13 Awesome Wall Mirror Decor Ideas For Stylish Home Interior


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Mirrors are the trending style for home decor. The living space is more happening when it is brighter and stylish. So, how does mirrors help in adding brightness must be your question now. The light from the windows reflect on the mirrors and makes your house brighter than without mirrors.

To bright up the your house, you can place the mirrors here and there. You must make it modish and decorative. Here are some of the ideas of mirror wall to add beauty to your house. Some are ready made for some you must design with little creativity.

The wall mirrors designs and decorations are simply classy. Now accessorize your home with mirrors and get that style, brightness.

Wall Mirror Designs And Decorations

1. Choose a framed mirror


Framed wall mirrors designs are plenty. You have vintage designs of these wall mirrors. When you hang a framed mirror on the wall, it is equal to a beautiful painting or a wall hanging.

You can get the wooden or metal carved framed mirrors. When you are choosing the framed mirrors consider the shape and size. The colour of the frame also must be blending with the walls.

A multi colour framed mirror is makes the light colour wall look nicest. For a bright colour wall, go with a white, silver framed mirror. Wooden framed wall mirrors are the most classy that are mostly suitable for any background.

If you want to get the vintage look, then you must go for golden framed mirror which is ultimate vintage wall mirror idea. Check out some of the framed wall mirrors that we attached for your better idea.

2. Get a mirror wall hanging


You have the mirror wall hangings which are simple and can be decently part of the walls. Mirror hangings also come with nice quotes which are

3. Mirror hanging with fairy light


If you are have a simple wall mirror at your home, then add shine to it with fairy lights. This is a wonderful idea to decor your home for parties. Just hanging the fairy lights around the mirror makes the wall look decorated.

If the mirror is coloured, then get the plain fairy lights. Colours of the frame reflect in the fairy lights and it looks lovely. For plain mirror, the colour fairy lights are the new accessories.

This is a creative and simplest idea to design your home for evening parties and during festive times.

4. Floral shaped wall mirrors


If you want your home decor is nature inspired, then you must choose such accessories. The floral designs designs like leaf, flowers are pretty.

5. Photo gallery around mirror


The photo gallery is a routine decorative idea in most of the houses. Let your sweet memories decor your home but adding a mirror in between is a fantastic idea.

The wall looks more colour and little brighter with mirror and photo frames. As the photo frames are mostly square shaped and oval or round shaped, you must choose a rectangle shaped mirror.

6. Mirror collage

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Mirror collage is another innovative wall decor idea. I would like to add a brilliant idea that makes the mirror collage unique. You must get the mirrors of different shaped and collage them.

The uneven shaped mirrors are amazing to be fixed on the wall together. This may not seem like a great idea but you can experiment it once and you will love it everyday.

The simple framed mirrors are more than enough to decorate your wall. This is a perfect wall mirror design for living room.

7. Honey comb wall mirror


Honeycomb wall mirrors are another beautiful accessory that you can get for your home. It is a sophisticated decorating idea for walls.

Spreading the honeycomb mirrors on the wall is a wise idea. You don’t have to decorate it much as it does enough stylish. This is an accessory that covers wide space of the wall.

This kind of wall mirrors are for living room as you would have extra space to decorate. If you a spacious bedroom and want to decorate with mirror, then honeycomb mirror idea is amazing.

8. Metal wall mirror


Do you have metal decor at your home? If you have then, you will love to get another metal beauty to accessorize your lovely home.

The metal wall mirrors are alluring with delicate designs. Metal elevates even the simple spiral and leaf designs. On the light coloured walls, the metal mirrors look magnificent.

The small size metal wall mirror makes your bedroom modish. You can also place such mirrors in living room which are more like a statement accessory again. If you want to choose wall mirror for entrance, then metal one is simply apt. Your entrance looks beautiful with a metal wall mirror hanging.

9. Starbust wall mirror

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The starbust wall mirror is a the statement piece that you can add to your house. You can place it in living room which draws attention with the broaden shape.

The latest starbust wall mirrors are coming various designs. If you want to be make a DIY starbust wall mirror, then watch the tutorial and make one.

Making a collage of the wall mirrors with starbust design is a creative idea. For this, you need to get or make tiny starbust wall mirrors. The decorated space becomes the most attractive part of your house. This is an idea that goes with modern designed houses.

10. White mirror on colourful wall


Even though you beautifully get the walls painted, something falls short. May be the painting is missing some class. Hanging and white framed mirrors sets everything right.

You can check out how charming this idea look from above image. It is a perfect contrast that cannot fail. Always remember- contrast colour game also works for home decor.

Even if your wall is painted with multi colour, the minimal designed wall mirror looks lovely. It is like simplicity balancing the vibrant colour splashed walls.

If you have a vibrant monochromatic coloured wall, even then this mirror decoration is great to go. This decorating idea is for living room where the wall painting is goes on wide space.

11. Shelf mirror


Shelf mirrors are super cool! It is simple idea that is stylish and useful. Anyways, you use the shelves which are fixed at any corner of the house. So, why not mirror shelves which are more also stylish accessories.

You can check out the images of mirror shelves in the above images. You can also place the other decor piece like flower vases and tiny houseplants which enchant the wall side. This become eyeful when you someone sights causally as well.

A wooden framed mirror shelf is great to be part of your home decor. You can make best use out of this simple accessory.

Imagine, a decorative mirror also a shelf in living room, bedroom. These are good to be placed in bathrooms as you can arrange your sanitary kits. You can organize the things, you can look at yourself and it does the styling wherever you place. This is a simple idea that is extremely impressive.

12. Hang a mirror clock


A mirror clock is just a wow idea! Clock are always a part of home decor. And if mirror is the idea to decorate your home, then you can simple get a mirror clock and hang it up.

Mirror made clock is delicate and elegant. This is wonderful on the colourful walls which are decorated with murals and paintings. Mirror clocks are available in several designs to suit different backgrounds.

If you want a decorated mirror clock, then pick a well designed one. If you want to be a minimal clock for bright walls, then look for the simple one.

13. Nature inspired wall mirrors


Wall mirrors look prettier with nature inspired designs like flora, birds and butterflies. The creeping leaf designs and the colour butterflies are something that steals your heart.

The metal or wooden carved mirrors with nature inspired designs are simply classy to be hung on the smooth walls. You can get a mirror wall with nature inspired design for bedroom designing or even for living for room.

Upgrade your interior with the wall mirror designs and decorations. There are wall mirrors which are ready made. You can add your creativity in fixing them on the walls. You will be amazed to look how beautiful the plain walls turn out to be with alluring mirror decor.

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