16 Types of Hugs With Meanings- Every Hug Shows and Says Something


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16 Types of Hugs With Meanings- Every Hug Shows and Says Somethin

When you are loved ones are upset, hug is the ultimate mantra. It makes them feel comfortable and back to normal. Hug is expressive and a sweetest way of showering love on someone special. Isnt it?

When you are hugging a person with your whole heart, it feels warm. The best reaction for a hug is hugging back even more tight.

Every hug doesn’t mean the same. Different hugs have different meaning. The hugs vary with the emotions, intentions. If you got a lovely hug, first know the meaning of it. When you know the meaning, you feel it more. You also return the hug be reciprocating the same feeling. This is all beautiful and here will know how every hug is beautiful.

Hug Types- Which is your favourite hug?

1. Side Hug

Side hug is generally meant for friends. When you are happy and with a calm mind, you tend to give such hugs to your friends, family members and partners as well. The side hug is sign of encouragement and which shows the sweetness.

This is the hug posed for photos as it is decent enough. When you give a side hug to your partner, it is not PDA as well. So, you can give side hugs to anyone who is special to you.

2. Back hug


This can be a precious and romantic hug that a person can give or get from their partner. When you miss your partner immensely, they grab you from back and hug. It is feels amazing to get a back hug as you cant see the person but you know him with the touch. It is a naughty and satisfying hug for couples. Now, as you know that a back hug is to say, your partner missed, hug him back in your way and show him how the back hug means to you.

3. Hug with a kiss

Hug with a kiss is to say you are precious. When you someone is precious in your life, don’t get confused to give them a hug or kiss. But shower your love with warm hug and a sweet kiss. This type of hug is dedicated for couples in love. They do it with a flow of hug and a kiss. Every happy couple keep doing xoxo to show the love and affection for each other.

You also perfectly kiss with hug and you partner will enjoy it fully.

4. Straddle hug


This is an intimate hug that couple can only do in their personal space. To have a straddle hug, a couple need to have the closeness. It comes with the unconditional love. Couples who are having a romantic time, tend to have straddle hug. If you are asking how to give a straddle hug- basically, one person(standing or sitting position) gets in between the legs of the another person to give a straddle hug.

5. Quick hug


Everyone tend to give or get quick hugs from their friends and relatives. It is considered as a hug for formality but not with affection or love. But when you are in a hurry to leave the place but not the person, you may have to give a quick hug. Many of us don’t like to get quick hugs which are not warm and make us feel comfortable. So, when you get the quicks hugs, it is either when the person is in some hurry or just for formality. Clear enough right?

6. London bridge hug

London bridge hug

This hug is not with love and warmth from the heart. It is just touch to show the kindness.

Generally, politicians and people with diplomatic intentions give a London bridge.

The upper part of both the person come into contact and the rest of the body would be away. When there is no closeness and connection of hearts, why would body come in full contact. So, the incomplete are a must sometimes.

7. Long hug


Long hugs meant to show the affection. Staying in safe hands is a blessing and for long time makes you feel better. This can be a sign to make you feel better. And when someone needs the support and strength from you may also hug you for long time. As you got to know the meaning of a long hug, give the opposite person your best. Let the person rest in your arms and feel special even in low times.

8. Pickpocket hug

Pickpocket hug

Pickpocket hug is only for love of your life. You show your partner your naughty side. And this hug is one of the actions to show your naughtiness. If you ask why it is that naughty- you are placing your hand on someone’s butt. You would only do this to a person whom you are extremely close to. In return, your partner can also do the same and it means they are comfortable getting such naughty hugs.

9. Hug with lift up

This is an occasional hug that someone gets from their partner. It is to show the excitement of something. When the person is extremely happy, they lift up their partner and take a round as well. It means a lot when someone does this. A sign of joy in sharing the happy news, success. Couples celebrate the moment doing hug with lift up.

10. Bear hug

Bear hug

Bear hug is adorable and to make someone feel protective. A person who gives the bear hug also wraps the other person in the arms with hands around the waist. You get these hugs from your family members, friends and partner as well. They want to make you feel safe with cozy hugs. Getting a bear hug feels precious and warm. It is the most sweetest and adorable hug that a person can get.

11. Cuddle hug


When a couple get into private space, the cuddle hugs are common. This shows the interest of having the person beside. In fact, every person expects this cute cuddle hug from her/his partner. It is either out of naughtiness or part of pleasant romance. Once you get a cuddle hug from your partner, understand that he is in a happy mood. He is happy to have you and your presence means a lot to him. This time when you are getting cuddle hugs, feel it silently and give it back tightly.

12. Tight hug


Tight hugs are the best which are genuine and completely from the heart. A tight hug is a clear sign of pure feelings. It can be out of care, love, happiness. A hug that you get to fill the positive energy when feel no low. When your closed ones see you upset, the only thing they can do is give you a tight hug and calm you down. You also may intend to give a tight hug when you need support from someone close to you.

A tight hug can remove the pain and stress. It is great giving and getting a tight hug.

But the best way to respond back to this best hug is, hug the person even more tightly.

13. Hug looking into eyes

Hug looking into eyesThe hug with eye to eye contact is hug that happens with your partner. When you are in love, you involve in eye to eye contact. The hug enhances the love in that romantic stare. With such hug, your souls can get connected and the feeling is amazing. It also happens when a couple is doing a slow dance moves. When you get a hug with eye to eye contact, remember that you are special and wholeheartedly loved by the person.

14. Group hug


Group hug is of the best hugs that shows the unity and friendship. When a group of friends or a team achieve the success, it is a common sign of expressing their happiness. When one of your friends from your gang is upset, what would you all do? Give him an attack with a strong group hug. And this is a lovely expression of strength and support. Group hugs are satisfying and you are lucky to be part of such wonderful group. So, keep doing group hugs to define your love for your special and close people.

15. Self hug


Self love is crucial for everyone. When you have love towards yourself more than anything, you may want hug yourself. It is just wrapping yourself your part of the body with your hands.

When you feel your right or believe in yourself, self love is reward to yourself. So, keep giving self loves to increase self love. And it is one of the best ways to make yourself feel strong.

16. Virtual hug


When you are away from your loved ones, you miss them badly. All you can do is imagine them besides you. As technology is taking off the pain with video calls. Through a video call or chat, when someone is giving you a virtual hug, that means there are missing you. Your presence means a lot and they you right beside you. Give back a virtual hug when you get it.

As you know the meaning of hugs, you give it right. When it is right, you give and get more love. There are many ways to express your love and care for your loved ones but hug is the best way. A hug can talk about many emotions and every hug is special in its way. By now, you would know how every and why every hug is meaningful.

Happy hugs!

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