14 Embroidery Designs for Wall Hangings – A Beautiful Integral Part Of Home


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Wall hangings are the latest way of decorating the house. If you are looking for trendy ideas, then don’t miss the wall hangings. The best choice to look for is embroidered wall hangings.

Women show great interest in decorating houses. Everything that they look for interior decor attracts. But everything is not suitable for your house. You will know it when you can have the various ideas. You must also consider your house design and the other decor to select a decorative piece. Here, we are giving away the best embroidery designs that are ever trendy on wall hangings.

You can look out for these designs of embroidery wall hangings. We have listed the designs which can also be made at home. See if you can make any embroidery wall hangings from these designs.

Embroidery Designs For Wall Hangings

The wall hangings are trending and differ making fashion pieces for home decor. When you are browsing and scrolling the wall decor ideas, you will find many of the embroidery designs. But you may also need an idea of what suits and the trending pieces. We have picked the wall hangings which become an integral part of your home, not just the wall.

1. Wishes Embroidery


Embroidering letters is one of the most interesting techniques. It will always have a personal touch and you can make many little sayings. The products can be many like napkins, kerchiefs, dresses, bags, pouches, and wallets.

You can also experiment with various font styles. The things you should keep in mind while trying a letter embroidery is the font size, legibility, appearance, and quote size.

The minimal quote is nicer and easier. Small quotes or lines will be easy to make. Small quotes or lines will be effective and it is important to keep an eye catching message. Fun quotes on any products work really well and can put a smile on your loved one’s face.

2. Animal Motifs Embroidery

Animal patterns for embroidery are very adorable. Animal lovers would love to use products embellished with such patterns. Animal motifs are in trend right now and you can always make it personalized by doing the animal pattern according to the person’s choice.

If you cannot decide on one animal remember you can always make a circus themed animal pattern. Many animals together would look even more appealing. When making an animal pattern embroidery always focus on the detailing. Details give life to the animal pattern embroidery.

3. Floral Designed Embroidery

Flower design patterns are everyone’s favorite. Flower embroidery patterns are many and are unique from each other. Flowers have so many elements that make them unique. Flowers can be embroidered from vintage motifs to modern motifs and still remain as a classic piece. You can make a flower bouquet, flower garden, a flower Garland and winter/autumn wreath.

These patterns will always stay in trend as floral embroidery looks beautiful when it’s complicated and simple too. The only thing a floral design pattern requires is playing with colors and combining the best color themes.

4. Lord Ganesh Embroidery


Lord Ganesh’s embroidery pattern is one of the most famous patterns. This has been used on various products like wall hangings, wedding cards, keychains, and photos frames. These embroideries are a sign of devotion. We also give these for good luck and for a good beginning. There are various sizes and shapes of Lord Ganesh one can experiment.

They can do a minimal one color symbol to an intricate version of Lord Ganesh. These products with Lord Ganesh patterns are surely passing on to the future generations and people would still make creative patterns of Lord Ganesh embroidery.

5. Peacock Embroidery


Peacock embroidery has always experimented with every product. One of the most used bird motifs. It is surely a beautiful bird and artists have made the fullest use of its beauty and colors. There are many versions of peacock motifs and every motif is unique in its own ways. They have motifs from the traditional form of Peacock to the stylized form of Peacock.

The peacock itself has so many elements and colors within it. Artists can surely make use of the color palette and use shades from the same family. One can also add flowers and stems around a peacock motif to make it even more interesting.

6. Tree Embroidery


Tree embroidery patterns have evolved into elaborate and exotic trees with many more elements to the tree. Trees have always been part of Indian art forms. They have been part of traditional Indian handicrafts like kalamkari, Warli, Gond, Pattachitra, and Madhubani. All these art forms have a tree of life as the traditional motifs. Tree of life is one of the famous motifs every artist makes use of.

The tree of life motif is surrounded by vases, animals, or birds. The flowers and leaves are the most important elements. The concept of trees is becoming stylized but one should surely make use of tree of life for a classic piece.

This motif can be used on many products like wall hangings, photos frames, book covers, bags, apparels, cushions, and accessories.

7. Mandala Embroidery


Mandalas have been used in every work of art. Mandalas are a very popular trend in every product. They are the spiritual symbol of Buddhism and Hinduism. It’s a symbolic representation of the universe. The coloring process of mandala is relaxing hence people are making the fullest use of it on textiles too.

Mandalas of every size are perfect and the colors can be anything based on one’s mood. The intricacy of these motifs makes them look beautiful. Mandalas on every product will look appealing. It is an easy handmade design to make at home. If you have the basic stitching skills, then you must surely try this out.

8. Geometric Patterned Embroidery


Geometric patterns are versatile and perfect for embroidery. Geometric patterns have been associated with architecture and textiles for ages. It is one of the most decorative elements used. Geometric patterns are easy.

The geometric patterns are formed by combining different geometric shapes. They are unique for the abstract style, repetitive motifs, and symmetric style. Geometric patterns are very colorful and eye catchy. These patterns are also in trend nowadays and have been widely used in every possible way.

They are surely going to stay long in the fashion and home decor industry. These patterns can be used on many products like jackets, bags, cushions, wall hangings, shoes, and photo frames.

9. Vintage Style Embroidery


Vintage style embroidery has a lovely look that grants all the attention. The colours and designs are charming. If you are a fan of vintage designs, then you can find several wall hangings with vintage style embroidery.

The motifs and the patterns of vintage style reflect Indian traditions. The threads and material that is used to make vintage embroidery are what makes it attractive. If you are looking for an idea of vintage style embroidered wall hanging then have a look at the above.

10. Multi Colour Embroidery


Multicolour embroidery is the brightest kind of wall decor to hang on the walls. I would suggest to get multi colour wall hanging for light or pastel colour walls. It elevates the design of wall hangings.

The various colours together look prettier when you put it on the walls. It looks breathtaking and not overstyled. Glance at the sample that is attached to your idea.

You have various embroidery designs for wall hanging with multi colours. Also, look for the right colour combinations. If you are making a handmade embroidery wall hanging at home, then you can experiment it with your favourite colours. You know better what suits your house and decor. Choose modern colours to make a multicolour embroidery wall hanging.

11. Sequined Embroidery


If you want the embroidery design to look outstanding and not simple, then your walls must be of light colour. Then, your choice is the best. You have several mesmerizing designs with sequined embroidery for wall hangings.

You can pick the one which comes with theme design with sequin embroidery. The various designs like Gods and Goddess, animals, and nature look extremely great on wall hangings.

The brightness of the sequin makes the wall hanging look brightest one where you don’t have to add anything else on the wall. A one sequined embroidery wall hanging can style a big space of the wall. Once have a look at the above design how lovely it looks with the bright and colour sequins.

12. Leaf Embroidery

Greenery is beautiful in any form! The houseplants are an attractive part of the house. Another way to get greenery is hanging embroidery with leaf designs. The wall hangings decorate the walls in an attractive way.

It catches your eyes with intricate detailing. A minimal designed leaf embroidery is perfectly put on the bright walls. If your house walls are plain, then get a wall hanging with bright coloured leaf embroidery. This makes your house look decorated with super attractive designs.

13. Zari Embroidery


Zari embroidery is the most beautiful and royal looking on wall hangings. If you know that zari is only used for outfits, then see how alluring it looks on wall hangings. It brings a traditional look to your walls.

The Indian traditional designs are pretty and royal. You can also make a theme of Indian traditions in which zari embroidery wall hanging can be part. You can browse and find the various designs that are trending with this idea.

14. Folk Dancers Embroidery


How beautiful it is when a simple fabric turns into a decor piece!

You will feel this in your mind when you look at the folk dancers embroidery on the wall hangings. It is as pretty as the fold dancers make elegant moves in real life. The colours and combinations that are added to design it brings an Indian ethnic look. It also looks rich and shows your interest in Indian traditions and culture.

A woman with creativity also makes the right choices of designs. She may not be skilled in design or craft but she knows to recognise suitable things for home or appearance. For all the creative women with great taste, we gathered the embroidery wall hangings designs. From this, you can choose the best one for your home. It is just like the best of the best!

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