Some Reasons why he is not texting you back

texting you back

You could have met a guy in a pub or a party, got his number and you took the first step of texting him. What next? You should wait for his reply! You might have thought you probably spend the whole day with him very effectively chatting away and talking about your interests. Little did you know that he probably isn’t going to text you the moment you guys step out of that door. Well, to start off with, there could be a zillion reasons why he isn’t texting you. There are a few times when an unknown couple could end up not texting each other even after spending quality time with each other, understanding their interests and likes. Well, these could be your probable reasons why he is not texting you back. We have listed out some, see if any of them match with what you feel like could have been the reason.

Top Reasons Why He is Not Texting You Back

1Acting deprived and frantic

Acting deprived and frantic

Well, to start off with, maybe he was busy! But after your continuous and endless texts, he probably thinks you are a mad person for texting a man who isn’t even replying. His thoughts about you could have easily changed after you started acting needy and desperate for some attention. He could have been caught up at work or genuinely busy, but your act could scare him for all that you can expect. So, have some kind of patience and wait for a reply. If you have made your first few steps, wait for him to come back and take it forward. If not, just forget it and move on. Don’t keep troubling the guy and make him feel pathetic for sharing his number with you.

2Too many cheesy lines

Too many cheesy lines

Guys impress and flirt with girls, which unfortunately works with girls. But when a girl flirts with a guy, it is not very appreciative. This could be taken as some other way of talking to a person. He could be easily worried about your stupid behavior, thinking that you are trying to attack him with your cheesy and cheeky lines, which could be annoying for him. The emojis (as :), :P, :D, ;), (y), 🙁 ) are probably irritating him more. Stop acting too hard if you are doing so! This could be easily one reason why he is not texting you back

3His phone is dying out of battery

His phone is dying out of battery

Before you go around assuming something, it could be possible that his phone is dying out of battery and he really has to make important office calls. So, his priority would be about conveying something important, rather than texting a person he met at the party. Don’t you think you need to give him his space when he is genuinely out of charge? No one carries a charger everywhere, so please relax and take a deep breath.

4Try more

Try more

May be the guy wants you to wait and try more. He could be playing hard to get which is highly insane. But if he is, then you can’t blame him. Girls do it all the time. Right. May be this is how he takes revenge on girls by making you wait for his texts. May be he wants you to try hard or see how much you will try. That is definitely possible. So, if he doesn’t text, don’t worry about it. Try for a while and drop a decent message and just leave it there. If he wants to text, he will. If he doesn’t text, then chuck him and move ahead.

5You text all the time

You text all the time

There could be one reason why he is not texting you back even after looking at your messages. It could be because you talk too much, express unwanted stuff and take things too far which he might find awkward. Don’t text him every 10 minutes or half an hour asking if he ate, slept, went to the office. If he really cares, he will tell you all this without you asking or at least will ask you all this back. You probably irritate him a lot and trying to get on his nerves by texting him too much. May be that’s why he isn’t texting you back. Fair enough!

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6He is not interested now

He is not interested now

Let’s face it! If a guy doesn’t text you even after you have tried your level best, then what does it mean. It can mean only one thing right? He probably doesn’t want to text you or simply isn’t interested in you. That is just coming face to face with reality and truth. But of course, this is not where everything ends right. You have a life to carry on with and a lot other things to look at. May be he just wasn’t that much into you like how you were. May be he was just being kind about sharing number and wasn’t looking for anything further than that. He is just being distant, so that you don’t get any other ideas. Simple! So just drop the idea of texting him and check out at other guys if it makes you feel good.

-Pavithra Ravi

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