20 Hairstyles for Winter- Endless Styling With Hair For This Season


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Hairstyles for Winter
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We have plenty hairstyles to do but it must be suitable for occasion. Now, it is not just about the occasion but also season. Can you wear any messy hairstyle in summer? You cant even dare to do that in country like India. So, the messy and classy hairstyles are good for winters. Have you ever tried Hairstyles for winter?

You must not miss to try some of the winter hairstyles which make you look exotic. You can fearlessly let your hair flow in winters. But as it is not to just flow vaguely- do some styling to your hair. Some of the winter hairstyles let you do it all.

The winters hairstyles are not tough where you have to roll and twist to make it stay up. You also have the lazy winter hairstyles and still look pretty. Look what are those hairstyles to go all pretty in winter-

Winter hairstyles for casual look

When you want to look simple and casual, you cant give too much time for your hairstyle. For shopping or for an outing with friends can be a 5 minutes hairstyles. So, for your casual look in winter, we gathered the hairstyle.

1. Messy bun- with curls hanging down

Messy bun with curls

Messy bun with curls hanging down is a pretty hairstyle that every young women love to do. But it is only for winters. You let the curls come on your face and you gently move when the breeze is pushing them again. All this is so elegant!

Did you imagine how beautiful this hairstyle on you in winter?

2. Half top knot

Half top knot

I think half top knot is meant for winters. I don’t dare to go in half top knot in summers. Anyways, again it becomes a high top knot. But I can keep half top knot all the day in winter. I love to secure it with some hair pins and love the way it stays up. It is a stylish hairstyle in winter for every fashionable young lady.

3. Half up ponytail

Half up ponytail

Half up ponytail is for all sassy girls. The girls who wants to carry the stylish attitude are fond of this hairstyle. When you are bored with that high and low ponytail, go with half up ponytail. You are going to look stunning and ultra posh in half up ponytail. It is a great hairstyle for college girls.

4. Messy braid with side bangs

Messy braid with side bangs

Messy braids are love! When I want to feel feminine and elegant, I do messy braid. When you are doing messy braid, just let the bangs stay on side. Messy braid and side bangs is a gorgeous combination for winter. This simple hairstyle makes you feel well styled.

5. Undone bun with ribbon

Undone bun with ribbon

All women do this hairstyle every morning, once up from the bed. But the undone bun can be the stylish hairstyle with a ribbon. You can get that satin ribbon that knots your hair into a bun. Thought the bun is undone, it is still pretty.

You can chill enough with this hairstyle when you are out with friends and family. This easy to do hairstyle with ribbon doesn’t feel messy in winter. It is just modish!

6. Layered curls

Layered curls

Than keeping the curls even, I prefer them to be layered. Layered curls are prettier and it is a super idea to look fashionable.

If you feel the same, you can layer your curls and it will an attractive winter hairstyle. This winter hairstyle goes well for party nights and events. It is also good for casual times.

7. Braid with a puff

Braid with a puff

Braid with puff with a familiar hairstyle for Indian women. This hairstyle also changes the face frame. I don’t think, this hairstyle suits all the face shapes. So, you can rehearse this hairstyle on you and if you are loving it, happily go with it.

A lovely winter hairstyle for parties and special appearances. If you a more stylish version of this hairstyle, then you can do side braid with puff.

Winter hairstyles for brides

The bridal hairstyles are particularly styled according to the outfits. But the hairstyles are selected from the list of seasonal hairstyles. The bridal hairstyles are not the same for in all the seasons. Now, see the winter hairstyles for brides which are pretty with fashionable bridal outfits.

8. Flower crown

My Favorite Crown Braids | Hergamut

Flower crown hairstyle is a bright hairstyle for brides. The reason for calling this hairstyle as bright is the colours of winter flowers.

You can get the winters natural flowers and make a crown. You will prettier as an ancient queen. This is perfect for bridal showers and other wedding rituals. You can do this hairstyle with your lehengas and gowns.

9. Half up braid with loose curls

Half up braid with loose curls

Curls are charming with many hairstyles. If you have long or medium length hair, you can try this hairstyle. You can also do waterfall braid with curls which is extremely pretty. It is much like a princess hairstyle in Disney land.

The hairstyle also take very few of your minutes. You can wear this hairstyle with fancy bridal outfits.

10. Loose curls

Loose curls

Do you have any hairstyle idea for your reception? Image yourself in loose curls hairstyle on your special day. You look special in this hairstyle as you anyways wear a bridal gown or lehenga.

Loose curls hairstyle with some hair accessories easy pretty for evening receptions and wedding parties.

11. Side swept curls

Side swept curls

Hair staying at back is not so elegant for some women. If you want your well styled hair to stay on side, then it is a fashionable hairstyle. This simple hairstyle is for all modern brides. If you want to secure the curls for longer time, then use hairspray. This is a happy hairstyle for the pretty brides as you can manage it well too.

12. Rolled updo

Rolled updo

Updo hairstyles are popular for Indian brides. So, not just an updo in winter. Roll your hair up and set it well. The rolled updo can be an adorned hairstyle with beautiful hairdos.

You will love the roll up with the bridal fancy outfits. It is a romantic hairstyle that look exotic. It looks and makes you feel elegant in your bridal appearance. You can imagine yourself in this hairstyle and then agree with me.

13. Waterfall braid

Waterfall braid

Waterfall braid is another fashionable hairstyle that you must try for your bridal appearance. The brides of Indian are looking for modish hairstyles. This is a modish hairstyle for brides. I would suggest to keep your hair straighten when it is waterfall braid. The wavy curls is also pretty but not with fine curls.

14. With hair accessories

With hair accessories

Hairstyle with hair accessories for a bridal look- it is an head turning hairstyle. It is not that hair accessories are everything. The hair accessories with a pretty hairstyle is perfect brides.

You have different hair accessories in different traditions. All the hair accessories are pretty for bridal hairstyles in winter.

Winter hairstyles for formal/office look

The formal look is all off well dressed and well mannered hair. You can keep your hair messy. Again well mannered hair is not just securing with hair pins and bands. You hair must add the decent look that suits your outfits. You must know and try these hairstyles which are perfect for formal look.

15. Front bangs

Front bangs

If you are tying your hair for a formal look and don’t feel styled, then let your bangs come in the front. The simplest hairstyle for beautiful hair. Front bangs with curls or straight hair looks prettier on you.

This makes you look stylish and it is also a well mannered hairdo. Keep the front bangs short to look formal and pretty.

16. Puff with low bun

Puff with low bun
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Puff hairstyles are pretty any time. But what is so special in winter. To make it look like a winter hairstyle, knot your hair into a tight low bun. The puff and low bun is ultimate hairstyle for formal appearance. This is one of the celebrity hairstyle for stunning formal look.

17. Straighten layers

Straighten layers

Do you have layered haircut? Tying it into ponytail or bun is not that great for formal look. It becomes messy within no time. So, just straighten your layered hair. You look classy with a super formal outfit and straighten layers.

Even if you are not a fan of simple straightened loose hair, you will find it pretty when it is layered. If you have layered hair cut, then straighten your tresses to look simply pretty on a winter special evening.

18. Twisted half up and half down

Twisted half up and half down

This is a prettiest hairstyle for formal look. Sometimes, you don’t feel enough just to look formal. But you want to look stylish, feminine and pretty. So, then you must clutch up half of your hair to go pretty in a formal wear. You can also knot your hair in the midsection of your head and make a half up half down hairstyle.

19. Headband with loose hair

Headband with loose hair

Headbands are not in trend. Still I find headband hairstyle pretty. Let your hair get stuck in the headband for a formal look. You can have wavy curls or straightened hair with headband. This can also be a casual hairstyle but I feel it is wonderful way to wrap your hair for formal appearance.

20. Low ponytail with parted hair

Low ponytail with parted hair

This hairstyle may sound boring for you. But this is a classy formal hairstyle that is preferred by celebrities. This easy to do hairstyle makes you look formal and decent.
You can accessorize your formal look with sleek earrings which go perfect with formal look. Now, you are just classy!

Now, you have hairstyle for every occasion and appearance. Be winter or summer, you need to love your hair to do the hairstyle. We have that love and passion to share the modish hairstyles for you. Now, you are left to show your love for your hair doing these hairstyles in winter.




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