Handmade Jewelry Designs And Ideas

Handmade Jewelry Designs And Ideas

There are many types and kinds of necklace available in the market. Maybe we are more interested in buying them and wearing them. But what is more exciting in the area of jewelry is the DIY or different types of handmade jewelry designs and ideas, that can really rock the look. In the category of jewelry handmade products do take a lot of attention, because they are purely recycled as well as they can be worn anywhere. So here, are different kinds of handmade jewelry that you must own.

Handmade Jewelry Designs And Ideas

1Amazing boho necklace

Amazing boho necklace

This amazing boho necklace in sea green and yellow straw, can not only be made at home but also can be worn with anything you want. It can be worn with any type of traditional wear like; saree, kurti or salwar and even with western dresses, or gowns. It can give you an amazing boho chick look, try to wear minimal makeup while wearing this necklace. This necklace was supposed to reflect your look, and heavy makeup can look too much with this piece.

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2Beaded bracelets

Beaded bracelets

Beaded jewelries are new in fashion now-a-days. They are considered the most amazing DIY jewelries. This amazing beaded bracelet can be made with just some beads and string. You don’t need anything extra set of work. What more? You can wear it with western as well as traditional dresses. Just keep in mind the color combination with it and rock the look of DIY jewelries.

3Beaded jewelry design

Beaded jewelry design

All you need to make this jewelry is just a string and some different shapes of crystal beads. The main attraction in this jewelry is its amazing ability to shine. This is to be mainly worn with western wears like dresses, or skirts. It can also make anybody look more glamorous as well as attractive. Want to make your friends jealous with your amazing handmade jewelries? Then, surely wear this one.

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4Bead Necklace Design

Bead Necklace Design

This is a very simple yet quite unique jewelry to have ever been owned. All you need is the same color combined beads, as shownin the image, and a string. If you don’t like blue, then you can also try out other colors like, red or black. You can wear this simple yet amazing handmade jewelry mostly with traditional wears, like saree, or salwar, or even a kurti. Don’t forget to wear the same type of studs!

5Glass handmade earrings

Glass handmade earrings

This handmade glass earrings is another type of amazing jewelry that you must wear without much effort. It can be a colored jewelry, or can also be plain. Making it can be a little difficult, but with proper structure you might feel wonderful wearing this amazing piece. Remember to wear it only with traditional dresses; like saree, kurti and salwar. Wear minimum makeup, try to look more authentic.

6Sterling silver handmade jewelry

Sterling silver handmade jewelry

This handmade jewelry is made of silver, and is an amazing piece of earrings. In this earrings the hangings are drawn in leafs. So, if you are a minimalist, then it is the best earrings for you. You can wear this anywhere, and with anything you want. But, it mostly suits the person who is wearing traditional dresses.

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7Knotty handmade jewelry

Knotty handmade jewelry

This is another amazing handmade jewelry that is knotted and made of different types of colored ropes and metal chain’s. wear this necklace with western dresses, or gowns; and traditional wears like, saree, or kurti, or salwar. Try to have as minimum makeup possible.

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