How Not To Break New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions

Whenever a new year arrives, you may make plans or new year resolutions to do this and to do that. For example; do more exercise, eat more healthy, quit smoking or quit drinking, and many more. But, have you ever thought on how many of you stick to it? Well, yeah a matter to think about. Maybe you stick to the resolution, maximum for the first month, then the life changes or the goals, and you keep on repeating the same process. Uh!

I know how difficult is it to stick to all the changes or say “control” your feelings when you are having an urge and in the end giving up for it. So here, are some tips how you can stick to your new year resolutions, and live a healthy life.

Reasons to stick to New year resolutions

1Change the name

Change the name

May be changing the word on how it sounds can help? Well, if it do for you then great. Most of the time, when you hear the word resolution, it sounds “all or nothing” or too vague. So instead, try to think of it as a goal and then try to come up with the strategies on how to meet it. Set new goals at your work, think that you are working for your goal, not any resolution. Hmm! Why didn’t this come to my mind earlier? Well, better late than never. My fitness new year resolutions, or goals start from changing the name.

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2Think about what is really important

Think about what is really important

Firstly, try to think about what is important to you and then come up with a targeted goal. It does not have to be any usual things like weight loss or fitness goals. Try to think about why this goal is so important for you and also make sure the goal is realistic. Setting unrealistic goals can make you fail. I wish, that I could have done it when in college. Like study more, in small portions a new, new year resolutions.

3Break long-term goals

Break long-term goals

Secondly, try to break your long term goals and then set them into smaller and more manageable new year resolutions. Like instead of going and studying at one go on the exam night, you can start with weekly or even monthly study goal. Study goals can be boring, but when done, looks easy.

4Put your plan in writing

Put your plan in writing

Well the most important part, it can be whether on a computer or even in a notebook, writing down the goals can increase the chances of meeting them. It can some how also make it more concrete. Just how I thought that I will remember the news,and by the time I reach home, I will forget everything. Writing is the most important thing.

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5Do something

Do something

Try to set your plan in action by working on it, now. For example; sign up for a computer class, or join a local gym, or even start studying if you are a student, or start working if you are an employee. Once when you start taking an action, instead of just thinking about it, your chances of meeting the goal are increased. Trust me, it happens. The more you act on it, the more near you are on to the goals of your life.

6Buddy up

Buddy up

You can also try to enlist the help of your spouse, or significant other, or your family or a friend. Help is important. The more support you will get, the greater your chances will be about meeting the goals. Yeah, the more support the more success. Help someone, so that they will help you. Helping each other makes the life more simpler.

7Learn from the past

Learn from the past

If you are deciding on to making the same new year resolutions, that you have made in previous years, try to analyze on what went wrong in the past. You must learn from your past mistakes and try out a different technique. Learning from the past is important, but dwindling in it is not at all appropriate.

8Create momentum

Create momentum

For example, say your resolution is to get on track on your work. If you have a good idea on why you are behind in your work, then do not wait until you have an exhaustive as well as thorough analysis. Try to Bump up your contributions right away — even if it is only very little. Just like it help me in my sweet old college days.

Now, now, it seems I am dwindling more on my past.

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