Quick Tips To Have Happier And Positive Mornings


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Tips On Happier Mornings

Mornings are the worst part of getting up in every person’s life. Not matter how much early we sleep. But sometimes after getting up we do something or the other that makes our whole day miserable or suffering. Mornings have never been anybody’s favourite time, especially if you stayed up late in the night before. But you can start your day well as possible as you can and there are plenty of reasons to do so. Here are a few tips on happier mornings by easing yourself and staying positive and calm.

Tips For Happier And Positive Mornings

1Sleep with Blinds Half Open

Sleep with Blinds Half Open

I know nobody likes to sleep with their blinds even a little bit open. But there is a plus point in it. When you sleep like that, the natural light of the rising sun will send signals to brains on slowing down the production of melatoninand bumping up the levels of adrenaline. Which means an indication to wake up. So when the alarm starts ringing you are already half awake.

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2Set Alarm fifteen Minutes Ahead

Set Alarm fifteen Minutes Ahead

By setting your alarm this way you don’t have to jump out of bed and rush. You can begin your day slowly waking up instead of lying in bed. Try to stretch yourself, listen to news headlines or try mentally running through on what to have for breakfast. It is important to prepare yourself mentally and physically for the upcoming day ahead. These few minutes in bed before anyone else is all yours.

3Stretch Your Body

Stretch Your Body

Stretching after waking or getting up from the bed is the best and healthy way of having a happier morning. Try stretching every extremity of your body for a minimum of fifteen seconds. Try stretching even before you open your eyes. You can start by lifting your arm and stretching each finger, with hands, wrist and then your arm. Then try moving to the other arm. Then later with your toes, ankles, feet and legs. Finally ending with neck and back stretching that can help in moving you out of the bed. By doing this you’ve limbered your muscles and joints which can enhance the flow of the blood in your body and by providing extra oxygen to all the tissues.

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4Get Motivated

Get Motivated

When you wake up in the morning try reading a motivational quote. This can provide a motivational frame throughout the day. This sort of self-help talk can keep you motivated with all the unlike negative morning news. Another things you can try is using a motivational mantra that can provide meditation like burst or read and recite a poem to help focusing.

5Take Vitamins

Take Vitamins

If you are consuming a well-balanced diet and are healthy then multivitamins may or may not offer any additional benefits. But if you have an habit of skipping meals or if you are going through a period of not eating healthy foods then multivitamin and mineral pill can ensure you in getting all the essential micro nutrients in your body. You can think it as a sort of insurance policy. Try keeping these supply multivitamins visible so you can remember to take them every morning.

6Avoid Decision Making

Avoid Decision Making

If you want to have a relaxing morning then it is better to reduce the number of decision making choices to zero. You can do this in two ways: first try making your morning decisions in the night before. For example what to wear at work or what to have for breakfast or which road to take for work, etc. Second try making your morning routine as much possible.



You can even try cuddling to get relief from stress. Try cuddling your partner or children or anybody you love first thing in the morning. Try gently cuddling your children and loving them in the morning or if you have husband then try cuddling him, this will help both of your from relieving from stress.

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