’t Focus On Their Mistakes


I understand how the process of pointing out the mistakes goes. Though the mistakes are displayed clearly, you don’t have to focus on them. You must be compassionate and help them if you can.

Yes! We repeat you to be compassionate and polite even with people who are against you. It is also important to understand others while you are giving your best. With this their perception of seeing you may change. They may realize their mistake of showing or feeling jealous for you. Coworkers can be the sweetest if you can give them a chance.

You know all these but don’t know how to put it in action as you are busy managing your work life and personal life. The compassion or kindness everything is to set yourself in a better place to work. It must not affect your work life or productivity. Better work is when you have peace and calmness. Unity is the main factor to lead the role at work!

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